Aaron Rodgers: I’ll be “sensitive” to Davante Adams, others making decisions on their futures

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Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said after Saturday night’s loss to the 49ers that he is going to take some time before making any decisions about his playing future and he gave some sense of how much time he’ll be taking.

During a Tuesday appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers said that he would take into account the team’s need to start planning for the offseason along with teammates like wide receiver Davante Adams who are going to make decisions about their own futures. Adams just finished the final year of his contract and is a franchise tag candidate whose feelings about sticking in Green Bay would likely be affected by the quarterback’s plans.

“I’d like to be respectful of the organization,” Rodgers said, via Rob Demovsky of ESPN.com. “One decision that will be upcoming will be obviously Davante and his future with the team. There still is this thing called a franchise tag, which I don’t think ’17’ wants the franchise. I think that should be enough time to make a decision by then. I don’t want to put myself on a specific date, but I do want to be sensitive to Davante and many other guys who have decisions to make on their own futures. To drag it out past free agency would be disrespectful to the organization and to those guys, and that 100 percent will not happen.”

Teams can start using the franchise tag on February 22 and the deadline to issue them is March 8. Free agency and the new league year get underway on March 16.

44 responses to “Aaron Rodgers: I’ll be “sensitive” to Davante Adams, others making decisions on their futures

  1. Is there an Aaron Rodgers mute function on this site, or my phone I don’t know how to activate? Man just stop talking. Perhaps next big game, try performing.

  2. Sensitive guy now? He’s all over the map. Forget Covid, test him for hoof *in* mouth disease.

  3. Aaron wasn’t so sensitive when he was walking around unvaccinated without a mask and feeding the country a line of bull about being immunized

  4. Yeah, I’m sensitive. I cried like a baby after we lost to the Niners on Saturday. Will someone pass me the tissue box?

  5. therealraider says:
    January 25, 2022 at 7:20 pm

    Adams doesn’t have a choice, he will be franchise tagged.


    If he plays under the franchise tag, the entire salary will count against the cap, which will be difficult for the Packers.

  6. Someone is getting these 2 as a package deal. Might even still be Green Bay. But those 2 will be playing together next season. Bank on that

  7. Aaron Rodgers is no longer in the playoffs. Can we please not hear from or about him for two or three days? Please and thank you.

  8. I know you can get creative with restructures, but given their cap situation I don’t think a $20 million franchise tag that will all count against the cap is an option for Adams

  9. He really was a great student from the learning tree of wishi-washiness.

    Good job, Brett.

  10. Great response, Steelcity! Seriously let’s enjoy the next 3 weeks without the “you know who” chatter!

  11. I’ve been a Vikings fan for 50 years, so I’m not a big Packers fan. That said, I couldn’t help but respect guys like Favre, Freeman, Levens, Ahman Green, Davante Adams and many others. I’ve never, ever liked Rodgers and honestly don’t know how anyone can, regardless of what team they root for. I’ve never seen a more arrogant, passive-aggressive, narcissistic beeatch in my life.

  12. I take it from that he wants to help Adams since he is a UFA, not that he gives a crap about the team.

  13. Laughing at Steeler nation for thinking they’re getting Aaron Rodgers. The line starts way back there, fools.

    Sincerely, The Denver Broncos

  14. Don’t want either back.. turn the page , give Love a shot.. maybe we can get to the SB in three years.. Rodgers will never win another SB.. trade him to Indy , so they can blow the #1 seed

  15. At some point it would be wise for the Packers to move on from Aaron Rodgers. That point was sometime last fall.
    Eleven years since his last Super Bowl appearance, and after many meek ‘performances’ in shocking playoff losses, it may be time for the team to admit that they’re never going to win another title with him.
    Clear the cap damage and rebuild, because if they couldn’t win a single playoff game in a year with almost every competitive advantage in their favour against their conference rivals, it’s simply not going to happen.

  16. Let them both go. Get what you can for them. Remember two years ago when everyone thought Rodgers was “expected” to go downhill because of his age and the law of averages, and he goes and wins the MVP? Now, he’s about do it again. He won’t do it a third time. Let him go. Let Adams go too. I want players that want to be there.

  17. What other QB has 39 wins out of 47 played games over the last 3 years. Which other Quarterback has 113 TD passes and 13 INTs- over the last 3 years. And people want to jettison him because of one bad game played at 0 F? Come on – he has at least 3 years left in his body. Russ Ball – it is time for you and AR and Adams and the management team to negotiate with these guys to get Adams /AR and other key individuals back. Time for things to settle down and for people to stop the dumb talk. Yes I hated AR’s offseason mindgames ( but better than Favres) – and I really hated AR’s vaccination mind games as well. But those are different issues. The fact is far he can still play QB – better than most – yes the salary cap and his salary does come into play. So lets just let this play out and the time is now for Ball Gutey and Murph get it done. Because we need to work on free agents and the draft. Love is not ready and not even close to being ready. There is no point in putting him in and there is no point bringing in a free agent QB such as Foles – or my pick would be Trubisky. So go out and get a good Special Teams guy and build from there.

  18. “To drag it out past free agency would be disrespectful to the organization and to those guys, and that 100 percent will not happen.”

    It happened last year, so…

  19. “To drag it out past free agency would be disrespectful to the organization and to those guys”——– So, the exact opposite of what he’s been doing for the last year?

  20. Sure… Go ahead and Tag Adams.. have him hold out…

    It will be fun watching a disgruntled Rodgers play on a team that had to cut its entire defense to get under the cap.

  21. Rogers is a really good QB during the regular season, but you have to wonder if the arrogance and drama is really worth it since the guy simply cannot produce in the playoffs.

  22. Well Davante is the actual Free Agent in this conversation and that time frame never ends, so this is still vague.

  23. I want Rodgers to sign a contract addendum saying he’ll play in POSTSEASON like he plays in REGULAR season, or…
    Go be a Bronco, and break their heart with your annual, inexplicable whiff.

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