Kyle Shanahan: Jimmy Garoppolo’s approach to this run has helped a ton

San Francisco 49ers v Jacksonville Jaguars
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Ever since the 49ers selected Trey Lance third overall in last year’s draft, there’s been an expiration date on Jimmy Garoppolo‘s time as the team’s starting quarterback.

No exact date was set, but it got pushed to at least next season when the 49ers were able to turn things around from a 3-5 start to finish 10-7. That got them in the playoffs and a pair of road wins have them in this week’s conference title game.

After beating the Rams — who are this week’s opponent as well — in Week 18, Garoppolo told Albert Breer of about a pregame exchange with fullback Kyle Juszczyk that included Juszczyk telling him that it was their last regular season game together. Garoppolo said he realized “this could be it” and has embraced that possibility in a way that head coach Kyle Shanahan believes has helped the team’s overall approach to their postseason run.

“A ton,” Shanahan said on Monday, via “That is the reality we’re at. It’s been that way for a while, since we made that trade, and the more that we all can accept it and know it and not beat around the bush, the easier it is to go on with your jobs. And that’s what we’ve all done, and we’ve all enjoyed each other as people. We all respect the hell of each other in our profession. And I think it’s just allowed everyone to move on and be themselves. And I think throughout the year, that’s allowed him to get better, it’s allowed our team to get better, it’s allowed me to get better and focus on what we should focus on, and just trying to be as good at our jobs as we can.”

This run will end one way or another and the 49ers will move on to figuring out how to make the transition to Lance, but, for now, thoughts are only on extending the current run as long as possible.

6 responses to “Kyle Shanahan: Jimmy Garoppolo’s approach to this run has helped a ton

  1. Great in two minute drills, has decent timing on short passes and will not fumble. However, is prone to dumb interceptions, is a slow starter, and not a great deep passer. You get the good and the bad with Jimmy. Good luck 49ers pulling for you guys now!

  2. I’ve never seen a QB who wins get so much hate. He’s a flawed player but he also makes plays and has his own strengths. Not everybody can be Mahomes or Brady. His teammates absolutely love him as well.

  3. You can win with him in the right setting. Problem is, he can make you lose in the same setting….

  4. Wild how they treat Jimmy G so poorly. He’s not great but he’s pretty darn good at running that offense. And Lance is two or three years away from being good enough to run that talented team.

  5. The 49ers are the last team of the 4 left that I want to see win. But if they do, I hope Jimmy G gets Superbowl MVP honors. Let’s see what the 9ers do with that!

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