Andy Reid: Overtime rules helped us, but both offenses and both defenses should play

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
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When the Chiefs were on the wrong end of the overtime rules, losing the AFC Championship Game three years ago when the Patriots scored on the first possession of overtime, they proposed changing the rules that offseason. Today, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said with a laugh, “I’m glad we didn’t change them.”

But even after beating the Bills on Sunday night without his defense ever taking the field in overtime, Reid still thinks the rules should change, and he believes there will be renewed interest in a rules change this offseason.

“That, I’m sure, is something they’re going to look at again,” Reid said. “I wouldn’t be opposed to it. That’s a hard thing. It was great for us last night, but is it great for the game, which is the most important thing we should all be looking out for? To make things equal, it probably needs to be able to hit both offenses, both defenses.”

The Chiefs didn’t get much support the last time they tried to change the overtime rules. Sunday’ night’s ending felt like a game that could cause a groundswell of support for a change.

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  1. Respect to Andy for calling it honestly. That game should have never ended without both teams getting a chance.

  2. Overtime does not need to be changed. Here’s an idea. How about instead of complaining about OT, you don’t let the other team score with 13 seconds left. Poor coaching all around by the bills doomed them

  3. I give Reid credit for taking this position. His team won because they won the coin toss, just as they lost to NE because they lost the coin toss. Time to fix this.

  4. On the last play, Hill had a DB/LB double team while Kelce was one on one with a DB. Kelce preferred being covered by the LB, so he went in motion towards the LB, and the Bills didn’t adjust, leaving the LB alone as the DB assigned to cover Kelce went instead to cover Hill with the other DB. Kelce one on one with a LB isn’t fair to the LB.

  5. He’s right, and I appreciate him saying that.

    It didn’t really cross my mind at the time, though. I knew whoever won the toss was winning the game, but felt like the Bills had their shot. I didn’t feel like it was unfair, or that we were robbed.

    Kudos to KC. Allen was utterly magnificent, but Mahomes was just a teensy bit better.

  6. If they change the rule, every coach will defer to get the ball second. The first team has to make hard choices on a 4th and 5. But not on the team that has the ball second. If the first team scores a touchdown or field goal – its 4-down football from the start. They can take more chances on defense first, because you will get the ball regardless if you get burned. But create a turnover – and it’s a quick end to OT. If they doubt they can stop the first team from scoring a second time, you go for 2 after getting a tying TD.

  7. Here’s an idea. If your defense can’t stop a team from going 50 yards in 13 seconds snd kicking a 48 yd field goal to tie, you almost don’t deserve to be worried about OT. Heck Dak had 14 seconds and look how that turned out

  8. Still miles better than the NCAA calls overtime. That’s not even football the college kids are playing.

  9. Both teams had a chance. The Bills defense had 13 seconds to protect. They failed to do their job. They could have won the coin toss. They could have stopped the Chiefs in overtime. How many chances do they think they deserve?

  10. As soon as the season is over and the last game is played, then it’s time to make any rules changes. These rules have been in place for a long time. If it was such a bad rule, why didn’t anybody bring it up? I’d like to know what the percentage is of teams that win the toss and go down and score a TD on the first possession. I bet it’s less than 25%. If they changed it, it would only be for playoffs. But they’d also have to schedule more time between games. If it’s the first game, and it goes on for 4 hours and 20 minutes, that’s going to screw up the TV schedule for the second game.

  11. If the Bill’s Defense had gotten a
    Pick-6 would we even be talking about why the Bill’s offense didn’t
    Get a chance on the field today?

  12. They really need to go with the ten min period or college rules. Personally I like the college rules as they completely do away with a tie. People who pay for tickets should never have to leave without a resolution.

  13. The Bills lost because their defense let the Chiefs drive 45 yards in 10 seconds. Not because of a coin flip.

  14. I would eliminate OT in regular season completely so teams can be more aggressive at the end. Only in postseason you should have a shortened overtime, like a 10 minute extra quarter.

  15. Chiefs earned their win. OT rule should change when all other rules favor offense. Both statements can be (and are) true.

  16. He knew he had no choice to say that or he would have looked two faced hes dam glad they didnt change the rule lol

  17. Much respect for Andy Reid…..very well said.
    Not sure how anybody with any common sense could be opposed
    to making the OT fair to both teams.

  18. Ok well, all the folks saying the Bills shouldn’t have given up the fg with 13 seconds left are completely missing the point. After 60 minutes of play, the game was tied. The last 13 seconds is a part of that 60 minutes. Should a baseball game be called after a run in the top of the inning too?

  19. I say if the game goes into overtime, then have the teams kickers come out and they each have 5 kicks, best out of the 3 win..

  20. I respectfully disagree. You have 60 minutes to do whatever you have to do to win the game. If you don’t get it done during regulation, you are putting your teams fate in the hands of a 50/50 coin flip that may or may not go your way when it’s all said and done.

    The rule shouldn’t be changed and that means that OT should be avoided by all means necessary. If you don’t get it done, live with the coin flip, and move on to the next episode.

  21. Some of this starts to feel like a participation trophy. “We didn’t get a chance!” Give them an extra 10-minute period. If it’s still tied, penalty kicks!

  22. nunya says:
    January 24, 2022 at 7:01 pm
    How convenient that he not bring up the missed taunting call on Hill on his TD.
    Yeah let’s let the officials determine the outcome of possibly the greatest playoff game in NFL history because a player flashed the peace sign to someone….the horror.

  23. Always with the classy spin, lost in all of this is that the Chiefs have such a great offense to begin with that they’re a threat to score a touchdown every play the ball’s in their hands.

  24. Even if just for the playoffs…The OT rules MUST be updated. Plus it downgrades the coin flip to the importance level it deserves.

    Look, spin it to league Owners the way Paul Giamatti did in Cinderella Man…either you make money you greedy Owners. Think about the millions of dollars in lost revenue the league left on the table by not allowing Josh Allen to answer the bell. That would have been very compelling and *valuable* content the league failed to monetize because they failed to capture it. If for no other reason, do it for the money, league Owners.

  25. The Chiefs Mathieu went out in the first quarter of the first quarter. KCs defense suffered badly and Allen ate them up.

  26. lilevil74 says:
    January 24, 2022 at 6:47 pm
    The Chiefs tried to get the OT rules changed. The Bills, and others, voted against it.
    Andy Reid of the Chiefs on Monday, “ I’m glad we didn’t get it changed.”

  27. How many rounds are fair? 2, 5, 10? The game is played by an offense and a defense. Many regulation games end with unequal possessions. If the rule is changed the second possession team has an unfair advantage because they’ll know they have to go for it on a fourth and long.

  28. Just play a full extra 15 minute period in the playoffs. Or do what college football does in their overtime model. KC can speak to this having been on both sides of it.

  29. Whether or not KC scored with 13 seconds has nothing to do with the OT rule. The referee said it best at the coin toss, it’s a whole new game. What kind of game has a rule where one team can win without the other even getting a chance to put their offense on the field

  30. Wow. Good for Andy to say that. Unlike the hypocrite who is Nick Wright.

    Problem is what if they both score with that possession? That’s why I feel they have to go to something similar to NCAA or just stick with what it is. OR if they want to get really Crazy FG kicks for first ball … could you imagine

  31. But here is the problem. What if the Bills got a chance and went down and scored a TD. Now we are right back in the same boat again. The Chiefs then get the ball and go down and score and win the game. Then people will say “both teams need to get the ball twice”. Or, when the Bills go down and score, now they have the advantage of going for 2 for the win. What happens then? The Chiefs score a TD, go up 7. The Bills score a TD, go for 2, and win the game. The Bills then got a huge advantage by having the ball second. Sometimes, you simply cant legislate “fair”.

  32. The 5th ranked University of Kansas beat #13 Texas Tech in double-overtime last night. The announcer said “unlike the game down the road (Chiefs/Bills) yesterday, the winner is the team with the most points at the end of the overtime period (s).”

    Andy is right!!

  33. Good for Andy for being such a straight shooter. But as a Bills fan, I’m not upset about the overtime rules. They gave up 45 yards in 13 seconds. That was pathetic and the reason the Bills lost. Blaming the overtime rules and coin toss is weak and overlooks embarrassing defensive play at the end of regulation when the game was theirs to win. Josh and the offense deserved better. (and so do us Bills fans)

  34. Buffalo had the #1 defense in the league in fewest yards allowed and fewest points allowed. So them going on defense should have played to their advantage. They just didn’t get it done.

  35. The Bills had the game sewn up. McDermitt blew the game. Should have simple instructed the defense to hold all the receivers at the LOS and take the 5 yard penalty each play until time had expired. Game over.

  36. Of course he wants this change. When you’re an offense first team you want this change. If you’re a defense first team, you don’t.

  37. The team that wins the coin toss will always have an advantage because potentially they will get an extra possession. If the Bills got a chance after the Chiefs TD, and the Bills scored a TD. Then the Chiefs can win the game with a FG which would mean they got 2 possessions to the Bills 1, and they won the game with a FG

  38. Both teams get a possession in ovt.
    THEN it’s Sudden Death. What’s so hard to figure?

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