Bruce Arians strongly disagrees with Shawn Hochuli’s decision to flag Tom Brady

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A day after referee Shawn Hochuli threw a flag on Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady for unsportsmanlike conduct, Tampa Bay coach Bruce Arians is calling foul.

“Totally uncalled for,” Arians told the Buccaneers Radio Network, via “I don’t think any other referee in the league would have thrown the flag.”

Maybe Hochuli is the only referee in the league with the guts to stand up to the GOAT.

Brady complained to Hochuli after taking a helmet to the chin from Rams linebacker Von Miller. Roughing the passer wasn’t called.

“He got in my face in an aggressive manner and used abusive language,” Hochuli said of Brady after the game. “As for the hit, we did not think that it rose to the level of roughing the passer.”

Brady hasn’t been bashful about speaking his mind, aggressively if need be. It comes from the relentless and all-consuming desire to win, win, and win. It’s something we discourage when Little Jimmy throws a tantrum while playing video games. It’s something we admire and respect when Grown-Up Tommy throws a public tantrum.

55 responses to “Bruce Arians strongly disagrees with Shawn Hochuli’s decision to flag Tom Brady

  1. And the hit on Brady in the Philly game rose to the level of roughing the passer? That was a love tap compared to the helmet to the chin.

  2. Brady has been so conditioned to get every single call in his favor which explains his embarrassing behavior.

    Enjoy the remaining postseason games on the couch Tommy!

  3. Well it’s about time an official threw a flag. Brady has been jawing at the officials for 20 years.

  4. Really having trouble trying to figure out if Arians is even dumber than Mike McCarthy. It’s really close.

  5. They were both wrong. Brady deserved his flag, but Miller deserved one too. He drew blood. It wasn’t the worst one out there, but it was something that should have been flagged by rule.

  6. “Contact looked incidental anyway”

    Von launched himself, drove his helmet into Brady’s sternum. Both his feet were still off the ground when he made contact. I’ve seen far less called as roughing

  7. Hochuli is not much like his father, people respected his father and he controlled the game. If Shawn is trying earn respect he is going about it the wrong way in my opinion. That was the first flag ever for Brady so maybe there is a problem with you Shawn. Just saying!!!

  8. He needs to retire. It should’ve been called. It was a helmet hit to the chin. Von needs to be fine as well.

  9. Brady gets away with a lot of stuff that others get flagged for. He’s earned a certain amount of respect, but respect is a two-way street. Brady was begging for a flag, and he got one. He certainly had enough lucky breaks to tie the game at 27-27. He had his chance, and he’d be the first to tell you that.

  10. Oh no, he drew blood!! Horrors!

    You’ve obviously never seen clips of the NFL in the 1960’s.

  11. beej says:
    January 24, 2022 at 7:34 pm
    “Contact looked incidental anyway”

    Von launched himself, drove his helmet into Brady’s sternum. Both his feet were still off the ground when he made contact. I’ve seen far less called as roughing

    You are absolutely right. I just watched the video and Von did launch himself with his helmet into Brady’s chest/chin. It was right in front of Hochuli. Unbelievable that Hochuli didn’t flag Miller & then flagged Brady.

  12. As gambling continues to become a bigger deal in the NFL, every seemingly unusual call or non-call will draw more & more scrutiny

  13. It looked like a flag should have been thrown but Brady has been given a million breaks and it’s about time a ref threw a flag on him for being a baby.

    I liked him better when he played for the Pats and Belichick kept him under control better. Now he just seems to think he’s bigger than the game and doesn’t realize how much New England made him who he is.

    And don’t get me started on that whiny “Let’s Go” Hertz commercial.

  14. Steelcurtainn, I don’t know what you were watching but the hit on Brady that I saw definitely deserved a roughing the passer penalty.
    I’ve seen a lot lesser hits called than this one.
    I don’t know why Hochuli didn’t call it, perhaps he doesn’t like Brady and allowed his emotions to rule over his intellect., who knows.
    What I do know is that he blew it and as a result Brady blew up.
    If Hochuli had done his job it would not have set Brady off.
    The refereeing has become almost as unpredictable as winter weather in Canada. You never know what to expect. Some will be good days, some will be bad.

  15. Referees need to use more discretion in the playoffs. Hochuli should have just walked away.

  16. I think that Brady deserved to be flagged,but that also was roughing the passer. It was helmet to helmet.

  17. Well so what. Every coach disagrees with their players’ penalties. Course it must be a real shock for any coach of Brady’s.

  18. The hit came from the other side brady was yelling at the wrong ref for one the ref to his left who comes up in the video and can be seen saying “HEY!” Is the one who saw von hit bounce off his chest plate and hit him in the chin

  19. I think it was close, but feel the hit merits the penalty flag. However, I’m also understanding that in the judgment of the refs, it didn’t. Regardless; getting in the ref’s face and using abusive language should always result in a penalty flag. I’m good with that entire series and how it played out.

  20. The Ravens once broke Big Ben’s nose. His nose was sideways on his face & there was blood! No flag was thrown. Rothlisberger didn’t complain, didn’t miss a play and won the game. That’s how you do it!

  21. Brady needed the refs to stand him back on that stuff, but it sure would have looked better if they had chosen a play where he did not have such an obvious point. They should have picked a play where everyone didn’t just watch the hit and hes bleeding from the mouth, then make their example.

  22. I thought it was part of the rule book, that if a hit drew blood then it was a penalty. So we’re replacing the rule book with the subjective opinions of the officials?

    I mean really, the play is done. It didn’t effect the outcome of the game. And Bruce Arians should have dropped it. But really it seems like there is a huge leeway for officials to just use their subjective opinion even when there is a specific part of the rule having been broken, that is evidently part of the equation.

  23. So that means he saw the hit. If he saw the hit, the blood should have taken it to a level of roughing the passer. What else would he need, missing teeth?

  24. While I agree that there should have been a flag on Miller, I can’t fault the flag on Brady. I don’t know what he said but when is the last time you ever saw a ref go “oh yeah, you’re right” and then throw the flag? With all the emphasis on taunting and unsportsmanlike contact this season is wasn’t the brightest idea to get in Hochuli’s face of all people. And right after you admit that the ref’s let you get away with jawing at them? I saw this one coming the minute I read that interview.

  25. I suspect that if Hochuli HAD flagged Miller, he wouldn’t have had to flag Brady. Brady was complaining that Miller should have been flagged.

  26. Well he was standing right there when when the helmet hit Brady’s face. That is a penalty in todays NFL. Missed call. Then he doubles down by throwing unsportsmanlike flag. Bad officiating. Not surprises there.

  27. The whole crew were on the muscle for the Bucs the entire game . Brady complained to the ref but did not follow him as he walked away but tough guy Hochuli wanted to show up Brady so he threw his flag as he walked away . Suh got flagged for taunting because he pointed at Stafford while telling the official he kicked him , lol . Lil Shawn and his crew had a bad game with plenty of missed calls on both teams . Just shows how bad the NFL officiating has become that this crew was assigned to such an important game , lol . Fortunately both teams rose above the officiating and ultimately the best team won .

  28. How many times has Brady cursed out the refs and wasn’t flagged?

    Again, the karma thing people like to believe in.

  29. steelcurtainn says:
    January 24, 2022 at 6:55 pm
    Seen the play, the ref was correct.


    If only it was that simple. How about we look at ALL the roughing calls and see where it lands? I don’t disagree on the non-call. What I disagree with is the complete and utter lack of consistency with legislating the rule. Brady gets away with murder on roughing calls and anybody who has watched more than a single football game should recognize that. But that doesn’t mean roughing is even remotely being called consistently. And quite honestly it’s not even remotely close.

  30. The Brady hate still baffles me. #GOAT.
    While talk radio and fanzies continue to rave about guys like Jackson, MaHomes, and Allen and say stuff like Dynasty is born, bla, bla, bla. NONE of them will evah reach Brady’s records of SB’s. It’s hilarious how many talking heads and fans blab on about how many Superbowls these guys will win. Sorry, it’s not happening. Brady is an enigma, once in a lifetime. Hate him all u want but the GOAT will stand for a long, long, long time.

  31. If Brady had to have played like other QB’s he would have had more than a bo bo to his chin. He has had the benefit of so many lame calls , that is reality of how he has been treated, When Tommy was crying to the officials he himself knows the same thing

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