Aaron Rodgers claims “a lot” of people root against the Packers only because of his vaccination status


Apparently, the woke mob’s favorite team is any team that’s playing the Packers.

So believes Packers (for now) quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who took his persecution complex to the next level on Tuesday, declaring on the radio show he hijacks weekly his theory regarding the motivations of modern-day football fans.

“There’s a lot of people tuning in rooting against us for one reason and one reason only, and it’s obviously my vaccination status,” Rodgers said, via Ryan Wood of USA Today.

It’s obviously not only his vaccination status, if it’s even that. There are plenty of reasons for teams to be rooting against the Packers on any given Sunday (or Saturday). This week, all 49ers fans and most Bears/Vikings/Lions fans were surely anti-Packers.

Are some otherwise neutral fans no longer ambivalent about the team for which Rodgers plays? Sure, but it’s his own fault. After years of desperately avoiding anything for which he could be criticized, he has made the full wrestling-heel turn, embracing the polarization he’s deliberately causing. Many regard him as a narcissistic. Many regard him as an asshole. Those traits alone are enough to get people to root against him, vaccinated or not.

Rodgers used to crave attention on his own terms, ideally free from criticism. Now, he seems to thrive on the hate, especially if he can characterize it as unwarranted or irrational.

Sure, some people probably don’t like him because he’s unvaccinated. For others, it’s more nuanced. Maybe it’s because he lied about being vaccinated. And then he played a stupid-ass word game about whether he lied about being vaccinated. And then he spread vaccination misinformation, invoking the name of Joe Rogan, currently one of the most polarizing humans in America.

Through it all, Rodgers has pissed and moaned about getting canceled. Through it all, his platform has only grown.

Frankly, in recent months he’s been acting more and more like the 45th president of the United States. Who knows? Maybe Rodgers is contemplating eventually entering that arena. He seems to possess the three most relevant traits — he loves to talk, he loves to hear himself talk, and he loves it when people talk about him.

208 responses to “Aaron Rodgers claims “a lot” of people root against the Packers only because of his vaccination status

  1. Most people root against you because of your “better than everybody else” attitude you show.

  2. He’s right! I’m one of them.
    It’s not just his vax status, but the fact that he was a liar about it.

  3. Sure can’t wait till Aaron is out of the league. His drama and self centerness is not what I. want to hear. I Tune into the NFL for football and football ONLY.

  4. Go away Aaron. I like your interviews and commercials and all that but just don’t talk about vax anymore. People get annoyed as much as you too. It’s not exclusive

  5. Love that our society feels no need to engage with the science of the opposing viewpoint, that simply calling it “misinformation” is enough. Wake up, people.

  6. True……but people also root against you because you radiate toxicity as well. IMO

  7. He represents all that is wrong with society today. Narcissistic, attention-needy, selfish, and quite frankly, DUMB and unable to use critical thinking skills.

    It’s literally the worst combination of traits this side of being a violent criminal.

    Like, who would want to spend time around losers like this?

    And, Brady taught him well with this antics. All it did was make Rodgers feel more emboldened with his own antics.

  8. He lost me as a fan when he purposely mislead people as to his status. But when he started spewing disinformation and political buzzwords, I turned to active disliking him. I was more rooting for the 49ers than against the Packers, but it was satisfying to see Rodgers get bounced, especially knowing that the MVP trophy will now be more of a reproach than reward.

  9. Rodgers just isn’t likeable. His family doesn’t like him, his exes don’t like him and even Packers fans don’t like him. He’s an arrogant know-it-all that doesn’t know that of which he speaks.

    Besides that, he’s a choker. For years, fans blamed McCarthy for the Packers failure to advance to the Super Bowl but after Lafleur has continued to coach them to the postseason and two NFC Championship games, it’s clear the issue isn’t coaching but Rodgers himself.

    I’m just happy he wasn’t chosen as the Jeopardy host because he would have made that unwatchable, too.

  10. Can’t say this column is wrong except there was no mention about how careful Rodgers is about his latest beard.

  11. It’s not _just_ his vaccination status. It’s the fact that he declared himself “immunized” when he hadn’t had a shot. It’s how he comports himself.

    I don’t have the time or interest to track down the vaccination status of every athlete. But when one makes it an issue himself, of course I’ll take notice.

    I guess he wants to move the conversation back to the vaccination issue and away from how poorly he played on Saturday. Aaron, you were outplayed by Jimmy Garoppolo down the stretch!

  12. I love him but completely disagree with his vaccine stance. It is possible to do both.

  13. He will say anything to avoid talking about his performance on the field last Saturday. All talent, no character.

  14. You have made not only your team but the entire NFC north the butt of all jokes…..you are an embarrassment to playoff football.

  15. Who cares if Rodgers fails to understand why people don’t like his recent actions this season, mistakenly insisting its because of him being unvaccinated. The Packers are the most disliked team in the nfl as long as Rodgers plays there and that’s all that matters.

  16. Oh it just cant be that there is 31 other teams that have their on fans. Nope here comes Erin the victim.

  17. Nope the arrogant person thing had me rooting against him years ago. He has only made it worse by opening his mouth more.

  18. No, I personally don’t care about his vax status. The fact that he lied about it, lied on that female reporter about his toe & never corrected nor apologized and just seems to be an all around jerk does more than enough to justify my dislike of him. He’s a great regular season player but a big jerk too.

  19. Ok he hardly even communicates with his own family. There’s obviously a lot more reasons why some people dislike him.

  20. He’s wrong again. People root against HIM because he lied about his vaccination status. Its called honesty and integrity, Aaron.

  21. I’m a CAL alum so of course I cheered for him to succeed. Now I’m off the Rodgers fan club because of his lies and anti science stance. He wasn’t canceled for anything and he’s free to not take the life saving vaccine. We are free to judge him and his ilk.

  22. Goodness Aaron , just stop talking !! You said You were going to shut it down after the season ended We would appreciate it if that included Your Mouth . Niners went into Your stadium and closed You out again , That’s all that Should matter ,not Your Vax status .

  23. I couldn’t care less if he’s vaccinated. I hate the Packers because of all the holding the Oline gets away with. Also sick of seeing state farm commercials every commercial break!

  24. Aaron Rodgers, always the victim. Maybe he will go on a podcast, again, and talk for an hour about how he doesn’t understand why nobody likes him.

  25. For what its worth, several family\friends of mine rooted against him and the Pack this past weekend because of his vax status.. and they were people that normally dont care about football. Not a scientific exercise by any means, but I think his argument has some validity to it..

  26. He was already disliked before the vax issue. This guy is unsufferable. Now using the vax status as a shield aginst those who don’t like him. Not a Packer fan, but I used to think an overzealous media unfairly bashed him. But he says stupid, arrogant things, he’s a fake intellectual, and for what he’s paid, looked terrible against the 49ers.

  27. Oh my gosh, it is a double shadenfreude. First the Pack lose and then find out Rodgers was really bothered by all the immunized jokes directed his way after the lose.

  28. I’d argue that people have only hated the Packers the last five years because of Rodgers. And, it does not have much to do with his play during the regular season.

  29. OMG PLEASE! What’s wrong with this dude?
    Maybe, it’s because most people don’t care for people who confuse being clever with lying.

  30. People rooted against him because he has spent a year being a self-absorbed ego maniac. What a boob.

    Compare Brady’s statements and especially today’s post on Instagram where he says how grateful he is for the fans and his teammates and how much they fought all year and played for each other.

  31. I root against him bevcause he is an arrogant person with minimal leadership skills.
    Now he is questioning our elections. This guy is one of the most unlikeable people I have ever seen in sports and the funny things is I liked him prior to the last couple of years.
    He has some issues we are not aware of. He is not crazy but he does have problems which is why he seems to be so needy for attention.

  32. LOL it’s not like he is the only QB that’s not vaccinated. Maybe don’t get caught lying, or wait until before training camp to show up for your team.

  33. Just a friendly reminder that the great Aaron Rodgers has not won his conference in 11 years and is a playoff choker.

  34. No, it’s because he’s a lying, egotistical, entitled, self centered, jerk on why nobody outside of cheese fans like him. Get it straight Karen

  35. Which is the better nickname for Mr-Choke-In-The-Playoffs?

    Rush Lambeau
    Throw Rogan
    Breitbart Starr
    Qaaron Rodgers

  36. I was rooting against the Packers long before Rodgers was their quarterback and I will root against them long after he leaves. I tuned in to watch playoff football. I didn’t think of Aaron’s vaccination status even one time during the telecast. The truth is he got busted, it tarnished his image, and he doesn’t have it in him to be contrite.

  37. There were a lot of other unvacinated players in the nfl this season and none of them are disliked like Rodgers. Maybe if he had people other than yes men and enablers around him they could explain this to him. The packers leadership for example, too scared to say anything that might get rodgers upset.

  38. Vaccination is your deal. You are just not a very likable person. Arron Rodgers loves him some Arron Rodgers. Football team sport.

  39. He’s partly right. Not entirely because of vaccination status. It’s the arrogant ignorance he proudly displays with it.

  40. I already hated him because he’s an a-hole. As did his own family. But, because he’s anti-vax? Well, I guess that is just another reason, not that I needed it.

  41. Nobody’s cheering against the Packers. They’re rooting against Rodgers, and it has nothing to do with vaccinations. He’s just a di&%. People root against Brady because he wins and he’s been caught cheating, but most people respect Brady. Regardless of cheating accusations, he’s awesome. Rodgers is awesome too, but he’s a di&%. Brady isn’t.

  42. edub17 says:
    January 25, 2022 at 2:53 pm
    I couldn’t care less if he’s vaccinated. I hate the Packers because of all the holding the Oline gets away with. Also sick of seeing state farm commercials every commercial break!

    Totally agree with the “holding” statement! Also, isn’t it ironic the backdrop for the news conferences is an American Family Insurance label?

  43. Im pretty sure him being a horses behind has alot more to do with it than his vaccination status.

  44. Is there anybody who can stand him at this point? He’s just the most self-centered, peevish martyr complex jerk walking the football planet. JUST SHUT UP ALREADY.

    (And yes, strictly in football terms, he’s awesome)

  45. we’ve rooted against aaron for years. this is nothing new. hes the most unlikable player in the league.

  46. Nobody’s hating on Kirk Cousins or Cole Beasley the way they are at Rodgers. And the issue is that Rodgers has shown himself time and again to be a complete self-absorbed narcissist. Cousins and Beasley owned their vaccination status, wore make, and faced the scrutiny. Rodgers didn’t. Because he’s sensitive and didn’t want to be painted as anti-vaxxer (which he literally said on MacAfee’s show) but that’s exactly whom he is.

  47. So, to avoid getting canceled requires canceling the cancelers initial cancel.

    Got it.

  48. ariani1985 says:
    January 25, 2022 at 2:48 pm
    You have made not only your team but the entire NFC north the butt of all jokes…..you are an embarrassment to playoff


    At least he makes the playoffs….

  49. Shut up already. Why would anyone care what a lying, self-absorbed drama queen thinks about anything. Try something different. Concentrate on football.

  50. That doesn’t even rate in the top 5 reasons so many of us genuinely don’t like Rodgers. It’s on the list, so he’s right about that. He’s going to have to do a level of introspection he’s not strong enough to undertake if he wants to uncover some of the top reasons we dislike him though.

    He can just go away and the league will be a better place. Will his ego actually allow him to step out of the spotlight though?

  51. We root against the Packers because Rodgers is a Jerk
    Vaccination status uproar is a bonus

  52. This season, Rodgers personally gave me reason to dislike the Packers even more than I usually do…

  53. Can you imagine the vitriol and hatred he would have gotten had he said “I’m not vaccinated”? He saw what happened to Kyrie Irving. So he decided to be ambiguous and say he was “immunized”. I don’t think he was lying or trying to mislead the public. He was trying to navigate gotcha questions by journalists. But it backfired. Ever since, the vitriol and hatred has doubled. I think this says more about the people attacking him than Aaron Rodgers. If you’ve actually listened to what he’s said on these podcasts, he’s not against vaccines, he just thinks it should be a personal decision. Which is the majority opinion in America. (I’m fully vaccinated, by the way) Let this go and leave the man alone.

  54. Tom Brady handed GB 3 picks last NFCGC, and Rodgers failed to score a TD. Last summer’s drama was about taking attention off his poor play in crunch time.

    This year’s choke was even worse. His persecution complex about vaccination issues he brought on himself is another diversion to get the attention off his lousy 2nd half play vs. SF on Saturday.

    Packer fan of over 50 years has had enough.

  55. My daughters turned against him because of his hairstyle. He apparently has some reasons why he refuses to get vaccinated, but has he explained why he is refusing to get a haircut?

  56. It might also be due to his whiny lying diva persona as well. Just sayin.

    It’s kind of laughable actually. You take potentially neutral fans. Some will continue to be so despite Rodgers “pleasing” personality while others will not. Yet somehow he’s calling the detractors out even though it’s own actions that caused it to begin with. So no, A-Aron is most definitely not all about vaccine status.

  57. So, his lousy personality has nothing to do with it? Rodgers always thought that he was better than everyone else, and that was long before the pandemic. Being unvaccinated and lying about it just made even more people dislike him and his team.

  58. If this follows aarons media SOP after his initial statements aired. He will be blaming the media for misconstruing his manifesto again in a few days and try to walk back what he just spewed out all by himself.

  59. Boo hoo. That’s like saying “they hate me because of my man bun”. Yes, there’s lots of crappy moronic people out there but that’s a few very noisy idiots. There’s lots of reasons people don’t like you, lying about your vaccination is one of many.

  60. I personally like the guy because he tells it like it is – not some smiley politically-correct phony, like Brady. And I am not a Packers fan. But I can see why some people dont like him. People don’t like smug – and he can definitely come off as smug.

  61. I wonder if he declined vaccination just so he could use his status to generate this attention/heat from haters. He might not have any real interest in the science or making a principled stance, could solely be for the attention and “narcissistic fuel.” I know a few people like this, and obviously in public life there are some prominent figures who are “values free” and this is their MO.

  62. I couldn’t care less about his vax status. His body, his choice. I just don’t like the the fact he lied about it. Oh – and I am a Bears fan!

  63. That wannabee singer/songwriter/entitled millennial he plays in that State Farm commercial is pretty spot on…

  64. I rooted against him because he’s arrogant, disowned his family, and won’t cut his hair.

  65. The vaccination excuse is just another example of Rodgers having Narcissistic Sociopath syndrome.

  66. Um, maybe it’s not because of your vaccination status.
    Maybe it’s because you fraudulently misrepresented your vaccination status.
    Exposing your total disregard for the health and safety of your teammates.
    But then again, it’s always been about you.

  67. A A Ron You Done Messed Up! Again you make it about yourself, it isn’t about you, its about Packers fans. The Reason? For the last decade we have had to hear about how you’re the GOAT as compared to Brady from Packers Rubes! Now you’re again hijacking this whole week just like you did during the draft last year. You choked yet again and now you want to blame it on your vaxxed status and people rooting against because of it. next time hit Lazard for the 1st down(who was wide open) insteah of heaving into double covergage hoping you get a PI like you have done most of your career.

  68. Rodgers while gazing into a mirror. “As handsome a Ladies man and great QB I am how could anyone not love me?”

  69. Anyone rooting against the Colts because of Wentz’s vaccine status? No.

    It. Is. The. Lying.

  70. All you had to do was open any social media app over the weekend. Its pretty clear people are rooting against him for being unvaccinated

  71. More than just unvaxed, though he should be vaxed, it is that he was a total jerk about it.

  72. Well, I root against him because I’m a Vikings fan. But I root against Aaron because he’s an a-hole, and that didn’t just start this year. BTW, I’ve been to a game in Green bay, and they are great people and great fans. I would never root against them.

  73. The negative attention he’s receiving is NOT because he was unvaccinated. It’s because HE LIED about being unvaccinated. Nobody likes a liar, especially a liar that gets indignant when he’s called out for it. He has since called the White House “fake” and the election “stolen.” This is proof-positive that earning a college degree has nothing to do with intelligence. I’m a three-generation season ticket holder and I won’t be returning to Lambeau until Rodgers is gone. He’s a loser, in more ways than one.

  74. Arrogant? Check.

    Insufferable? Check.

    D-bag? Check.

    Now we can add “delusional” to the list. Check.

  75. It wouldn’t surprise me if he and #45 text back and forth or have dinner together sometimes.
    They sure do have a lot in common.

  76. Every team has unvaccinated players but not all of them are unlikable diva liars like Rodgers!

  77. Well that’s just not true Aaron. It’s because you are an all around extremely unlikeable human being.

  78. Aaron doesn’t get it. People don’t root against the Packers and Rogers because he’s unvaccinated. They root against him because he comes across as an arrogant entitled prick.

  79. If he was as good a professional football player as he is a professional victim, his team might still be in the playoffs.

  80. The vaccine lies & his general arrogance don’t help him in any popularity polls. However, nobody feels bad for him anymore because he needed to go to Butte JC out of HS or because he fell to #24 in the draft.
    He’s taken a potentially great story and ruined it…The chip on his shoulder for the remainder of his life should be “I had all of this time and celebrity status to make a difference, and all I was able to do was sulk about what a hard life I have had and our front office made all the wrong moves”.

  81. I didn’t root against the Packers. I rooted against Aaron Rodgers. And not because of his vaccination status (his choice). But because he lied about it and put others unnecessarily at risk. And just the general smug attitude that comes with him believing himself so much smarter than everyone else. Better at football, makes more money, sure. Intelligence? I’m not convinced.

  82. “Was this guy always like this?”

    Hard to believe he was this big a narcissist sitting on the bench behind Favre. He also got along with his family at one point in time.

  83. Cheered for GB during Lombardi / Starr yrs, cheered AGAINST during baby Brett (the int machine) Fely Aaron got screwed sitting for 3 yrs plus waiting for farve to make up his mind 1 SB ea. yet tds about equal, farve 3 x as many ints care less about his vaxxed I am vaxxed and boosted
    I hate Dallas for Jerry, hate Jets because i’m a Giant fan just as bears hate GB

  84. “Impossible to like? I kinda feel that way about Brady. At least Aaron isn’t a phony.” What did Brady do to become unlikable? Yell at the refs? Win several super bowls? Yell at his teammates? Be involved in a situation concerning air pressure in footballs that no one ever cared about? With Rodgers, the list is endless at this point.

  85. Aaron, I disliked you from the day you were drafted and I witnessed your pouty face while you were sitting in the green room watching 23 other players get drafted before you. You are a very easy person to dislike. Funny when I saw the Insurance commercial where you are the game show host and they have you not believing that all three contestants are correct. Even they know you cannot handle the truth.

  86. I’m pro vaccine and anti-Packers, but he’s not wrong here. Were you on twitter at all Saturday night? That’s all it was about. I will say though that this is on him. No other NFL athlete who chose to not get vaccinated took his approach.

  87. I’ll take Brady over Rodgers personally. And this is coming from somebody who thinks Rodgers is a better QB. Brady has his diva issues as well but despite all of his political correctness he at least comes across as semi-genuine and always manages to put the team first. The exact opposite of Rodgers. I agree that Brady has emboldened Rodgers to become more of a diva but that doesn’t dismiss Rodgers actions. This whole exercise from Rodgers is nothing more than finding enough people to excuse his actions in order to justify his behavior. What’s so wrong with accepting the role of the bad guy if you act like one?

  88. Oh no, Aaron. There are so, soooo many things to dislike about you, it’s just that you chose to reveal almost all of them in the last 12 months. Instead of pointing fingers at others, spend your off-season taking a long hard look in the mirror.

  89. Did people root against Josh Allen or Lamar Jackson because of their vaccine status? People are upset because Rodgers lied/deceived people and broke the rules all season, then got a slap on the wrist for punishment.

  90. All these nasty comments make me more determined than ever to come back and play for the Packers next year. Packer fans LOVE me and they know that without me, ‘The One Ring Blunder,’ they are nothing. All I have to do is win and they change their tunes. Besides, every playoff game we lost was not my fault. Special teams, receivers fumbling, bad coaching, etc. They’re all to blame, not me. Ask the sports writers. They all agree that I’m the greatest who ever played the game and they adore me. It’s why they vote me MVP year after year.

  91. Packers D never allowed a TD and all you could muster was a TD on the first drive and nothing for the remaining 3.5 quarters. Some MVP you are AR. People don’t care for you as a person as well as a liar.

  92. grant35 says:
    January 25, 2022 at 4:14 pm
    Impossible to like? I kinda feel that way about Brady. At least Aaron isn’t a phony.

    Since when is a liar not a phony? Maybe in Bizarro World.

  93. The GOAT as a Narcissist. Off the scale when it comes to being passive-aggressive.

    The daily double.

  94. 50Stars says:
    January 25, 2022 at 2:44 pm
    People cheer against all the GOATS for some weird reason. Even TB12 is jeered by everyone.–__________________________________________________________________________________________

    By definition there is only one GOAT and it ain’t Aaron Rogers

  95. I think he’s smart enough to know this kind of reaction would happen, which makes it a bit sad that he would go ahead with it anyway, knowing how it would only make things harder for the team.

    The guys who care about their teammates, and the fortunes of the team overall, got their shots and went on with their lives. The guys who could afford to not care and chose to not care, well, they got something like this.

  96. At the end of the day, Aaron’s whining is a pathetic attempt to evade responsibility for his terrible playoff record and his longstanding reputation as an impossible to work with diva. The chickens are coming home to roost, and he only has himself to blame.

    Rodgers has always been a polarizing figure because of his attitude. Tons of people have always hated him. For YEARS I’ve heard even Packers fans complain about his ways. So it’s not like he went from being universally loved to being disliked. His lying about being vaccinated caused a lot of people who used to defend him to stop doing so, and now the negative voices that were always there are totally unchecked. Ironically, it seems a lot of Rodgers’ biggest apologists were “woke” and have now abandoned him, and it tended to be non-“woke” people who always had issues with his character and leadership abilities (or lack thereof). So now he’s all alone and it’s open season because he stank up the room in a playoff game.

    Simply choosing not to be vaccinated as an NFL QB doesn’t turn the entire internet against you. Look at Josh Allen. He’s gained fans and respect this year even though he is the most prominent openly unvaccinated player. He may be one of the most uniformly liked players out there right now. When you do a good job on the field and have the respect of your colleagues and generally act like a decent human being, NFL fans will support you if you’re not vaxxed. (And the opposite is true, too…you think every fan agrees with the QBs who choose to be vaccinated? But even those that disagree are still happy to cheer on Matt Stafford, Jimmy G, Tom Brady, etc., especially when they’re winning.)

  97. “ Lot of haters out there and he is correct”
    There are a lot of haters and you aren’t.

  98. Since when is a liar not a phony? Maybe in Bizarro World.

    Goodell says “Hi”

  99. Rodgers shaping up to be one of those old weirdos with no friends living alone and it’ll be everyone else’s fault as usual.

  100. He is wrong.

    Most fans that tuned in wanted to see one of the greatest players of all time turn in a great playoff performance. I certainly did, and he didn’t deliver. People that don’t like Rodgers don’t like him for the same reason so many people hate the Cowboys, they consume all of the air around them. Rodgers was the biggest story all year long. He deliberately misle- nope I’m not giving him that, he lied about his vax status. You don’t want the shot, ok we disagree but ok. Lying about it to skirt rules you don’t like makes you an entitled, unlikable, brat. No one was rooting against the Bills or Ravens because their QBs didn’t get a shot. The world doesn’t revolve around Rodgers as painful as it may come to him.

  101. If I was the GM of a team in need of a QB,I would take a pass on this guy. Too much baggage.

  102. Sadly…

    Rodgers is wrong… Most fans (other than Packer fans) viewed him as an incedibly arrogant and unlikable player LONG before the vaccination issue…

    The Vaccination Lie just piled on.

  103. I disliked Aaron Rodgers long before I ever even heard the word COVID or experienced a pandemic. He can believe people dislike him and the Packers because of his vaccination status, but that’s only 1 of about 100 things to dislike about him. Topping the list is his “me, me, me” attitude. Even former teammates can’t really stand the guy. At least Favre was likeable.

  104. On the flip side a lot of people were rooting for him because of his vaccination status.

  105. Nope. Purely personality. Plenty of QB’s not vaccinated, but when you lie about it like a coward, its going to rub people the wrong way. Combine that with your offseason antics and all around arrogance and sense of entitlement and bitterness towards anyone who doesn’t think you’re the GOAT, makes Aaron Rodgers very easy to root against.

  106. Someone said he represents what’s wrong with this country. I disagree because it’s the people like the commenter who open their mouth and utter pure nonesense with no facts or proof to back anything up.Rogers is a great football player….not so much a person judging from his recent utterances.

  107. The man is an arrogant jackass who was willing to expose people he had lied to to COVID. Not to mention a total jerk of a teammate. In addition to Dallas, I will now root for whoever he is playing against.

  108. It almost sounds as if Rodgers is blaming the “haters” for his horrible performance against the Forty Niners.

  109. As each day passes, we can understand, more and more, about why Rodgers family doesn’t talk to him.

  110. If football fans got bent out of shape over Colin Kaepernick for getting political and demanded he “stick to sports”, don’t cheer for Aaron Rodgers when he does the exact same thing.

  111. I kinda have the same problem Aaaron. People hate me because I cheat on my taxes. Has nothing to do with all the people I’ve robbed.

    He’s clueless.

  112. No, it’s because Rodgers’ overall attitude, deception, and comments about not being vaxxed. No one cares about or roots against Cousins or Wentz for being unvaxxed. They do care about those two sucking though.

  113. I figured out years ago he was an egomaniac, especially about interceptions. The Pack were rolling at 5-0 when he went into KC. Unlike other teams they played man coverage not zone allowing him to find an open guy. He threw two interceptions in the first half and his day was over.
    Mentally he was beaten, he made two mistakes that were clearly on him, not something he could blame someone else for.
    The niners did some of that on Sunday and he was very confused about coverage and his game went in the toilet because he was hell bent not to toss a pick. Its always been about him never the team.
    He aint coming back to the pack without his safety net Adams. No Adams no Rodgers and you can bet he told mgmt that on Monday.

  114. He is right. Sad statement for America when we continue to let so much drive us to hate and be divided.

  115. My opinion is that they are not fans of his because he intentionally mislead everyone with his “immunization” declaration, and the fact that he feels he is qualified to “do his own research” such as bogue info from Joe Rogan!

  116. How many anti-vaxxers spokespeople have to die before their followers realize they’re wrong!! Duh

  117. it’s the man bun no self respecting man approaching 40 would be caught dead tying to be 19. He looks like a freaking idiot and his state farm commercials only add to his looking like a jerk…………go walk my dog

  118. Saturday night was a Win-Win for me… Either my beloved 49ers won and we advanced to the NFC Championship Game or Rodgers got the W and silenced all these “Vaccine Hardo’s” for another week… Stay Strong Aaron! You’ve earned a lifelong fan in me.

  119. got to love how the ex QB says he should be shocked which is dumb. it just happened last year losing at home. every player knows there is only 1 team that holds the trophy, so to say he didn’t think losing was possible is just dumb. I think Mike was spot on

  120. Rodgers is a prime example of how toxic employees can drag down a whole organization. Antonio Brown is another good example.

  121. It’s apparent that football has become secondary to Aaron Rodgers. It’s all about him instead of the team. If he retires he’ll be doing the Packers a huge favour.

  122. I think his fractured little toe was still bothering him. Ha Ha I’m surprised he didn’t use that as an excuse.

  123. I can’t think of a player I have lost more respect for. The guy is amazingly talented, but that quiet, smug, arrogant thing everyone tried to ignore was revealed this year. Favre before him, made the Packers fun to root for, as a secondary rooting interest team…Rodgers came along, and is phenomenally talented..but such a putz. What a jerk…this past weekend was the first time I can ever remember not pulling for the Packers, as long as they weren’t playing the Bills.

  124. I think Cousins and Wentz are talented QBs that underperform in big games and are incredibly stupid and deliberately uninformed when it comes to Covid-19. I think Rodgers is an exceptionally talented QB that underperforms in big games and is incredibly and deliberately uninformed when it comes to Covid-19. Rodgers gets more vitriol because he opens his big mouth repeatedly to spread disinformation and lie, on top of the pathetic pity party he indulges in.

  125. Well, in my case Mr. Rodgers I am a Bears fan so I am required by law to dislike the Packers. However, your anti-science stance certainly helps.

  126. No Aaron.

    I root against the Packers because I hate the Packers, period, end of story!!!

    Packer Hater

  127. It would be great if we could go back in time and make Rogers a 6th round pick in the draft.

  128. I’m one of those people. He’s an ignorant, arrogant, imbecile. I’ve always liked the Pack going back to before Favre even. But this guy’s behavior makes me enjoy watching him lose at home. He needs a haircut too. His hair is as ridiculous as his misguided beliefs.

  129. I have no problem with the Packers, even as a lifelong Vikings fan. I dislike Rodgers because he’s a liar who spreads misinformation contributing to more infections and death, he’s a diva, his own family hates him, and he’s unapologetic about all of it. Please retire or at least get traded out of the conference so I don’t have to keep reading about how everyone hates you because of nothing that you did wrong.

  130. This is obviously false, and Rodgers has grossly inflated his vaccination status as an issue. The way he handled it was the issue – although, the NFL and GB were complicit in his deception.

  131. I think his fractured little toe was still bothering him. Ha Ha I’m surprised he didn’t use that as an excuse.

    I don’t believe that story one bit along with his other lies. First it was his big toe on his right foot. Then it’s on his left foot. then it’s on his little toe. GB never listed on the injury report. Just another of the wacko narcissist’s lies.

  132. I mean, boo-freaking-hoo. You didn’t actually HAVE to state your opinion on an issue that has somehow become a hot button, and your continued whining about not being liked because of it is only making you look more disconnected from reality. If you know a lake is filled to the brim with crocodiles, why on earth would you decide to go swimming in it?

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