Could Tom Brady be thinking about joining a new team?

NFC Divisional Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Despite the nonchalance many have expressed regarding the possibility that Tom Brady will retire in lieu of playing next season, Brady has said — on multiple occasions — that he’ll play through 2022 and then decide whether to continue. Thus, as much as some would like to ignore it, something has changed. Dramatically.

What is it, then? How and why did Brady go from being all in for 2022 to being “noncommittal” for next season. (ESPN reported over the weekend that he “remains noncommittal” about playing next year, phrasing that ignores even more strongly the things Brady has, you know, said.)

There’s a belief that Mrs. Brady, otherwise known as Gisele Bundchen, has laid down the law with her husband. That, regardless of whether he wants to keep playing in 2022 and beyond, she’s telling him that 22 seasons are more than enough.

Here’s another possibility, one that is pure speculation but can’t be ignored. What if Brady is hoping to wiggle out of Tampa and go to a team that he thinks will be better suited to get him to his eighth Super Bowl win?

The deck was stacked for the Bucs this season, with all 22 starters from last year’s championship run returning. Injuries were a problem. Linebacker Lavonte David also pointed to “turmoil” within the team.

How much did the Antonio Brown fiasco — and the team’s handling of it — potentially sour Brady? Has he lost faith in the ability of coach Bruce Arians to coax the team to the top of the mountain?

We don’t know the truth about this because Brady would never admit to it. Given the current gap between the Rams and Buccaneers, however, it’s hard not to wonder whether Brady, if he continues to play, will want to roll another set of loaded dice?

Where would that be? Well, his first choice two years ago was San Francisco. (They passed.) How about a year for Brady, as Trey Lance continues to develop? Lance would get to watch and learn from the best ever for a year. And the 49ers, a final-four team despite having a quarterback who isn’t even in the top 20, could add Brady to a highly-talented roster and a brilliant coaching staff (his former teammate, Wes Welker, works there) and finally get their sixth Super Bowl win.

Brady would have to finesse his way out of Tampa. He signed a one-year extension in 2021, primarily to reduce his cap number. If he asks the Buccaneers to trade or release him, maybe they would. Maybe, when he agreed to extend his contract last year, he sought and received a wink-nod commitment that he’ll be released, if he asks to be, after 2021.

Regardless, the sudden confusion regarding Brady’s status for 2021 is far more stunning than most are treating it. While retirement seems to be the far more likely option, it’s impossible to rule out the possibility that Brady will indeed honor his longstanding commitment to play until his 45 — and that maybe he’ll do what he can to wrap up with career with the 49ers.

74 responses to “Could Tom Brady be thinking about joining a new team?

  1. He’s waiting to see what happens with the 49ers first. That was where he wanted to go to begin with.

  2. The only other team he would possibly want to go to would be SF and honestly
    they don’t need the prima-donna.

  3. Problem is that’s where Aaron wants to go too and I think they’d be better off with him anyway.

  4. He and Belichick join up for one last Superbowl then ride into the sunset together before running for president/vp in 2024. I’m kidding, guys. I think.

  5. The NFL treated us fans to a great weekend of football and we are still talking about Tommy. Just lol.

    Just retire already and stay away.

  6. Come to New Orleans Tom. You, Alvin, Mike and couple of more offensive pieces, along with our elite defense and Payton on the sidelines=UNSTOPPABLE.

  7. Come to Denver and join Elway and Peyton as the three greatest QB to have ever played for a franchise

  8. Clearly he wants the chance to play for his boyhood team. It does make a lot of sense given all the variables out there. AB really screwed him, again.

  9. Just stop. The guy is just trying to decide whether he wants to continue playing or move on and spend time with his family. That’s all there is to it. This a 44 year old QB.

  10. He should consider joining team “Enjoy your retirement and spending time with your family before you suffer an injury that 45 year olds don’t recover from quickly.”

  11. After the loss in the divisional game, Brady’s demeanor was like “oh well”. He didn’t have that disappointed look he has had after other losses. He looked more like thank God that’s over, time to move on.

  12. I’ve always said, if Tom Brady wants to prove he is the undisputed GOAT, he will come and win a Superbowl with the Cleveland Browns.

  13. He doesn’t want to learn a new offense a 45…. He is likely waiting to see what leftwich does!

  14. Brady and Leftwich to Miami maybe? They already have a SB caliber defense… great WR corps.. but not O line.

  15. He will stay with the Bucs or he will retire. He is not playing for another team. As he proved, he is no longer capable of turning nobodies into superstars.

  16. He’s not leaving Tampa, he’s just going to play for two team at the same time. One NFC and one AFC.

  17. As a Niners fan, I’d love to see TB here. Imagine him, Kittle, Deebo, Mitchell. Yikes. Lance takes one more year to learn from The GOAT. Do it.

  18. Tommy Tantrum is better off trying to win in the NFC because all the good young QBs in the AFC will still smash the Patriots

  19. If Rodgers is going anywhere it should be to SF. “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”……

  20. Dude’s goal is to play until his kids go off to college so he has to spend as little time with them as possible.

  21. Why would he come to New Orleans, where it’s been proven he wouldn’t get any calls going his way.

  22. I think he’s positioning himself to go to San Francisco or Tennessee… The Niners make more sense because that’s where his parents still live.

  23. Miami Dolphins. 70m cap space, pick the coach, good receivers, nice location. They may not seem like an instant contender but they were already 9-8, lack an elite qb, and have a pile of cash.

  24. He will be going back to NE to have Jones learn from him for a season or 2 then retire. That was probably a deal he made with Kraft when he left originally.

  25. So your telling me Tampa Bay will just let Brady go play for a different team even though he is under contract? They are just going to let the Goat go for nothing in return. Lol. You guys crack me up. My bet is Brady retires but he won’t announce it until just before next season.

  26. I think Brady is posturing to push Arians out. If Brady did leave, Tennessee makes the most sense.

  27. You can’t make this stuff up. Packers trade Rodgers for a bucket-and-a-half of high draft picks, then sign Brady for a year.


  28. Switching from Garoppolo to Brady would be a massive upgrade for the 49ers – I think they’d be all over it.

    And who in their right mind would choose Rodgers over Brady? Rodgers simply can’t win the big one as he’s proven now multiple years in a row.

  29. I think he want’s to go a little further south to Miami, where he can compete against Belichick twice a year.

  30. Tampa had some injuries, can’t do much about that. Same 22 as year before when they won it, any other recent SB winner been able to say the same thing? Probably the case that some of the players didn’t attack it quite as hard this year after winning it (“Super Bowl hangover”). Is he really going to find a team with better talent?

  31. If he really wants another ring, go to Buffalo, Cincinnati, or Kansas City as the #2 or #3 QB. He’d be great at running the scout team, so long as the opponent for that week has a Juggs machine as a QB.

  32. He’s not going back to the Pats. That will just set that organization back however many years they let him stick around. They’ve already done a mini rebuild after he left and have a decent foundation to build from. Letting Tom back in the building guarantees a rebuild in a year or two. Oh, and Tom is not gonna come back to back up Mac Jones. He’s said it a thousand times that he hasn’t retired because he loves to play the game. Plus I think the promo code the Pats used when negotiating his contract has finally expired.

  33. As far as I’m concerned, he doesn’t surpass Otto Graham as GOAT (both have 7 titles in 10 tries) until he wins one for the Browns.

  34. Switching from Garoppolo to Brady would be a massive upgrade for the 49ers – I think they’d be all over it.

    The 49ers literally had that exact choice 2 years ago and went with Garoppolo. So I’m not sure they will be all over it.

  35. I’d be very surprised if he left Tampa Bay, but the Titans need a great quarterback after Tannenhill’s incompetence in the playoffs.

  36. He’s not playing anywhere next year if it’s not the Buccaneers. He’s under contract

  37. Tampa is stacked, not a good sign if Tom doesn’t think they’ll have enough for next year and needs a new set of weapons.

  38. I am suprised none of the Brady to Miami guys on this thread have picked up on the fact that Brady is having a house built in the Miami area, plus his Brazilian supermodel wife would feel more at home in Miami than in most other NFL cities.

    But no matter, Brady isn’t playing for the Fins next year. They are WAY more than just a QB away from the SB. Brady wants another ring, not a disability from playing behind one of the worst OLs in the NFL.

  39. I have a hard time believing that Brady with retire one year short of his goal of 45 (something he was still saying just a few months ago), especially after the year he just had. I have an even harder time imagining that he’d do so because his wife made him. Perhaps he just doesn’t feel the drive anymore but if I were a betting man, I’d bet big that he plays next year… so the idea that this bit of drama is just a ploy to work his way to another team makes a lot of sense to me.

  40. Brady is incensed by the blitz call. Arians did not trust Brady. Yes he had to win the coin flip but did he not see how this played out before? A 25 point comeback, a coin flip, and game winning drive in OT versus Atlanta in the Super Bowl. A few lead changes, a coin flip, and game winning drive versus Kansas City in the AFCCG (which was beyond this year’s Bills). A 24 point comeback, a coin flip, and game winning drive in OT versus Manning’s Broncos.

    Arians must not know his history.

  41. codylaws says:
    January 24, 2022 at 3:48 pm
    Back to the Pats.
    Nope unless he can help them stop the run.

  42. Brady is about to retire before next season starts. The only reason he can explain to his wife why he continues to play is if he can win 8th SB, which is long shot.

    Now it is Belichick’s turn to prove that he can at least make to AFCCG, so to prove that he is at least as good as Rex Ryan was.

  43. William Lee says:
    January 26, 2022 at 9:22 am
    Brady is about to retire before next season starts. The only reason he can explain to his wife why he continues to play is if he can win 8th SB, which is long shot.

    Now it is Belichick’s turn to prove that he can at least make to AFCCG, so to prove that he is at least as good as Rex Ryan was.

    Brady probably retires with a lifetime passer rating against a Belichick defense of 70

    That’s worse than Tebow, Dalton and even Hoyer. Ouch.

    In fact that is the true talent level of Brady when he doesn’t have Belichick or an all star team around him or when he’s not cheating. I mean the guy couldn’t even score any points against the awesome Taysom Hill and his offense. I mean do I really need to say anything more? It’s not difficult to see what’s in front of you.

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