Joe Burrow: It was exciting to call my own plays when communications went out last weekend

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Tennessee Titans
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Having communications between the coaching staff and the quarterback go down in the middle of a playoff game would be a nightmare for many teams, but Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow didn’t have that experience.

Burrow’s headset went down for several plays during the win over the Titans in the divisional round. He said it was something that had come up with head coach Zac Taylor in the past in a humorous way, but that it was “kind of exciting” to have it happen for real.

“Zac always jokes don’t pretend like the headset goes out so you can call your own plays. . . . All of them worked, That was fun,” Burrow said in his Wednesday press conference.

While it worked out last time, the Bengals would prefer to not have to deal with a lack of communication while playing at what should be a very loud Arrowhead Stadium this Sunday.

5 responses to “Joe Burrow: It was exciting to call my own plays when communications went out last weekend

  1. Namath and those guys in the 60’s and early 70’s all called their own plays. Glad Burrow did it, it is exciting. Too many coaches have jobs though, it’ll never go back

  2. I mean if it was working just let him keep doing it. Maybe he sees things the OC cant from the sidelines.

  3. Having heard both of them talk, if I was a Bengals player I think I would rather have Burrow call the plays than Zac Taylor.

  4. Thats what happens when you have a Qb that’s more than physical abilities under center. Used to be called a field General. And that’s why Joe B. is, well, Joe B.

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