Officials miss blatant taunting by Tyreek Hill


The taunting rule stinks. And it needs to go. Until it does, it needs to be enforced fairly and consistently.

On Sunday night in Kansas City, after the Bills took at 29-26 lead with 1:54 to play, the Chiefs responded. Five plays later, Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes connected with receiver Tyreek Hill on a 64-yard catch-and-run. While running to the end zone, Hill threw up his trademark peace sign in the direction of an opponent who was chasing him to the end zone.

No flag was thrown for the obvious taunt. It should have been. The gesture is textbook taunting.

It’s a simple concept. Enforce the rule consistently, or get rid of it.

Although the Bills scored a touchdown on the next drive after the Chiefs kicked the ball into the end zone, the Chiefs should have been kicking off from their own 20. If Buffalo hadn’t answered with a touchdown, the failure to flag Hill would have been a major talking point.

It still shouldn’t be ignored. Until the rule goes away (and it should), the NFL must enforce it consistently and even-handedly.

45 responses to “Officials miss blatant taunting by Tyreek Hill

  1. Take away the TD and enforce it 15 yards from the spot of the taunt. Taking points off the board for stupidity would change behavior quickly.

  2. The taunting occurred prior to the touchdown so the penalty should have been enforced from the line of scrimmage, no?

  3. In this case, a penalty probably would’ve worked against Buffalo.

    Easy to say now but scoring with a minute to go and 3 time out for Buffalo was too much time to leave in the clock.

    Hill should’ve slid down at the 2-3 yard line.

    Teams need to start talking about these scenarios more with their players. Seems like an almost impossible task to stop an elite QB 4 times on any game winning drive. Especially when that QB can run for first downs.

    And if your one of the people wondering why the Dolphins canned Brian Flores, situations like is why. He’d try and protect a league the second we’d have one. It got annoying to try and run out a clock in the first half because we have each double digit lead.

    You can’t give the ball back to Mahomes, Allen, Burrow, Herbert etc when even Garoppolo can’t be stopped 4 times.

    I’ll never get mad at a coach who does everything in their power to not give the ball back, should they lose.

  4. Not only that, the blatant grabbing of receivers arms by the Chiefs was not called. If a Chief defender was near a Bills receiver, he had the arm grabbed so it could not raise — that is DPI.

  5. Totally agree, it’s a stupid rule but if you’re not going to get rid of it then enforce it consistently.

  6. C’mon now! The league isn’t going to do anything to hurt the chances of Mahomes getting to the Super Bowl. It’s the only ratings driver they have left. Imagine the Ginger Hammer on Sunday seeing a Bengals v Rams Super Bowl. He’d probably retroactively give Any Reid 6 extra timeouts to waste.

  7. Out of all the calls I’m desperate for them to get right, this is about 100th on that list.

  8. The easy way to enforce the taunting rule is take away the celebrations. Then make everything taunting. I’m more upset when eleven grown men sliding into the end zone rowing a pretend boat.

  9. brownsfandrinkingmakersmark says:
    January 24, 2022 at 10:55 am
    Take away the TD and enforce it 15 yards from the spot of the taunt. Taking points off the board for stupidity would change behavior quickly.
    Like most other penalties, they’re way harsher on the defense. Make a big stop on defense and taunt, it’s a first down. Score a TD and taunt, the TD stands

  10. Goebbels probably prefers KC in the AFC title game over Buffalo. How does that taste, Buffalo?


  11. It was the Tyreek Hill peace sign, and the retaliatory gesture by Tampa Bay in the Super Bowl, that prompted this emphasis in the first place, IMO.

    Irony that the officials overlooked this taunt of all taunts.

  12. Taunting penalty needs to go. They’re all grown men that get paid to play. They can take it. It’s not like it ever was a problem before. But because old man Mara doesn’t like it he changed the rules. How about worrying about your team not winning since Eli retired Mara?!

  13. If the Chiefs DB didn’t trip over the 10 yard line leaving Gibson open in the endzone, you’d almost rather see the Bills take it to the 1-2 yard line and punch it in from there. McDermott playcalling on D & special teams last 2 minutes was suspect at best.

  14. Ndamukong Suh got a taunting penalty for pointing a finger and shouting at Stafford after he claimed Stafford kicked him. That wasn’t taunting…that looked like threatening.

  15. They didn’t miss, they ignored it. Because he made the gesture before he scored, it would not have been a dead ball foul, it would have been a personal foul, 15 yards from the spot. It would have taken the TD off the board.

    The refs decided, for once in their lives, not to change the outcome of a game over a nonsensical rule. I like it, and I hate the Chiefs.

  16. Honestly it was refreshing to see the refs give the flags a break and let the players play football without any worry of game altering calls. It made for one of the most exciting and entertaining games in history. And I’m a Bills fan saying this.

  17. Here’s an idea: Fine the player after the game. Yes the taunting needs to go, but don’t let that affect the outcome of the game.

  18. Happened in the first game too. Suh was flagged for taunting despite Stafford kicking him in the leg yet Von Miller celebrated after forcing a fumble no flag. It’s clear the league wants KC vs LA for the Super Bowl thanks to that offensive fireworks fest they had a couple of years ago.

  19. I like a lot of the creativity with a lot of the end zone celebrations. On the other hand, taunting is more mean spirited, and fight provoking.

  20. A gesture that neither effects the play nor risks injury should not be an ’emphasis’ for penalties, they already call too many other penalties in these games. I wanted the Bills to win, but hearing their fans cry about this issue is weak, very weak.

  21. It seems to me taunting typically happens after plays, and should rightly be penalized. However taunting DURING a play? If you can do that and not get killed, go for it! Was Babe Ruth calling his shots taunting, or awesome? Hill’s wave was no worse than the strutting and showboating into the end zone that happens all the time and sickens me.

  22. Certainly Hill and the Chiefs should have been penalized.

    However I strongly disagree with you again Mr Florio about NFL rules.

    Taunting and unsportsmanlike behavior penalties should not only remain, they should be strictly enforced and expanded.

    In fact, I would propose introducing 3-yard “annoying conduct” penalties for things like indicating the first down, celebrating anything when behind by 20 or more points,etc etc
    the list goes on:)

  23. Personally, I like the taunting rule. Taunting is ugly behavior and, even with outrageous salaries and gambling, the NFL can still draw a line there and have some semblance of demonstrating good role-model behavior to kids at home.

    But I completely agree with Mr. Florio that if that’s going to be the rule, it has to be enforced consistently. It’s hard to do that perfectly for any rule, but this sounds like a pretty clear case. If the rule is there to send a message, inconsistency muddies that message.

  24. Let’s face it, if Hill would have been on Jacksonville or any or the many poor teams the flag would have been thrown and then the announcer say how he can’t do that. The Refs always put the flag away, even in this case a blatant foul by the rules. The worse part about it is he would have been a repeat offender, so I guess the last punishment and no punishment probably will mean we will see it again. I for one like the rule, I know some don’t but those people might not have ever player sports at a higher level. I will tell you when i player, we went after guys like that and it only escalated things. That is usually how bench clearing brawls happened and remember not too many years ago there were big spike on field fighting a few years ago. I bet the majority of them started with taunting They didn’t make it a rule just out of boredom.

  25. Simple solution. If taunting called against a player have no on field penalty against the team, but player gets fined $100,000 for 1st offense, $250,00 for second offense and $500,000 for third offense, a fourth offense – league discretion including suspension. Take away the cash, you take away the taunting.

  26. I dont care about taunting one way or the other. What I hate is its another rule thats open to interpretation so sometimes its called other times it isnt.

  27. “Blatant Taunting”, LOL. A guy flashes a Peace Sign 15 feet before scoring a 64 yard TD and some of you people want it called back, yet 60% of the posts on PFT are about how the NFL has become “soft”.

    This is the perfect example of the phrase, “Sore Loser”.

  28. Of course, the league had already seen Rodgers and Brady out. I way they were letting KC lose and take Mahomes out of the playoffs as well. “Judgement Call” by the league office.

  29. Let me try again – the league had to already seen Rodgers and Brady knocked out, no way they were having Mahomes out early too. “Judgement call “ by Park Avenue marketing.

  30. These tears are like a magical elixir for us Chiefs fans. Please keep them coming. Thanks!

  31. As a Bills fan… just stop them from tying it up with 13 seconds to go and none of this is even brought up…

  32. Tough loss by the Bills and we have to wonder if the Bills will ever get over the hump. This was their SB window after paying Josh Allen. They are up against the cap next year.

  33. Yeah, because a guy flashing a peace sign should nullify a TD in a playoff game.

    Is there anyone who seriously wants that?

  34. No tears, just an opinion. Once the Packers were eliminated I was fine with all that were left.

  35. Before the 2019 season the Chiefs proposed changing OT rules to allow both teams to have at least one possession and the Bills voted against it.

  36. If you watch the play, it’s not taunting because he is doing it to the Buffalo defender before passing him on the run. Hill is daring him to do something about it, to try and cut him off and stop him. The taunting rule refers to after a play is over and the play is done and there is nothing the other team can do to change the result. Buffalo could have changed the result if they caught him. That is why it wasn’t called for taunting.

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