Packers and Buccaneers should both regret not landing OBJ

NFC Divisional Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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The Rams have advanced to the NFC Championship for many reasons. One of those reasons is receiver Odell Beckham, Jr.

With Robert Woods suffering a torn ACL the same day Beckham signed, OBJ has become the top complement to Cooper Kupp in the Rams’ passing game. On Sunday against the Buccaneers, Beckham had six catches for 69 yards. Against the Cardinals, Beckham had four catches for 54 yards and a touchdown.

The Buccaneers didn’t want him. Coach Bruce Arians made that clear when Beckham became available in November, with a typically flippant, swizzle-stick remark.

“We’ve already got AB, we don’t need OBJ,” Arians said in November. “Too many letters.”

On Sunday, the Bucs had not enough production from receivers not named Mike Evans. Sure, Chris Godwin was healthy when OBJ became available. Also, Antonio Brown had not yet been accused of using a fake vaccination card.

Still, finding a way to lure OBJ to TB would have kept Beckham from joining a competitor and thriving. The Rams, when they went all in to get Beckham, didn’t need Beckham. But they got him, and they kept him from the Buccaneers. Or, perhaps more importantly, from the Packers.

Look at the stats from Saturday night. The Packers took a 7-0 lead and couldn’t deliver the death blow of a two-score margin. Beyond the nine catches for 90 yards generated by Davante Adams, the team’s other receivers and all tight ends combined for a cumulative one catch for six yards.

How much better would the Packers have been offensively if they’d done more than give Beckham an offer they knew he wouldn’t accept? What if the Packers had gone all in to get Beckham?

Who knows what would have been. But here’s what is. The Bucs are done. The Packers are done. And the Rams are very well positioned to get to the Super Bowl.

22 responses to “Packers and Buccaneers should both regret not landing OBJ

  1. Figured Ted would have made it happen in green bay but then again the packers horrific defense showed up again.

  2. The main reason not to root for the Rams.
    There’s trouble off the field with some guys that seem like they’re decent guys until they do dumb stuff that gets them in trouble and then there’s guys who don’t get in trouble off the field but they’re complete d bags Everytime they open their mouth. OBJ is definitely the latter. It’s impossible for this human to root for a guy like that. Too bad too as Stafford is a good Joe.

  3. I guess they both should have made minimal offers to Cleveland at the deadline, hoping it wouldn’t come back to bite them in the rear end.

  4. It was hard to see how he fit with the Rams but he has found himself a role and made some big contributions.

  5. Justi like AB, OBJ will impload. Whether it is in the last 2 games this season or next season, it will happen.

  6. Considering how the Packers are over the cap for 2023 could they have even been able to afford him for a portion of 2022? Also, does OBJ play special teams, because that’s what GB really needed.

  7. The Chiefs came real close as well to landing him, … we certainly could of used the help, … honestly don’t have but Hill and Kelce as reliable pass catchers

  8. Yep have to grudgingly agree– he’s been very helpful to the Rams. Of course, part of that is him playing for a contract next year but still…

  9. Interesting to note that Beckham’s $$ incentives are built around team achievement. He earned an extra $500K when we beat Arizona, and an extra $750K yesterday when we beat Tampa. He’ll get another $750K when we beat the Niners next weekend and a cool $1M when we win the Super Bowl.

  10. At the time, AB hadn’t imploded yet and Godwin was still fine. No reason for the Bucs to add another WR.

  11. Rams would be just fine and in the same position with or WITHOUT OBJ. He hasn’t posted a 100 game since 2019. He’s WR2 at most on all 32 NFL teams.

  12. Whatever was or was not working in Cleveland with OBJ, I lost respect for him and his family with the way they forced his way out. (Daddy, help me!) … but his resurgence does show the issue was mostly not him.

    For fair reporting, maybe the Browns should show his 6% drops as a Browns this year (including key drop inside the 10 in potential game winning drive vs. LAC), or document the freelance route-running. They obviously never would.

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