Zac Taylor: Joe Burrow’s ability to put a hit behind him makes our job easier

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Tennessee Titans
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As the saying goes, if you get knocked down nine times, you get up 10.

One could say something similar about Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, who overcame nine sacks to defeat the Titans 19-16 in the divisional round on Saturday.

One of Burrow’s best throws was his last, firing a 19-yard pass to Ja’Marr Chase to move Cincinnati into field goal range with 15 seconds on the clock after Logan Wilson’s interception.

The quarterback finished the game 28-of-37 for 348 yards with an interception.

After the contest, head coach Zac Taylor told reporters Burrow’s resiliency was a big reason why the Bengals came away with a victory.

“If I had the answer for why Joe Burrow is good at what he does then, I don’t know. I’d sell that, I’d bottle it up and sell it,” Taylor said, via Jake Rice of the team’s website. “He’s just special, that allows us to continue to call things the way we call them. Because even after a sack or negative play, or you still feel like we’re always going to get it back with the weapons that we got.

“Joe’s ability to put a hit behind him and move on to the next play and find a, one of his freak shows as he likes to call them you know, it makes our job a lot easier to play-callers.”

The Bengals will find out whether they’re traveling to Buffalo or Kansas City later today with the result of the contest between the two teams.

13 responses to “Zac Taylor: Joe Burrow’s ability to put a hit behind him makes our job easier

  1. That’s admirable but I think he’s had quite enough practice at that these first two years. If the Bengals dont spend their first 3 draft picks and the bulk of their FA money on OL this offseason, then heads need to roll in the front office. They literally have everything they need except that.

  2. I hope the Bengals realize if this doesn’t improve they are losing him to injury and they go back to bottom feeders again.
    Seriously, address the O-line this off season.

  3. Burrow is the best QB in the AFC North. Sorry Baltimore. Nothing against Lamar. But he can’t compete with Burrow. They are in different leagues.

  4. This is reminding me of Andrew Luck in Indianapolis. Burrow is getting hit way too much. Not because the line is weak, but because he’s holding the ball way too long. The play calling on first and second down is constantly putting Burrow in passing situations that take too long to develop. It’s just bad coaching, same as it was in Indy with Luck. Need to throw more short, high percentage passes on first down so you’re always in second and short. The defense has no idea how to defend second and short. But Burrow isn’t going to keep getting and walking away from those hits. At some point, they’re going to have to coordinate their passing game better, or learn to win without Burrow, and we saw how that’s worked out the last 30 years.

  5. Great game for Higgins with Chase making the game winning catch to set up the FG but the Titan secondary played scared and on their heels the entire game. Very soft coverage that the Bengals took advantage of

  6. Yeah Zac, until he’s physically unable to do so. Kid already has one ACL injury yet Zac Taylor is determined to Carson Palmer him.

  7. Glad he keeps getting up and of course everyone knows they need to spend REAL money on that line next year, but in this game against KC they better find a way to protect like they did against them a few weeks ago. If they can’t protect they need to scheme better. Amazing to me that they went into halftime on Saturday and didn’t start running more and dinking and dunking to get rid of that pressure. Also very lucky they didn’t lose by a field goal because he took a HUGE sack to get them out of range in the 4th quarter.

  8. bengaljuice says:
    January 23, 2022 at 1:23 pm
    Add a CB in the first and olinemen every pick after and we goooooddddd!

    Not saying 1st round linemen are the only answer, but this team is always trying to fix problems with mid round flyers. Fix it right. Unless you get 3+ starting Olinemen in FA then you need to be drafting Oline in rounds 1-3.

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