2022 NFL Draft order: Bills, Titans, Bucs, Packers get their spots

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
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Four more teams were eliminated from the playoffs over the weekend and that means four more spots in the 2022 NFL Draft order have been set.

The Bills will pick 25th after falling to the Chiefs in overtime on Sunday night and the Titans will be right behind them as a result of their loss to the Bengals. The Buccaneers are slated to pick 27th and the Packers will pick 28th after another home playoff loss.

Next Sunday’s games will determine who goes to the Super Bowl and the Lions could also learn where their second first round pick will land. They’ll be getting the Rams’ selection as part of the compensation for quarterback Matthew Stafford, but the Rams’ continued success means they won’t join the Jets and Giants in doubling up on early picks.

Here’s how the entire first round draft order shapes up heading into the conference title games:

1. Jaguars (3-14)

2. Lions (3-13-1)

3. Texans (4-13)

4. Jets (4-13)

5. Giants (4-13)

6. Panthers (5-12)

7. Giants (via 6-11 Bears)

8. Falcons (7-10)

9. Broncos (7-10)

10. Jets (via 7-10 Seahawks)

11. Washington Football Team (7-10)

12. Vikings (8-9)

13. Browns (8-9)

14. Ravens (8-9)

15. Eagles (via 9-8 Dolphins)

16. Eagles (via 9-8 Colts)

17. Chargers (9-8)

18. Saints (9-8)

19, Eagles (9-8, Wild Card loser)

20. Steelers (9-7-1, Wild Card loser)

21. Patriots (10-7, Wild Card loser)

22. Raiders (10-7, Wild Card loser)

23. Cardinals (11-6, Wild Card loser)

24. Cowboys (12-5, Wild Card loser)

25. Bills (11-6, Divisional round loser)

26. Titans (12-5, Divisional round loser)

27. Buccaneers (13-4, Divisional round loser)

28. Packers (13-4, Divisional round loser)

9 responses to “2022 NFL Draft order: Bills, Titans, Bucs, Packers get their spots

  1. Buffalo is not going to win anything if they don’t get a defense that can pressure guys like Mahomes and Burrow.

    If I were them, I’d offer Pittsburgh something aking to three #1 picks to get Watt. Steelers are years away and need picks, not an elite pass rusher at the prime of his career.

  2. Bengals don’t seem to be on there… preseason prediction was 5th or 6th overall.

  3. Of course the Cowboys are 24…. good enough to win but not good enough to win in the big games….. lets see how they mess this pick up. Knowing ‘Jerruh’ he’ll probably draft a position we don’t need because he loves his ‘sexy’ picks…. ughhhhhhhh

  4. On my draft board I have the Steelers taking OT Trevor Penning from Northern Iowa at #20. Maybe trading up to 17 if they absolutely have to.

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