Jimmy Garoppolo hopes for a lot of “loud and proud” 49ers fans in L.A.

NFL: JAN 09 49ers at Rams
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Rams head coach Sean McVay is asking the team’s fans to resist selling their tickets to Sunday’s NFC Championship Game at SoFi Stadium because it could lead to a crowd that leans toward the 49ers rather than the home team.

That was the situation when the 49ers won in Los Angeles in Week 18 and, as you’d imagine, quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo would love to see the same thing happen with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line this weekend.

“The Faithful? They travel tremendously,” Garoppolo said, via 49ersWebzone.com. “When you can get your fans behind you like that on a road game and we knew it before the game even started, there was a lot of red, you could see it, but once we started making plays and they started getting loud, it just changes the momentum of the game, I think. And you could feel it on the sideline. It’s not something that you could really put your finger on and you can’t see specifically, but you could feel, you could hear it. And our team responds well to that. So hopefully the Faithful will be out there loud and proud. And I know they’re trying.”

A snapshot of the secondary ticket market suggests there will be plenty of 49ers fans in the house, but we’ll know for sure how things break down on Sunday.

26 responses to “Jimmy Garoppolo hopes for a lot of “loud and proud” 49ers fans in L.A.

  1. Say what you want about Jimmy G. but he won me over because of his effort last weekend against the Packers. He was tough and a leader.

    The media makes him out to be less than good but that’s not what I saw.
    49’ers-Rams should be a great game.

  2. He’s been on an uncharacteristic roll the past couple games. Time for midnight to strike and break Jimmy G’s “glass” slippers. Predicting three picks at least for Int. Jimmy G.

  3. No such thing as “LA Fans” Only thing they are “fanatic” about is/…. wait they lost interest again

  4. No amount of crowd noise will fix Jimmy’s lousy play. He’ll be looking for the defense to bail him out again.

  5. This is going to be a good game.. But I’m hoping for a 49ers vs Bengals SB round 3!!!

  6. I’m as big of a Rodgers fan as there can be for a Viking fan, and if you want to talk leadership based performance, Garoppolo was a much better leader Saturday than Rodgers was when it counted.

  7. I hope there are a lot of 49er fans in attendance to watch Jimmy throw a late pick to seal their fate.

  8. What was the average ticket price for last weekend’s playoff games? What’s the average price for Chiefs/Bengals tickets?

  9. Rams PSL and season ticket holder here. I’m more than happy to sell my tickets to this game. How else can I offset the cost of those ridiculously overpriced PSLs?

  10. The Rams have only themselves to blame, despite their local reporters blaming their lack of Rams fan base on the NFL. Georgia Frontiere moved them out of town to St Louis instead of finding a way to keep them in the market, not the NFL.

  11. Lol some guy said L.A. is only an 8 hour drive from SF acting like that is close? Indianapolis is 8 hours from Birmingham Alabama by car and nobody would consider that a close drive

  12. db105 says:
    January 26, 2022 at 9:02 pm
    Rams PSL and season ticket holder here. I’m more than happy to sell my tickets to this game. How else can I offset the cost of those ridiculously overpriced PSLs?

    let me be clear, sell your tickets if you want. you can prob make some nice money

    with that

    if you are such a fan that you are a season ticket holder- isn’t this THE game you’d never sell the seats for ?

  13. 3 weeks in a row the Niners have left the opposing team and their fans shocked. I’m hoping for 2 more.

  14. Earth to Jimmy G:

    You will not see many 49ers fans this Sunday. It will be a sea of blue and yellow. Rams fans aren’t giving up their tickets to see their team in the NFC championship game. For the 100th time, there are two NFL teams in Los Angeles, Rams and Chargers.

  15. As a Giants ticket holder and attendee of two playoff games and a Super Bowl, I would never sell a playoff ticket. But I can understand corporate ticket holders selling their tickets for a bundle of money. They have a 50-50 shot to use the profits to defray the ridiculous cost of Ram Super Bowl tickets.

  16. Horns Up. Go Rams!! Cam Akers makes such a huge difference. If the Rams had a healthy Robert Woods, they would win by at least 14 points!!

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