Aaron Rodgers is the PFWA MVP

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions
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The woke mob apparently has not infiltrated the Pro Football Writers of America.

The PFWA has named Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers the 2021 MVP.

Rodgers has from time to time blamed the media for whatever it is that he happens to be complaining about at any given time. He primarily believes fans and media hold a grudge against him because of his vaccination status.

The fact that Rodgers has won the MVP award bestowed by a group of football writers debunks his theory.

Because many of the Associated Press voters also belong to the PFWA, this outcome makes it even more likely that he’ll win the official AP MVP award next month.

He becomes the fifth back-to-back PWFA MVP. He has won the award four times.

Voting details were not announced. Other likely finalists were Bucs quarterback Tom Brady and Rams receiver Cooper Kupp, the PFWA offensive player of the year.

20 responses to “Aaron Rodgers is the PFWA MVP

  1. But when did they cast their votes? After his performance last weekend, and his public comments since, I’m not so sure he’d garner that many votes today. But hey, I hope he enjoys hugging the award.

  2. Congrats Aaron. You deserved it. It has been a privilege to watch you play ball. Nobody has ever done it better. You may not have the rings but real football fans know you are as good as it gets and the league will not be as fun to watch when you are not a part of it.

  3. Another me me me award. Another Rodgers choke in the playoffs, comes up small when the stakes get big.

  4. If you eliminate the Super Bowl from 11 years ago when the Packers went 4-0, the rest of his playoff career he’s gone 7-10.
    So sure, regular season MVP, his numbers merit that and his team was the one seed in the NFC.
    But he’s been the playoff LVP – least valuable player, for over a decade.

  5. Let’s look at his on-field accomplishments for the 2021 season. He finished…
    – 7th in passing yards
    – 4th in passing TD’s
    – tied for last in postseason wins

    Here is your NFL MVP!

  6. Another ‘no merit’ award like the Grammy’s and Oscar’s. Means nothing to most, except to the voters and the person receiving it. Greater joy in seeing him lose.

  7. A true MVP would have taken over a game like the one they just lost to SF and carried his team on his back. As much as I dislike Mahomes, that is exactly what he did last week. Of course Buffalo helped them out with the way they played those last 13 seconds ……

  8. Scumbag in life but a great QB except for when it counts most. The playoffs and NFC Championship. Either way the MVP is a joke as long as it only goes to QB’s. At least 3 other options that would be just as deserving if not more.

  9. They should have given it to Brady.

    He lasted one day longer in the Playoffs than Rodgers did.

  10. But he’s been the playoff LVP – least valuable player, for over a decade.

    He’s 1 of only 7 QBs in NFL history with a post-season QB rating over 100

    Rodgers has always carried his weight. The Packers continually let him down.

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