Barnes & Noble has a great Playmakers deal for you


As the March 15 release date for Playmakers approaches and as a surprising number of you preorder the book from a certain online distributor named for a South American river, another major bookseller is willing to up the ante, by sharply decreasing the price.

Through Friday, Playmakers can be purchased from Barnes & Noble at a 25-percent discount. Twenty-five percent?!? (Hopefully, that doesn’t come out of my end.)

Hey, take the deal before they change their minds, or before I persuade them to. Here’s the link. Remember to use this code: PREORDER25.

The book will be released on March 15. That’s fewer than seven weeks from now. Kirkus Reviews calls it “a sometimes ill-tempered and snarky but always entertaining look beyond the gridiron.” Which is literally the most accurate and nicest thing anyone has ever said about me.