Sean McVay urges Rams fans to not sell their tickets

Rams vs San Francisco 49ers in Inglewood, CA.
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The Rams have sold out SoFi Stadium for the NFC Championship. If the Rams fans who have bought the tickets choose to sell them (and turn a tidy profit), they can.

Coach Sean McVay hopes they won’t.

“I thought the Monday night atmosphere [against the Cardinals] was electric and looking to create something [similar] — and even that much more — for the NFC Championship,” McVay told reporters on Monday. “[I’m] really grateful for those Rams fans. Hold onto those tickets and it’ll be much appreciated. But our guys are looking forward to putting on a good show against a great opponent. Can’t wait to be able to do it and don’t sell those tickets!”

It’s not just a joke or a bit. The Rams had to deal with an influx of 49ers fans in Week 18 so significant that it forced the Rams to use a silent count.

“What catches you off guard is, they do a great job traveling,” McVay said. “They got a really loyal fan base. They’ve got a great tradition, and history, and it’s a short trip. So, credit to them. They made it difficult where in a lot of instances, you’re kind of absent of your verbal communication. If they get as loud as they were when our offense was on the field — in certain parts of the field it was really noisy. It was really difficult to operate. And so, you almost have to handle that situation like you would an away game.”

McVay is hopeful that the situation will be different for the game that will determine the NFC’s Super Bowl representative.

“I’m really hopeful and would be grateful for these Rams fans to show up,” McVay said. “I thought the atmosphere on Monday Night Football, in the first playoff game ever on Monday Night Football, against the Cardinals was electric. It majorly gave us an advantage and our players a big boost. Looking forward to the same thing on Sunday afternoon for the NFC Championship. Our fans will be really proud of the way that these guys will come out and compete. I am looking forward to feeling their support because they’re a big factor for us – just like they were against Arizona. I feel confident they will be this Sunday.”

The mixture of Rams and 49ers fans will impact the game, obviously. McVay wouldn’t have said so much about it on Monday if it wasn’t a major factor. The question for the week of practice becomes whether and to what extent McVay prepares his players for dealing with crowd noise.

At some point, McVay will need to make a bet. The best bet could be to prepare for noise. It’s always easier to pivot to dealing with less than to transition to dealing with more.

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  1. Crowd noise is part of the game, and always has been. This tactic of keeping the opposition’s fans out of your stadium is ridiculous. Pump crowd noise in at practice and work on situational football. Most L.A. games are like road games anyway. They just don’t have the followings that other teams do.

  2. Of course he’s going to prepare for noise. It’s the prudent thing to do – given what happened the last time they played, it would be coaching malpractice if he didn’t….

  3. money talks – season ticket holders know they can make a small fortune scalping (oh, my bad… ‘the secondary ticket market’) – cash in the pocket and get better experience watching on TV

  4. The rams fans won’t even show up til the second quarter. Then they will leave in the third. If I’m a rams fan in fleecing a 9ers fan to pay for the tickets next year. You know the greedy owner (they are all greedy) will raise ticket prices.

  5. If the Rams win the SB this year, those who sold their tickets in the biggest game of the year shouldn’t have any claim in or any part of the celebration.

    What is the point of being a season ticket holder if you won’t go to a game like this one.

  6. SOOOOOO glad we have two NFL Franchises in LA…… fanbase won’t even support an AFC Championship game…. pathetic….

  7. Most posters here are either ill-informed, or just love to bang on LA. There are hundreds of thousands of Ram fans in So Cal. Are they as dedicated as Laker and Dodger fans? No. Would they rather pocket $5K and watch the game in the backyard on a TV (in January)? Yes. Or are they willing to pay $5K instead of watching it on their backyard TV? No. But if you enjoy telling yourself there aren’t Ram fans in LA, have fun with that.

  8. savagestarlight says:
    January 25, 2022 at 10:31 am
    If the Rams win the SB this year, those who sold their tickets in the biggest game of the year shouldn’t have any claim in or any part of the celebration.

    What is the point of being a season ticket holder if you won’t go to a game like this one.


    The same point as the nfl. Money.

  9. Team, players, and coaches should not have even entertained this notion. Instead they should point out that the final regular season game; where the Rams were already guaranteed a play-off spot, is not the same as the NFC championship.

  10. McVay may be serious, owners may say this too but the reality of any NFL team is billionaire owners want to look team oriented all the way to the bank!

  11. Average ticket price for the game is $1200. Lower bowl seats are selling north of $2000. I love the Rams, but there’s no way I can afford those tickets. The same is true of most local fans.

  12. LOL. They’re definitely going to put out a casting call. SoFi will be full of “fans” wearing brand new Rams gear passing out their headshots.

  13. RAMS FANS: “Bring the Rams back to LA!”

    ALSO RAMS FANS: “NFC Championship tickets for sale!”

  14. Any team can prepare for crowd noise, and it doesn’t have to involve withholding tickets from the opponent’s fans. McVay is worried because the 49ers seem to have the Rams’ number, no matter where they play.

  15. The best seats for the Chiefs/Bengals game are selling for less than 1/3 of comparable seats to the Rams/49ers. Digest that for a minute before saying LA fans don’t love football. This is no where near an apples-to-apples comparison.

    Unfortunately, projections right now are to expect the crowd to be dominated by Niners fans – they may make up 2/3’s of SoFi’s crowd. Silicon Valley money and a short trip to LA. It’s a do-able roundtrip by car (for the truly dedicated) or a very easy round trip flight. You can bet first class will be sold out for all trips.

  16. Rams need to blow the 49ers out early and never let them back in the game. That’ll quiet that home invasion crowd.

  17. “[I’m] really grateful for those Rams fans. Hold onto those tickets and it’ll be much appreciated.”

    Sorry Sean but your appreciation doesn’t help pay people’s outrageous California rent/mortgage or put food on the table. It will be a sea of red again.

  18. That’s what happens when you leave for 22 years. You lose your fanbase and it takes times to build it up again. Plus– everyone in LA is from somewhere else, including San Francisco. The cost of housing and lack of jobs had a lot of folks moving south to LA and Orange counties.

  19. Los Angeles has always been and always will be a turrible football market. Nothing was lost when they lost their two teams decades ago, and now nothing was gained by them having two again.
    Having lousy owners in San Diego and St Louis doesn’t change when they move their teams to new cities either. Unlike LA, those cities had actual fans.

  20. Why should they listen to you? You didn’t listen to the fans when they said not to give away all of your draft picks for the next five years. E

  21. Hey fearsome 4 ,I lived in socal for 45+ years . There are more Raider fans than there ever will be rams fans there

  22. Many, if not most, season tickets are owned by brokers. Of course they are going to sell their tickets and don’t care if they are 49ers fans, Rams fans or ceiling fans…as long as they got $$$.

  23. Happened to the Indians against the Cubs in the World Series, Huge influx of Cubs fans. People were being offered thousands for their tickets. Cleveland fans are as loyal as they come, but tough for the average person to pass on that kind of money.

  24. The problem is the price of the tickets. If the tickets weren’t so expensive, more LA fans would fill the seats.

    Rich fans don’t have an issue and will be at the game. But if a fan can make $1,000 or more per ticket, many fans could use that money.

  25. This is what happens when a team moves a bunch of times — no loyal fan base. I hope 49ers fans fill the stadium and Kroenke sits there stewing in shame for four quarters. Like Stafford, Donald and McVay, but can’t stand that entitled owner.

  26. Rams will win regardless. Nothing like a fellow owner in Kroenke, who just helped pay a 1 billion dollar settlement to St Louis being “rewarded” with a SB win at “home”. Only Mahomes and the Chiefs can keep this from happening.

  27. lostinbigsky says:
    January 25, 2022 at 1:16 pm
    Hey fearsome 4 ,I lived in socal for 45+ years . There are more Raider fans than there ever will be rams fans there

    I hear ya. Not sure I agree. If both teams continue on their current paths, that could change. My main point though was, there are plenty of Ram fans in LA. And Raider fans. And Niner fans. And Packer fans. And Steeler fans. And… well, you get the idea.

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