Report: Sean Payton, Mickey Loomis met for “a couple of hours” on Monday

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The Saints may soon be looking for a new head coach, for the first time in 16 years. That possibility took on greater credence on Monday, when team owner Gayle Benson giggled her way through making it clear that they don’t know whether Sean Payton will return for 2022.

Jeff Duncan of the New Orlean Times-Picayune reports that Payton and G.M. Mickey Loomis met “for a couple of hours on Monday.” Duncan admits that he currently has nothing more than that. The absence of news is, in its own way, newsworthy.

Payton hasn’t denied the reports that he may leave. Some have suggested that he’ll spend a year or two in TV, possibly before returning to coaching.

At this point, we wait for more. Some are wondering whether Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is making another behind-the-scenes run at Payton, like Jones did three years ago. (Again, the explanation as to why it didn’t happen appears in Playmakers. And it will indeed blow your freakin’ mind.) It seems more likely that Payton would wait a year or two before joining Dallas or another team.

If/when he coaches elsewhere, look for him to look for a place where the deck is stacked (or, as Simms would say — and has said — the stack is decked). No coach has won a Super Bowl with two different teams. Payton surely won’t take another job unless he thinks he has a great chance to pull it off.

22 responses to “Report: Sean Payton, Mickey Loomis met for “a couple of hours” on Monday

  1. Saints have QB and salary cap issues so this rumor might be true and wait for another pristine job opening in the future where the table is already set.

  2. Send Payton to Dallas and bring McCarthy back to Green Bay. I miss my old coach.

  3. With No real QB of quality on the roster, cap a huge issue this year and no real outstanding qb in the draft, Payton is likely feeling the pressure and doesn’t want his next several year being mediocre if he can avoid it!

  4. If I had to deal with the Saints QB Situation I would want out too. Saints REALLY miss Drew Brees

  5. I’m a Saints fan and I don’t blame him. The NFL and Goodell hates us making it impossible to win ANYTHING! I’d retire to leave for TV if I was him, write a book about how the NFL is fixed and he’d make just as much money if not more. I wouldn’t hate ya for that coach!

  6. Payton doesn’t want to coach a team without star QB Drew Brees? What’s next, Bill Belichick having less success without star QB Tom Brady?

    More proof that it is a QB league. Not a QB and coach league. A QB league.

  7. It’s on Payton that he didn’t have a plan for Brees retiring. I’m sure he’s partially responsible for the cap mess the saints are in.
    No sympathy for him

  8. Jerry doesn’t want to waste another year no sense at all. If he is dealing he is doing it for This season Not a year away. Why Waste a year? Makes zero sense. McCarthy had his shot with this loaded roster no way Jerry pulls another Garrett and hangs onto a coach for to long. IMO it’s Sean Or Harbaugh.

  9. SB winning coaches Bill Parcells of the Giants and Joe Gibbs of the Redskins, both left their teams once it became obvious their respective teams were in for a long rebuild. Payton has had a long run with the Saints. Maybe he should try winning and whining for another team.

  10. Why would Payton or Harbaugh go work for Jerry? They’d have zero control over personnel. Unless Jerrah finally wakes up, his HC will always be a puppet

  11. Payton leaving would suck but nobody is bigger than the franchise. If he wants to leave let him go. Make Allen new head coach, he has done great job with defence and as Payton’s replacement during his covid absence.

  12. Y’all keep hating. If Payton isn’t getting under your skin, it means he’s not one of the top coaches in the NFL.
    He. Ain’t. Going. Nowhere!

  13. HC don’t need control over personnel Especially here we have Wil McClay. We are loaded with talent the HC can just focus on Coaching. As should be.

  14. Payton not yet committed back to the Saints. Jerry Jones interviewed but won’t directly endorse Mike McCarthy. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

  15. Payton out and I think almost anyone could have called it. Just like Aaron, they love running up the credit card bill but when it’s time to pay they run out on the check.

    Neither one of them want to deal with a bottom of the barrel talent roster caused by the amount of money that was overspent on the QB.

  16. The Saints aren’t going anywhere with Taysom Hill at Qb! Payton knows this much! So unless they Get Brady, Rodgers, or Cousins I would want out too!

  17. “SB winning coaches Bill Parcells of the Giants and Joe Gibbs of the Redskins, both left their teams once it became obvious their respective teams were in for a long rebuild.”

    Parcells left to chase the money and to be the GM too. A job it turns out he was not good at.

  18. I find it funny RG3 was criticized here for teasing a big story in a to-be-released book.

    It’s okay though, I thought it was fine for RG3 then and I think it is fine for MF1 to do now. I pre-ordered it.

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