Bruce Arians said “some guys didn’t blitz” on big play to Cooper Kupp

Rams vs Bucs in Tampa Bay, FL.
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After Bucs running back Leonard Fournette‘s touchdown tied the game late in the fourth quarter, Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford had 42 seconds to move his team into position for a game-winning field goal.

A sack on first down wasted seven of those seconds and forced the Rams to burn their final timeout, but things picked up from there. Stafford hit Cooper Kupp for 20 yards and he got out of bounds to stop the clock. Stafford went back to Kupp on the next play and hit him with a 44-yard rainbow that set the stage for Matt Gay‘s game-winning kick.

Kupp beat single coverage from safety Antoine Winfield on the play and the Bucs’ decision to bring pressure against Stafford led to questions about the approach after the game. Bucs head coach Bruce Arians said that the blitz wasn’t as heavy as the team wanted it to be.

“Some guys didn’t blitz,” Arians said, via “I don’t know if they didn’t get the call but it was an all-out blitz,” Arians said. “We should have gotten a ton of pressure.”

Stafford said he was not thrown by the Bucs’ decision.

“I felt it after the snap,” Stafford said. “Kind of recognized it was going to be an all-out pressure and was able to put it to a good spot. And Coop made a great catch.”

The result of the game may not have changed had all of the Bucs defenders been on the same page, but it was certainly a bad time to have a miscommunication about how they were going to handle an offense with this season’s most prolific wide receiver.

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  1. It’s interesting that you have two opposite approaches to the end of a game in what McDermott and Frazier did in Buffalo and what Bowles did in Tampa, and no matter what, both are getting roasted, lol. Just goes to show that the players executing is most important.

  2. Great pass and even better play by Kupp to win game.
    But still don’t understand how Stafford had enough time to throw it that far AND Winfield was left one one with no safety help against WR that just completed historic season.
    There is some ‘splaining to do!

  3. Arians always the one with an excuse. You called a blitz and the best guy in the league against the blitz torched you. End of story. See ya next year.

  4. This guy really seems to take credit when it goes right, and point fingers when it goes wrong.

  5. You are the head coach and you don’t know if your players got the call in THAT situation? Just admit you’re a figurehead and Brady and Bowles runs the team.

  6. It is never BA’s fault….this guy isn’t a leader, it’s more of An under the bus thrower..

  7. Sounds like a mental breakdown.
    Try defending the League’s most-proficient WR with a Safety… that, too.

  8. A really terrible call. Anything but a long gain and it’s OT. As it is good luck next year. Perhaps without Brady.

  9. Arians blaming someone else… There’s a shocker!!!! Enjoy your ONE Superbowl delivered to you on a platter by Brady & friends, it was more than you deserved

  10. Don’t whine about 1 play. The Rams had 4 fumbles, one of them was on your 1 yard line, and you still lost.

    You didn’t deserve to win. This year or last.

  11. Maybe if Brady played better the Bucs win it going away. But of course nothing is ever Tommy’s fault. 🙂

  12. as if it would have mattered. The safety should have never let Kupp get over the top. In that situation, the one thing you prevent from happening, they let happen…

  13. Throwing his players under the bus again. Yikes. Maybe this is the stuff Lavonte David was talking about?

  14. That play and the Dallas QB sneak – two of the strangest head scratching play calls I’ve ever seen and they both happened in big playoff games. Would it be so bad if every once in awhile the HC just admitted he blew it?

  15. Its unbelievably ironic that the Scotty Miller play helped get them to a Super Bowl last year, and kept them out this year.

  16. As the head coach, he has to take responsibility for not getting his players ready for that situation. He can’t shift the blame, especially if it was multiple guys making the same mistake on the same play. Arians is just the worst.

  17. Bucs defense didn’t play good defense on the last plays of the game and it cost them.

  18. Ahhh… once again, it’s not HIS fault. Its the players who didn’t do what they were supposed to! That’s it!

    Bruce, haven’t you learned yet that all the good coaches take the blame? And they put the praise on the players? You’re their leader and to be constantly throwing people under the bus is not a good look.

    I’m theorizing that the entire ‘medical device’ on the OUTSIDE of his jacket was to give it visibility so that he can ‘retire’ due to ‘medical reasons’. The ol’ Urban Meyer excuse.

  19. LOL!

    Glorious! Even a day later!

    Bye bye, Brucie! Take Tommy and the other punks on that team with ya!

  20. The problem wasn’t that some players didn’t blitz, the problem was calling an all out blitz in that situation is asinine.

  21. Apparently LaVonte David says he didn’t know it was an all-out blitz. So he’s either confirming what BA said or he’s making excuses for himself because he was just standing around doing nothing. It’s very possible the Rams would have been successful anyway, though, especially considering the down-the-field defense the Bucs put up on that play.

  22. Hundreds of players, coaches and staff worked tirelessly since July through the entire season of challenges to get to a moment where an historic comeback positioned the team for an overtime battle to reach the NFC championship game, and the play call was a blitz where every other coach in the league would have been in prevent (against the best offense in the league against the blitz). The defense was pretty much a disaster all day (while Bowles was interviewing all week), and Arians wants to excuse himself and the coaching staff by saying “not everyone blitzed”.

    BA is often oblivious during the game (and rarely adjusts to game situations), but he always has a teflon approach ready for the postgame presser. The coaching staff lost that game, and the entire organization knows it. Winning SB’s takes more than what some are capable of. Licht has some adult decisions to make. TB12 will be watching to see what unfolds.

  23. Weren’t there some other communications issues also for Bucs defense? But their defensive coordinator is getting consideration for head coaching.

  24. Winfield just doesn’t have the wheels to make single safety coverage effective — that’s always been one of his few weaknesses.

  25. I don’t know what the right answer is, but the wrong one is leaving the best WR in the league single covered for a long pass play.

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