Joe Schoen: We want a head coach with a proven record of developing young players

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The Giants will hold a press conference for new General Manager Joe Schoen on Wednesday, but they’ve already posted a video with him answering a few questions from former Giants center Shaun O’Hara.

Some of those questions had to do with the team’s head coaching search, including what he’s looking for when he interviews candidates for the job. Schoen hit many familiar beats by saying he wants a “partnership” with a coach who is “aligned in the way you’re going to build a roster” before focusing in on something that’s going to be vital for a team with 11 draft picks and holes in many spots on the roster.

“I think the ability to develop young players,” Schoen said. “We’ve got a lot of draft picks. I think there’s going to be a concerted effort to add some guys that will contribute and maybe have some growing pains early on with our draft picks, but you’ve got to have a proven history of developing young players.”

Schoen has had a front row seat for the work that Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll and defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier have done developing players during Buffalo’s rise to prominence over the last few years, which would seem to be a positive for their bids to become the next head coach of the Giants. Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, Giants defensive coordinator Patrick Graham, and former Dolphins head coach Brian Flores are the other names in the mix at the moment.

8 responses to “Joe Schoen: We want a head coach with a proven record of developing young players

  1. Daboll makes the most sense bc the Giants will take one the top QBs if the Lions don’t high jack one.

  2. Unless we find out that DJ suffered a career ending injury, there is no chance the Giants are taking a QB early in this draft. There are far greater needs on this team (unfortunately) than QB.

  3. Ryan Poles and Kwesi Adofo-Mensah are two brilliant hires – NFL owners in the Midwest stand up and take a bow – Bravo!

  4. The Chris Simms/Florio clip where Simms says he definitely thinks Daboll can fix Daniel Jones seems to run counter to Simms very good comment that Jones can best be evaluated behind a line that blocks for him and then gets a semblance of a running game. He makes a great case for Daboll to be Jones’ QB coach; but as a head coach to fix multiple huge deficiencies – not so much.

  5. Is Josh Allen way more talented than Jones? Yes. Did Daboll witness the greatest growth and development of any QB in NFL history with Josh Allen every step of the way? Yes.

    If anyone knows how to develop a young QB that has talents unrefined it’s gotta be Daboll. This is a no brainer.

  6. Hey hire Tomlin he has done a great job of,,,oh Im sorry i have listened to the announcers to long

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