Stefon Diggs wipes out fan who ran onto field

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
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Bills receiver Stefon Diggs didn’t have much of a stat line on Sunday night, with three catches for seven yards. However, Diggs racked up a “one” in a very rare category. Diggs wiped out a fan who entered the field, and who apparently was making a beeline for the football.

A fan named Carl Fugate captured the video from the stands, since the broadcast networks never put such things out over the airwaves. In order to not encourage copycats. That said, televising the hit from Diggs would go a long way toward discouraging other fans from doing the same.

Former Colts linebacker Mike Curtis once famously lowered the boom on a fan who made his way onto the field, got the football, and tried to abscond with it.

“I didn’t think it was a joke that I was working out there,” Curtis later explained regarding the 1971 incident. “A lot of the guys might think it was a joke to see a fan running out there. To me it was my job. . . . That guy broke a city ordinance, and I enforced it.”

That’s what Diggs did. And if more of the millions who were watching the game live had seen it, they’d be far less inclined to violate any cite, state, or federal ordinances in the future. Especially when Stefon Diggs is around.

21 responses to “Stefon Diggs wipes out fan who ran onto field

  1. He also got right back up Diggs. You had pads on and the element of surprise, and he still popped right back up. Wouldn’t brag to much.

  2. James Harrison once put a nice hit on some moron in Cleveland. The networks are right not to show it. If you’re that stupid & desperate for attention you would love it being broadcast to millions.

  3. What a waste of money for this guy, don’t even show up in the playoffs. How you like him Bills fans?

  4. No Florio. If you or I would have seen it, we’d have been less inclined, but the yahoo’s that do this stuff would definitely be more inclined to do it if they broadcast it. Lol. It’s good entertainment but wait until this weekend’s ratings come out. I’d say the game alone is great entertainment.

  5. Filed today in court… assault charges against Diggs from this idiot…. Yes this is America

  6. No you can’t do this, you hit a goofball as a trained professional athlete. You just can’t hit fans like this, it’s not like a life-threatening situation. There are people there to take care of this.

  7. Waiting patiently for the news of the lawsuit brought on by the assaulted fan against Diggs and the NFL etal. it will read that even though the plaintiff clearly violated the ordinance pertaining to fans running onto the field of play it is unlawful for any player,club employee,or member of law enforcement to physically assault any person or persons who decides to violate such ordinance.

  8. Was it not on the broadcast? I saw the event watching the game on Paramount+ streaming…

  9. Not a bright move on Diggs part. Yes, it feel good to bring the smackdown on some moron running on to the field, but use your head. If you injure the guy, even accidentally, you are not wriggling off the responsibility hook easily. And doing it in KC against a KC fan? If the local law enforcement, or a DA wanting to make a name for themselves, decides they don’t care for your actions, it could be a problem. It is one thing if he is charging at someone, another if you are simply trying to protect the pigskin from being absconded with.

  10. Any fan entering the field of play is: one committing a crime, and two, assuming the risk of any damage or injury in doing so. Diggs has zero civil or legal exposure.

  11. I remember the Curtis hit. Believe it was against Miami. Curtis really nailed this guy but the guy got up laughing.

  12. Only decent thing he did all game, assumed he was unavailable based on his production until that point.

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