Rob Gronkowski not sure he’ll keep playing, could keep going if Tom Brady retires

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Tom Brady isn’t the only Buccaneers player who will take some time before deciding on whether to keep playing football in 2022.

Rob Gronkowski will also be pondering his football future. The tight end said on Monday that he plans to take four or five weeks as a “down period” before making a call on whether to keep going.

Gronkowski said that continuing to play while Brady retires is not off the table.

“I could see a scenario like that — never say never,” Gronkowski said, via WDAE. “I’m just going to do what’s best for myself in the football world and we’ll see how I feel in a couple weeks.”

Gronkowski is not signed beyond this season. He had 55 catches for 802 yards and six touchdowns in 12 regular season games and nine catches for 116 yards and a touchdown in the playoffs.

10 responses to “Rob Gronkowski not sure he’ll keep playing, could keep going if Tom Brady retires

  1. If Brady retires, Gronk will retire. Gronk owes a lot of his success to Brady. They know each other and it allows them to connect on passes. A new QB for Gronk would be a sad way for him to end his career.

  2. I was thinking, ‘Gronk had an off year,’ then I look at his stats and see 800 yards and six touchdowns in just 12 games lol.

  3. touchback6 says:
    January 24, 2022 at 12:33 pm

    This is hilarious.

    Why BB walked. Drama Twins

    BB didn’t walk – Brady and Gronk did. And you have 2 aging football players who are coming to the end of HOF careers – it is entirely the natural and logical for an athlete to take time at the end of a grueling season to consult their families and ponder what they want to do next in their lives before making rash decisions. How is this drama? They were asked what they want to do so they answered. Torn between the love of playing the game they have played their whole lives and taking care of their bodies and spending more time with families they obviously need a second after a heartbreaking loss to let it all sink in, reflect and ponder their future.

  4. The entire team including the coach is dependent on Brady. they’re all riding on his gravy train.

  5. Drama Queens…? This is really way off base….not afraid of the lime light maybe but not drama queens.

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