Andy Reid: It wasn’t a fluke that the Bengals beat us

Kansas City Chiefs v Cincinnati Bengals
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A few weeks ago, the Chiefs went to Cincinnati with aspirations of holding onto the AFC’s No. 1 seed. They held a 28-17 lead at halftime, but scored only three points in the second half as the Bengals won 34-31 on Evan McPherson’s 20-yard field goal as time expired.

As head coach Andy Reid and the Chiefs get ready for a rematch in the AFC Championship game, Reid expects a significant challenge from the upstart Bengals.

“They made big plays on us on both sides of the ball. They were able to slow us down and then pick it up on the offensive side,” Reid said in his Monday press conference. “So, we’ve got to do a better job all the way around, special teams included. Every phase can be better.

“They beat us. It wasn’t a fluke. They beat us, so they’re a good football team and it’s important that we have a great week of preparation here, and that’s one reason why the urgency level is there even yesterday once the game was over to get busy.”

Cincinnati finished that game with 475 total yards while averaging 7.5 yards per play. The Chiefs will have to play better defense and maintain consistent offensive execution on Sunday to advance to a third consecutive Super Bowl.

24 responses to “Andy Reid: It wasn’t a fluke that the Bengals beat us

  1. KC is a weird team…The media wants to crown them as some super dominant team, but they really aren’t.

    They’ll never be a dynasty like NE. It’s a lot harder than people think it is.

  2. They will always be super bowl contenders with mahomes as qb. I hate to say it but it’s his league and others are playing in it.

  3. My fear is a letdown, like the Vikings after the “Minneapolis Miracle” game. They won a game with a wild play at the end, and everyone was excited – “It’s destiny!” – and then they totally forgot to show up the next week and the Eagles killed them. Obviously the Chiefs have Andy Reid and a much better coaching staff than the Vikings had, but they really need to beware of the letdown.

  4. I’m a lifelong Bengals fan, but I try to be objective (well, I try). The Bengals beat the Chiefs a few weeks ago because they played a near-perfect offensive game and limited their turnovers. The Chiefs got pressure on Burrow, but it wasn’t overwhelming. And that’s kind of it: overall, the Chiefs have Mahomes and a deeper roster; but if you don’t make mistakes and protect Burrow, the Bengals can beat them. Actually, that’s kind of the whole thing with Burrow: give him a little time and he’ll beat you (or, as with the Titans, give him no time at all and he’ll still beat you).

  5. Two gunslingers out there, neither of them get rattled by pressure. Should be a great game, but playing in KC is a huge advantage for the Chiefs. Probably the loudest stadium in the league.

  6. The AFC is looking like the 80s NFC.

    A bunch of really good teams aren’t going to win, or even get to a Super Bowl the next few years.

  7. The Chiefs secondary was horrible in that first game. They cant afford to play like that again. Both teams need to run the ball.

  8. It sure wasn’t. Chiefs defense was atrocious last week and Bengals will feast. Bengals 30 Chiefs 27 FINAL

  9. Hopefully they do it again!

    This is why the AFC is SO boring… For decades, their teams are so poor that they only produce one team (every couple years a different team) to represent them in the Super Bowl.

    While the NFC is always anyone guess because they have such good teams, its hard to predict which team will rise to the top any given year..

    Kudos to the Chiefs for getting an NFC HC to bring them their success!

  10. Andy is much maligned for his big game coaching performances. He has met his match in Zac Taylor.

    They could have embarrassed the Raiders. That game should not have been close. 9 sacks last week? With a Tom Brady/Carson Palmer near miss before halftime?! Maybe max protect occasionally, especially with the lead?

    They’ll be fun to watch the next 3-4 years, but I think teh Bengals good fortune runs out this week.

  11. Chiefs will sack Burrow all day long knowing that he has no wheels. KC scoring only 3 points in the second half is the definition of a fluke.

  12. The Chiefs lost to the Patriots by the same overtime coin toss rule in 2018 and missed the Superbowl because of that. Nobody blinked an eye, and now because poor Bills fans are crying and poor baby Josh didn’t get to win the worlds gone nuts.

    FYI, Kanas City TRIED TO CHANGE THE RULE after that game, and the BILLS BLOCKED IT.. Karma baby.. Karma..

  13. AFC is weak? Look again because Rodgers, Brady and even Stafford are older and will be done soon. Jimmy G isnt longterm and noone has a clue about his replacement. Dak? Really? Jalen Hurts? Really? Burrow, Herbert, Allen and Mahomes arent going anywhere NFC fans. Neither is Trevor Lawrence. Some of the takes i see in here are awful. Have fun watching Daniel Jones and Jared Goff next year.

  14. This is going to be a great game! Chiefs are on my list of teams that I can cheer for. Much respect. This one will be down to the wire. The more reps Joe gets against a team, the better he gets. He remembers everything, and figures out how to beat it. Cincy will score. KC will score. Turnovers will be huge. Can’t wait!

  15. Both teams will be up for this one!
    No excuses or doubts, just go out and stake your claim!
    All that said… I want to see this one! Go Cincy!!

  16. We love offense, but this game will be decided by the Bengals’ defense. Will it be more like the one that gave up 4 consecutive TD drives in the first half, or the one that gave up only 3 in the second half?

  17. It will be interesting to see if Steve Spatula will play less man and more zone. Burrow and his receiving core can torch man coverage as you saw in the last match. Go Bengals!

  18. It’s funny to listen to all these fans of neither the chiefs and bengals thinking they know these teams. This is going to be a drag out slug fest this weekend.

  19. Reno Hightower – IF the Chiefs are here again next year (which will be 5 years straight) then you’ve TOTALLY missed the point…
    One team, The Patriots, OWNED the AFC for nearly 2 decades and now 1 team the Chiefs appear to be taking their place… Snooze fest!

  20. More evenly matched does not equal better. That’s why NFC teams lost 11 of the last twenty Super Bowls? The AFC is is not as good because their best team beats the NFC’s best team more often than not? That’s a new mertic.

    Or is it because the NFC hasn’t produced a team that can get there more than two years running (winning only one of those) that it’s better?

    In any case that’s changing in one aspect at least. The AFC is much more evenly matched than it has been over the last twenty years. We can probably thank Brady and that Pats for that at least in part and QBs like Mahomes, Allen and Burrow as well.

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