Ron Torbert named Super Bowl LVI referee

New England Patriots v Los Angeles Chargers
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The NFL has announced the officiating crew for Super Bowl LVI.

Ron Torbert will be the referee when the AFC and NFC champs face off in Los Angeles on February 13. Torbert is in his eighth season as a referee and this will be his first Super Bowl assignment. He worked the 49ers win over the Packers on Saturday and has worked nine overall postseason games.

The rest of the crew will be made up of umpire Bryan Neale, side judge Keith Washington, down judge Derick Bowers, line judge Carl Johnson, field judge Rick Patterson, and back judge Scott Helverson.

Neale and Washington join Torbert in making their Super Bowl debuts. Bowers will be working in his second and the other three officials will be working their third Super Bowls.

7 responses to “Ron Torbert named Super Bowl LVI referee

  1. Tolbert seems to do a good job, much better than Hochuli or Corrente. Hopefully the game is decided by the players and coaches rather than bad calls or non-calls from the officials.

  2. He did a good job in the 49ers-Packers game. Decisive on the calls, and not the ‘chatty-type’ of ref some are. Wonder if it’s the entire ‘all-star’ crew from that game (good) or if the NFL puts together a new ‘all-star’ officiating team (bad) for the Super Bowl.

  3. I never understood why the NFL takes officials from different crews for the super bowl. I understand you want the best out there but I think working with the same crew all season is better then mix and matching.

  4. He should be. Great ref with a solid crew. Light years better than Blakeman or Hochuli. Well done NFL!

  5. Ron Torbert and his crew do a good job. They don’t call a lot of ticky-tack penalties that slow the game down. You don’t watch the play and then say, Oh is there a flag? Let the players play, no one came/ tuned into see the refs. The best compliment a ref can get is to not be noticed. No Over officious Jerks !

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