Sean McVay: Cam Akers will “respond the right way” after fumbles

Rams Bucs in NFL Playoff
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The Rams had a chance to run out the clock when they got the ball up seven points with just over three minutes left in Sunday’s game against the Buccaneers, but there turned out to be a few twists and turns left before the final whistle.

Rams running back Cam Akers was stripped of the ball by Bucs defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh on a second down run and the Buccaneers recovered to set up a game-tying touchdown. The Rams would rally to win the game with a field goal, but Akers’ fumble was still part of the conversation during head coach Sean McVay’s postgame press conference.

Akers also lost a fumble late in the first half, but Sony Michel only got one carry over the course of the game while Akers ran the ball 24 times. McVay said that was because of his “tremendous faith and confidence” in Akers despite the mistakes.

“I think it’s really the confidence in Cam but we do have confidence in Sony, it was tough to really be able to get anything in the run game going, they did a nice job,” McVay said. “[We] always talk about that, to be able to have that great ball security, especially when you’re in those four-minute situations where you’re really just trying to run the clock out. Still, we needed to compete and wanted to be able to do that, he was making a tough run, as he was pulling through it, it got a little away from him, and this defense does an outstanding job attacking at the football — great learning [opportunity], and I know he’ll learn and he’ll respond the right way from it.”

The Rams designated Darrell Henderson for return from injured reserve last week, so they could have another option in the mix for the NFC Championship Game but it doesn’t look like the team is wavering from their devotion to Akers.

5 responses to “Sean McVay: Cam Akers will “respond the right way” after fumbles

  1. I realize you are trying to build up a player you will need next Sunday but this is foolish thinking if McVay really believes this. Akers is their most explosive and talented back, but no team can afford a back that fumbles twice in a playoff game. They somehow survived his mistakes yesterday but will not if it happens again. As the stakes go up in these playoff games, the leash must be short for players who make mistakes.

  2. On one hand you can appreciate McVey’s loyalty to Akers, especially in light of the injury and working to recover. On the other hand a simple comparison to Michel’s week 3 numbers against the Bucs, shows Akers wasn’t playing well. Typical McVey stubbornness and reluctantance to adjust when his plans aren’t working.

  3. In the next two games, Michel needs to carry the ball as well. He had a big gain his first carry against the Cardinals but wasnt used much afterward and not at all yesterday. Its not rocket science Mr Head Coach … use your backs

  4. I feel for Sony Michel. If he ever coughed up the ball twice in a playoff game for the Patriots, he would never have seen the ball again, ever. Now he’s playing behind a guy who does that and he still can’t get on the field.

  5. It wasn’t like Sony wasn’t on the field. He had 14 snaps. He is more reliable at blitz pickup. That’s not a small thing in this offense, especially against the Bucs.

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