Mike Vrabel disappointed, but not discouraged after Titans quick playoff exit

Tennessee Titans v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Titans head coach Mike Vrabel got his team to the No. 1 seed in the AFC with a 12-5 record, despite dealing with several injuries to key players throughout the season.

But with a disappointing 19-16 loss to the Bengals on Saturday, Tennessee had another one-and-done postseason. After falling to the Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game in the 2019 playoffs, the Titans lost in the wild card round to the Ravens last year.

As Vrabel noted in his season-ending press conference on Monday, the Titans have 34 victories over the last three years, but that hasn’t led to postseason success lately.

“[W]e haven’t won a playoff game in two years and that’s when you have to be at your best,” Vrabel said, via Jim Wyatt of the team’s website.

Nevertheless, Vrabel mentioned he was proud of this year’s Titans — which won a division for two consecutive years for the first time in franchise history since the AFL-NFL merger.

“I am proud, because you come to work and you get to coach men that care, that are tough, that play extremely hard, that believe in our culture, effort and toughness, about putting the team first and about winning,” Vrabel said. “I am disappointed, but I am not discouraged because I know the team that we have here.”

Now the Titans will have an offseason to improve it to get back to winning postseason games next year.

10 responses to “Mike Vrabel disappointed, but not discouraged after Titans quick playoff exit

  1. Joe Burrow is really really good. The Titans loss won’t look as bad when the Bengals upset the Chiefs at home in the championship game.

  2. I get a kick out of these teams who think they’ll just automatically be in the postseason every year.

  3. How about explaining to your fans on why you chose to throw the ball around with Tannehill instead or running the ball. I could see not using Henry alot being he’s just coming back, but Foreman was been playing pretty good. Tannehill is who he is, not very good without a good running game. To many coaches this year, have really out coached themselves

  4. Vrabel is a great head coach. The Titans have an amazing Defensive Line and a good offense. They’ll be back. Kudos for not pushing the panic button.

  5. Vrabel is the best coach in the league. Most teams without an elite QB are already home.

  6. I’m glad Vrabel isn’t discouraged, because I am.

    I’m beginning to truly think that this team is cursed. The 1993 team should have went to the Super Bowl and won, but they lost big to the Bills after being up 35-3. The 1999 team should have won the Super Bowl, but lost to the Rams by 1 yard.

    The 2003 (12-4), 2008 (13-3), 2020 (11-5), and 2021 (12-5) teams should have been contenders, but all of the above were one and done.

    Vrabel sucks at offense and he needs to fire Todd Downing and bring in someone that knows what they’re doing and turn the offense over. At this rate, Vrabel has Jeff Fisher written all over him.

  7. The Titan’s have a possible superbowl winning caliber team, but they have to deal with their QB situation first to get there. If Tannehill was a competent game manager type QB, Tennessee would of won that game easily. Instead of managing the game, Tannehill went out there and basically helped the Bengals out multiple times by turning the ball over. Burrow is a good green NFL QB, but if you keep handing him chances to beat you, he has been shown that it’s hard to rattle the guy and he will find a way to beat you.

    If Tennessee wants a championship, they have to find a way to ditch Tannehill asap and get another QB under center. He doesn’t have to play like Rogers or Brady, but the guy can’t be a turnover machine on a hard nosed running focused team.

  8. Mike Vrabel, Tannehill is the reason that team will not be hosting the Chiefs… Vrabel can try to lay blame on the entire team, but the reality is that Ryan Tannehill is the reason that your football team will be watching the AFC Championship game at home. I don’t know what the OC was thinking in putting the most important game of the season in the hands of Tannehill… Joe Burrow played well but your defense held him in check but with Tannehill throwing the football to the other team, there is no way in the world that your team can win.

  9. Vegas and the Networks arent going to give the Titans or the Predators a championship because Nashville is considered a small market, though its changing.

    Hopefully the teams prove me wrong

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