Byron Leftwich set for second interview with Jaguars

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With the Buccaneers out of the playoffs, their offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich is free to interview for head coaching jobs this week and he’s lined one up for Tuesday.

According to multiple reports, Leftwich will have a second interview with the Jaguars. Colts defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus has also had two interviews with the Jaguars.

Leftwich was a Jaguars first-round pick in the 2003 draft and he started 44 games at quarterback in Jacksonville over the next four seasons. A return to the organization would put Leftwich in charge of the development of another first-rounder in Trevor Lawrence and his growth will be a major factor in the success or failure of any coach that lands the Jaguars job.

Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians acknowledged the possibility of Leftwich leaving at a Monday press conference. He said he would consider taking over as the offensive play-caller if Leftwich leaves for a head coaching position.

12 responses to “Byron Leftwich set for second interview with Jaguars

  1. Leftwich’s ONLY success has been with Brady and honstly I think Brady has more say in that offense and the plays than Leftiwch does. Prior to Brady he oversaw Winston’s epic 30int season. He was in Arizona where he helped ruin Josh Rosen. He has had a bunch of former 1st rd QB and all were not improved under him in Arizona or Tampa Bay. Brady comes along and Leftwich is now HC material?

  2. Leftwich was a leader of men at Marshall (they put him in the movie, even), at Jacksonville, was well respected in Pittsburgh, and has been a part of two successful coaching staffs learning from Bruce Arians, a well respected football lifer known for empowering his assistants. I don’t know how much more resume you want. Job should be his

  3. As long as they give him time to rebuild the team. A coach needs 3 – 5 years to rebuild a last place team.

  4. As a Jags fan I wouldn’t mind having Leftwich as HC but current GM Trent Baalke has to GO ASAP !!

  5. All Tom Brady’s offensive coordinators have gotten opportunities to become head coaches. We know it’s mostly Tom Brady, but why suddenly come to our senses with Leftwich? Leftwich actually has a great chance to succeed in Jacksonville with a young stud QB. Any coach would be crazy to accept the job without changing GM’s. Or sign a guaranteed $50 million contract and get fired after a year or so.

  6. Yeah any real Bucs fans that watched the games will know that Brady was the real OC after the horribly crafted, scripted opening plays.

    Brady: Drafted in 2000
    Leftwich: Drafted in 2003

    Brady: Still playing at MVP level

    Leftwich: Coming up with inept game plans and scripted plays that don’t maximize talent till Brady takes over and checks out, audibles or calls a TO to put BL in his place.

    Not saying Byron can’t be a good HC, but his success as OC in the NFL is highly inflated and overrated.

  7. Brady’s protection from overbearing Arians about ready to leave, Gronk taking a few weeks to decide and Brady saying his family will make his decision for him.


  8. Trevor, I feel sorry for you man. You will be destroyed soon because of a bad GM not getting the right people in there to help you. What a waist of talent.

  9. I don’t know if Leftwich is ready to be a HC yet or not, but I suspect he’d live up to the challenge – if he’s given the time to. This means a GM like Baalke cannot be a part of the equation from day 1.

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