Shawn Hochuli: Tom Brady “got in my face in an aggressive manner and used abusive language”

NFC Divisional Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Tom Brady claimed this week that he doesn’t get special treatment when it comes to roughing the passer fouls. His contention found support on Sunday, when he took a helmet to the chin from Von Miller, without a foul being called.

Instead, a foul was called on Brady for his reaction to the absence of a flag.

In a pool report after the Rams’ win, referee Shawn Hochuli explained the decision to penalize Brady.

“He got in my face in an aggressive manner and used abusive language,” Hochuli said. “As for the hit, we did not think that it rose to the level of roughing the passer.”

They apparently missed in real time and at full speed the helmet to Brady’s chin. It was hard to miss Brady indeed getting in Hochuli’s face. The end result, as noted by NBC’s Al Michaels during the game, was the first unsportsmanlike conduct foul of Brady’s entire career.

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  1. Missed the helmet to Brady’s chin, missed the omelet to Brady’s chin. Next game Rams.

  2. It was “all about me” Hochuli, so no surprise. I’m amazed he didn’t eject Brady, since Brady was getting more attention than Hochuli.

  3. It was roughing plain and simple. Miller has always gotten away with shots like that see Cam Newton for reference. I don’t mind Donald, Ramsey, Weddle, or any of those guys but Miller has a lot of similarity with Suh I would say.

  4. Hochuli seems like the kinda guy who would let his wife get gang screwed in a biker bar instead of dying trying to save her.

  5. Miller definitely got in Brady’s face in an aggressive manner, guess he must have avoided using any abusive language

  6. The look on Brady’s face when that flag was thrown was the best part of today’s games.

  7. I will never, ever feel bad for a ref in this league taking verbal abuse of any kind.

    NFL officiating is horrendous. I couldn’t care less about their hurt feelings.

  8. The ref should have thrown the personal foul for the hit. He missed the call. It’ll be noted in his records.

  9. I’m glad somebody finally had the cahones to flag him for it! He’s always whining in the ref’s ear about being touched.

  10. Shawn Hochuli is just as bad of a ref as his father. He should re-read the rules regarding a defensive player driving the crown of his helmet through the quarterback’s chin.

  11. Hochuli’s father never liked Brady.

    His son, Shawn, was just following in his dad’s footsteps = Bad Officiating.

  12. I would rather see this begging for calls and yelling at the refs reigned more than taunting. Now that Brady has this on the stat sheet he can retire saying he did everything.

  13. He was right to throw the flag, but he blew the actual in-game call. That was roughing. These refs need to go. Watch for Tyreek Hill to get fined this week for flashing the deuces for taunting but there was no laundry on the field to nullify that touchdown like it should have.

  14. Missed calls happen every game. Love how people comment on here. If you think you can do better, why are you not a ref. Let me guess, you can’t take the pay cut. These are the best football refs that the NFL can hire. Remember the replacement ref. During the strike. A call was missed, get over it. Get in refs face, get 15 yards.

  15. Contact sport and the angle made the force of the hit to the umpire and its strike point dubious. QBs get hit all the time and yes that’s a more often than not call but not a guy going two second late into knees. Brady got a bloody lip. Didn’t get the call, ok. Chose to chew the ref a little fine again. But there are lines and despite being the definition of a veteran he went right over one. I’ll advised and not that savvy.

  16. Brady had the same reaction with the Saints coach…he gets agitated when things don’t go his way.

  17. I’m not a Brady fan, but Shawn Hochuli, like his father, thinks that people pay, or tune in, to see him. He carries himself like “Cowboy” Joe West in baseball – another clown masquerading as an official, who thinks the game is all about him.

  18. Ready is 44. Doesn’t he k is the second guy gets called all the time. You never show up a ref. Football 101 Tommy. Now please retire as your act is getting old. You did a great job. However, Mahomes is the best now. He already owns the best td/INT ratio in NFL history for the playoffs. 5-6 more runs and he will have broken all the records. Allen has a shot but he’s too hyper. His emotions take over.

  19. Refs make bad calls/no calls all the time. That is no excuse for getting in a ref’s face and talking smack.

  20. don’t know what was said. players and coaches talk to refs every game.
    A pivotal call.
    To this observer, seeing Buccaneers getting 3 major penalties, and this non-call left an impression that the refs weren’t neutral.

  21. This missed call was a 30 yard swing. Any penalty over 10 yards should be reviewed in real time by refs off site.

  22. NFL should be embarrassed at the nepotism. No way this man is a referee if his daddy wasn’t a referee. He was literally prompted when the old man retired!

  23. I would have been disappointed if he retired without at least one…. Just to say ya did it.

  24. I guess he has a point as well, at least under todays rules. I think the old guys have a point about how plush the game has become. It used to be that a d-lineman didn’t have to make a sack to affect the outcome of a play. A QB that was straining to make a last ditch effort had to think about the fact that he was likely going to get flattened by a guy 2x his size, and maybe he short arms the throw etc. The d-lineman contributed and made a play. Intimidation was part of the game, and you had to find another way if you needed to. What happened is the NFL began it’s push to appeal to women, and they like more specific aspects of football. They like the pomp and celebration. They like kickoffs. They like FG’s and Touchdowns, and the celebration that comes with them. That’s when they started to emphasize rules favoring the offense, and specifically QB’s. It’s evolved from there. In the past, QB’s like Mahomes didn’t last more than 3-4 seasons. Now, they get to do their thing. I worry about Mahomes because he has a (annoying) habit of faking he is going out of bounds or going down, then takes advantage of the defensive players backing off because of the 15 yard penalty possibility. One of these days he is going to get whacked. Capisce??? Lol. Seriously, it seems like bad sportsmanship. Just because you can get away with it doesn’t mean you should do it. I feel the same way about the fake spike or kneel down.

  25. Do you honestly believe this clown would have risen to NFL ref had his father not been an NFL ref? He is horrible. This guy is thin skinned. The best officiating of the weekend was KC/Bills. Top notch.

  26. You created the monster by allowing all that cheating over the years, so of course he has an entitlement complex.

  27. So I guess if I got a helmut to the chin I might have a problem with the no call and express it to the ref. Unfortunately the refs generally suck, the game has way too many judgement calls and this ref has thin skin and can’t take it when called out.

  28. Garbanzo says:
    January 23, 2022 at 11:22 pm

    A pivotal call.
    Pivotal?? It was just 20 minutes into the game. You might as well call the opening kickoff “pivotal”.

  29. Snowflake. Just man up and admit you got the call wrong. QBs are overly protected but under the current rules a QB doesn’t get cracked in the jaw. Hochuli isn’t the man his father was – Ed openly admitted when he blew a big call.

  30. Yes, that caused the Bucs to let Stafford find Kupp at the end of the game and the kicker to knock in the game winner.

  31. I think the justification for not calling roughing was that, in reality, it wasn’t that hard of a hit. It didn’t even knock him to the ground. Did it get him under the chin, yes. Did it blow him up?, no.

    Brady was way out of line and deserved the flag. He’s been a diva for forever. The NFL basically re-wrote the rule book so that he can play as long as he has. Get over it.

  32. Refs should be fined for missing calls or making bad calls- plain and simple. If players can be fined for penalties or after the fact- with out a flag during the game, so should the refs. It definitely would make them think twice about bad calls or no calls.

  33. See brady was right he doesn’t get any special treatment lol not anymore anyway. Looks like the nfl is ready to move on to its younger stars time for the divas like brady and rodgers to hang em up.

  34. Well of course he did. You blew the call and he every right to abuse you. This clown is as bad as his Dad was. Refs think fans watch football to watch them.

  35. When you miss a call, you need to man up and take some criticism. If your feelings get hurt over some “aggressive language”, then your daddy got you in the wrong profession. You missed the call and then flag him for calling you out, grow a set.

  36. Damn, with so many Bucs fans whining about the Refs, it kinda’ sounds like there’s a lot of Minnesota snow-birds are spending their winters in Tampa.

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