Antonio Brown wants to play with Lamar Jackson, Lamar seems interested

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Free-agent receiver Antonio Brown intends to play again in 2022. First, he needs to find a team willing to sign him.

Here’s a team he’s willing to sign with — the Baltimore Ravens.

Appearing on the I Am Athlete podcast, Brown said he wants to play with Lamar Jackson.

Shout out Lamar Jackson,” Brown said. “That’s it. Lamar Jackson is a great quarterback.”

Jackson tweeted the video with purple devil emoji.

It’s not the first time Jackson has expressed an interest in teaming up with the cousin of Ravens receiver Marquise “Hollywood” Brown. In 2020, Jackson said he’d be “happy” to play with Brown. After the 2020 draft, G.M. Eric DeCosta tiptoed around the question of whether the Ravens would want Brown.

If the Ravens weren’t interested in 2020, there’s no reason to think they’ll be more interested in 2022. Thus, Brown likely will have to look elsewhere for his latest next chance.

32 responses to “Antonio Brown wants to play with Lamar Jackson, Lamar seems interested

  1. We should play bingo with him. We can put down all the playoff teams and then wait to see who he will grace next with his presence. The reality is he has played on 3 playoff teams from this year in the past 3 years and he wore out his welcome with all of them. Which team is stupid enough to take the chance. Appears now the Raven are. I heard he will also play for KC or Buffalo too, then maybe LA and SF. But not TB NE or LV been there done that.

  2. When will this guy leave. He has turned on every team and player who supported him but in the NFL it’s all about winning. Many teams have no morale compass so it won’t surprise most of us fans if he signs with another team. Ravens were okay with Lewis and Rice.

  3. What’s the under over on how many games he plays with his next team before a meltdown? Feels like 6.5

  4. AB is a cancer. Given history of issues with AB, no smart organization will pick this guy.. AB does not get to pick up a team and it is not up to Lamar to vouch for this guy.. A standup guy like TB(12) got burned by AB and it is a classic example for anyone not to sign this guy any further… AB will only destroy a team and not make them better “eventually” if things don’t go his way including targets…

  5. At this point he should be interested in playing for any team that would take him. The Ravens? I doubt it. Besides, how many games do you think it would be before AB starts complaining about not getting enough passes thrown his way. The guy is toxic. He just can’t help it.

  6. I thought he was angry over getting catches and his stats being down? You aren’t getting many catches if Lamar “Wildcat” Jackson is your QB.

  7. League minimum, incentive ladened contract with behavior clause(s) built in and it might be worth it.

  8. This man is not mentally well. Everyone who comes in contact with him should keep their distance cause nothing good will come of it.

  9. If Baltimore signs him after all that we have seen and heard from Brown, then they deserve exactly what they get.

  10. If he flipped out not getting enough attention from a team that throws the ball, wait until he sees what the Ravens do.

  11. No mention that ABs cousin is Marquise Brown? I think that has as much to do with his interest in Baltimore as anything.

  12. 1. In light of Antonio Brown’s long and well-documented history of bad behavior and team-killing antics, any franchise that signs him going forward will almost certainly get exactly what it deserves, and will have no one to blame but itself;
    2. If Brown can’t get along with highly-skilled passers such as Ben Roethlisberger and Tom Brady, how long until he has a meltdown when a much less accomplished thrower like Lamar Jackson can’t or doesn’t get him the ball as often or as accurately as he likes?

  13. pendragon54 says:
    January 25, 2022 at 1:01 pm
    League minimum, incentive ladened contract with behavior clause(s) built in and it might be worth it.

    I’ love to see this. Start at $10 and double it each next game. That will get you extremely close ($655k) to the league minimum for 17 games. If he freaks out after week 8, you’re in for $2,550.
    “Hey Mr. Big Chest, if you want that $20 this week, you better behave”

  14. Why would Jackson want to be in any way involved with Brown? Has he not seen NFL news for the past few years? It makes you wonder about Jackson’s character that he’s interested.

  15. This is perfect, AB can wildcat as a QB who throws the ball to himself when Jackson isn’t running it.

  16. No, No, No, AB has played his last down in the NFL, no team is that desperate to sign AB and the baggage he carries. Maybe CFL or USFL, but not the NFL.

  17. As a goof, AB should go bat to the Steelers.
    let him play with Mason Rudolph or whatever they have at QB.

  18. Any team that thinks it will be different this time deserves what they will ultimately suffer

  19. Lamar should utilize his speed and elusiveness and run away from AB as fast as he can.

  20. Antonio Brown is ill. I don’t know if he’s harmless, but I do know that he badly needs to keep his name in the headlines. Terrell Owens come to mind.

  21. Would love to see this play out under Harbaugh. He is known for his funny whining and excuses, after losing games. Would love to see him try to make light of AB’s antics. Not to mention how much AB would blossom from Jacksons “accuracy”.

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