Ryan Tannehill: It’s gonna take long time to get over Saturday’s loss

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Tennessee Titans
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The Titans finished the regular season as the top team in the AFC, but that didn’t help them on Saturday.

Ryan Tannehill threw three interceptions, including one by Bengals linebacker Logan Wilson with less than 30 seconds left to play. The Bengals needed one play to get into field goal position after that pick and Evan McPherson‘s kick made Cincinnati 19-16 winners in Nashville.

After the game, Tannehill called it a “frustrating day all the way around” and that the interceptions were “not my vision for the game at all.”

“This is brutal, you know,” Tannehill said in his postgame press conference. “It’s going to hurt for a long time. It’s going to be on my mind for a long time. It’s gonna take a long time to get over. You don’t look forward to this situation, you don’t look forward to being out when you had a great opportunity. And this is one of those things only time will heal.”

Saturday’s loss makes it two straight Titans seasons that have ended with home playoff losses and the offense has not played particularly well in either defeat. Tannehill’s contract makes it unlikely that he’ll be anywhere other than Tennessee, so finding a better formula will likely require tweaks on other fronts.

28 responses to “Ryan Tannehill: It’s gonna take long time to get over Saturday’s loss

  1. Over rated team and head coach. You played like you are as a player. You might be a top 1/3 of the league QB, but you aren’t compelling. Get over it.

  2. As a Dolphins fan I always wished Tannehill well. But the fact is he is nothing more than a Caretaker. The running game, outstanding WR Corp and defense bolsters his padded numbers. He is not capable of winning a game; only preserving the score or in this case literally losing the game. It is not all on him. The first pick was atrocious and the other tipped balls were mostly his fault throwing into traffic. Sorry, Ryan… time to go back to Wide Receiver.

  3. Tannehill can begin to get over it today but think about Baker Mayfield. He had to watch Burrow yesterday and Mahomes & Allen today and then it gets worse with the AFC Championship and Super Bowl.

  4. When Derrick Henry is running hard, safeties have to come up and help in run support. This gives Tannehill single coverage, which he, like most NFL QBs can exploit. The Bengals D did a good job of limiting Henry and did a great job of getting turnovers and stopping the Titans on two 4th and 1’s. Tannehill looks good when Henry is clicking, very Miami Tannehill when he’s not. Great Job by the Burrow rising from being sacked 9 times to squeak out a win.

  5. Tannehill had one of the worst games he has ever played. I wanted to see the Titans in the Super Bowl pretty bad :/

  6. He had a lot of pressure on him with Henry being hurt. Henry hardly looked like the total beast runner he is. Rough for Tannehill throwing that first pick, he was shell-shocked and never was the same after that.

  7. When Turnoverhill played in Miami his apologist blamed everyone else on the team for his constant failures, they are now out of excuses and wearing egg all over their faces today.
    Life is good!

  8. Starts the game with an INT and ends the game with an INT. That will bite for a long time indeed!

  9. I almost feel bad for Tannehill. Almost. He’s nothing more than an average QB who is called upon to be a game manager and not cost them the game. He has cost them several games this season. Vrabel can only do so much with a guy like that. If they are ever going to get to a Super Bowl it won’t be with Tannehill. I think Vrabel realizes that now. I expect they’ll go out and get a free agent QB, like maybe Keenum. I don’t see them going after Cousins and his high price tag. The Titans are pretty good except at one position–QB.

  10. We’ve seen way less QBs get to the DuperBowl let alone win one. Me as an Eagles fan knows an average QB can get hot in be play average in the season and get hot in the playoffs..and win it with a good team, right Nick Foley’s, Brad Johnson, Trent Dilfer?

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