Playoff bonus checks for Cardinals coaches are being issued

Indianapolis Colts v Arizona Cardinals
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No, Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill isn’t happy with the way his team’s season went. No, Bidwill won’t be blatantly violating the terms of his coaching staff’s contracts by refusing to pay them money they have earned by taking the team to the postseason.

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports tweeted earlier today that he’s “hearing” that Cardinals coaches have yet to receive their playoff bonuses. The claim appears as the second sentence to a tweet regarding the notion that Bidwill is “definitely not pleased.”

A source with knowledge of the situation called the report “complete BS,” pointing out that the coaches are “absolutely” getting the checks.

The Cardinals, who weren’t contacted by La Canfora before he posted his tweet, said that the playoff bonus checks are in the process of being issued. The Cardinals pointed out that the team was eliminated only eight days ago.

Unless these are completely discretionary bonuses, the payments were owed and absolutely must be paid. The notion that Bidwill (a trained lawyer) would blatantly violate applicable wage-payment laws in Arizona by withholding money earned and owed to the coaches is, frankly, ridiculous.

3 responses to “Playoff bonus checks for Cardinals coaches are being issued

  1. The team can’t afford a two year deal at that cost. You have to look at the salary cap first. It is time to trade him. The Packers can score 10pts in the playoffs with or without Rodgers. This roster will look very good with some extra 1st round picks on it.

  2. At some point we might need to stop paying attention to LaCanfora. A lot of times it seems like he’s just making stuff up.

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