Baker Mayfield says he’s getting off social media for the foreseeable future

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Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield will be rehabbing after left shoulder surgery while getting ready for the 2022 season and he says he won’t be letting social media get in the way of that work.

In a post to Instagram, Mayfield wrote that he is “getting off all social media for the foreseeable future” because he wants to do “what’s best to focus” on himself and his family. He added that it is “time to get right” before directing any business or marketing inquiries to another account.

Mayfield called social media “toxic” in another post last weekend and he discussed getting death threats over those platforms during the regular season. His wife had revealed those death threats via social media and she’s also used it to offer support for her husband as well as critiques of teammates during the 2021 season.

The quarterback has also engaged in social media back and forths with media members in the past and keeping away from it this offseason will allow him to avoid anyone sharing opinions about his future with the Browns that he might find objectionable.

28 responses to “Baker Mayfield says he’s getting off social media for the foreseeable future

  1. I feel like announcing your departure from social media induces more drama than would otherwise occur by just turning off social media quietly. I’m a Baker fan, but as much as he complains about the “outside noise”, he sure creates his fair share of it. I’m worried he’s Aaron Rodgers without the talent.

  2. Too little, too late…and I’m not just talking about his height and throwing behind receivers. The Browns collapse this year had a lot to do with Mayfield’s lack of play making ability. Hopefully he uses his newfound free time to improve making his pre-snap reads and stepping into throws, two issues that plagued him last season.

  3. He’s not wrong. It’s too bad traditional media use social media to fan the flames of toxicity.

  4. john baxter says:
    January 26, 2022 at 10:04 am
    Good. Social media is a cancer.
    Yet here you are. This is social media.

  5. It’s laughable that a grown man uses social media and then announces on social media that he will no longer use social media!

  6. touchback6 says:
    January 26, 2022 at 10:05 am
    About 4 years too late, dopey.


    Ya beat me to it. The perfect comment ^^^.

  7. I wonder how long that’ll last. He will miss the attention. Just like AB, Mayfield can’t help himself.

  8. Just like others have said, you go on the Gram to announce you’re leaving social media. Some jokes just right themselves.

  9. Baker’s anticipation is so poor, the foreseeable future for him is a few minutes anyway.

  10. “Just like others have said, you go on the Gram to announce you’re leaving social media. Some jokes just right themselves.”

    Lol, yes they do.

  11. Just can’t see this guy as the Browns QB next year. Too inconsistent, doesn’t work on fundamentals, tries to be Mahomes/Allen/Burrow, too much of a hot head, willing to throw his HC under the bus even after the HC bent over backwards not to criticize him… His “celebrity” status and being drafted #1 probably make it too hard for his ego to accept that he’s an above average QB at his very best, but often average to below average, and not a superstar by any means. He’ll either be backing up somebody or out of the league in the next two to three years.

  12. Thats a great idea but I agree with everyone else. Just do it, looks silly to announce it

  13. “You don’t need to tell us you’re leaving social media” – Dude with Sign

  14. I really doesn’t matter what he does. Trolls would complain if he just removed himself from social media with no announcement saying something to the effect that “he owes it to his fan base”.

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