Matthew Stafford hasn’t thought much about why Lions couldn’t win in playoffs

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Matthew Stafford spent 12 seasons in Detroit after the Lions made him the No. 1 overall choice. He played three playoff games and lost them all.

He has won his first two playoff games with the Rams, who host the NFC Championship Game on Sunday.

After not getting close to the Super Bowl in Detroit, he now is within a win of playing in one in Los Angeles.

The quarterback was asked Wednesday on why the Lions never made it this far.

“I haven’t thought too much about it to be honest with you,” Stafford said, via quotes distributed by the team. “I’m just trying to make sure that I’m in the present, being kind of where my feet are planted, and taking care of business here. I had a great time, a great run there. I loved playing there for 12 years, but I’m in this place now and enjoying the opportunity to be a part of this team and see where we can take it. So, that’s kind of where I’m at the moment.”

Stafford had four touchdowns and three interceptions in three postseason games with Detroit. He has four touchdown passes and no interceptions this postseason.

24 responses to “Matthew Stafford hasn’t thought much about why Lions couldn’t win in playoffs

  1. Glad to see him doing so well with his new team. Thank you for the years of trying with Detroit, now go win this thing for the Rams!

  2. Ownership/management was the main reason but let’s not act like Stafford didn’t contribute. He is very overrated when you look at his numbers. Being in Detroit they were behind alot so they were constantly throwing the ball…ALOT. Stafford is a system QB just like Goff was. Let’s not forget how much he looked like Stafford from Detroit towards the end of the season. Luckily McVay is a offensive genius and got if figured out in time.

  3. Stafford doesn’t want to talk about it being the ultimate professional. I will fill in and make it easy.

    2011 vs Saint – Totally overmatched by a stacked Drew Brees led team. Detroit defense just couldn’t stop them. Shootout and then they pulled away.

    2014 – This was a game they should of won and were well on there way until a blatant pass interference flag on Anthony Hitchens. Why? Nobody knows nor really cares because it happened to the lions.

    1. Flag was inexplicably picked up for no reason with no explanation after several minutes of discussion by officiating crew.

    2. While this discussion was happening. Dez Bryant comes running the field to argue the call and takes his helmet off yelling at the refs. That should of been an instant 15 yard unsportsman like conduct flag. Yet it wasn’t.

    To make matters worse, there was video of Dean Blandino on a Cowboy party bus with hookers…I mean strippers and booze. Dean just so happened to be the head of officiating.

    2016 vs Seattle – There were a ton of injuries going into this game. Every receiver was guilty of dropping passes. Ebron dropped one in the end zone. Dropped another that would of been in redzone.

  4. Well, there you have it why the Lions couldn’t win a playiff game. As a Lions fan I liked Stafford but it’s just sad to hear that. 12 years and he didn’t even think about it? WOW.

  5. The Lion were never real good….they backed into the playoffs. They were always the under dog in the playoffs and the visiting team.

  6. I’m sure Lions fans are pleased to here that the leader of thier team for twelve years hasn’t given much thought to why he couldn’t won in Detroit.

  7. He doesn’t need to give us his opinions. His wife will definitely clear this up for us.

  8. Matt, it was sure fun watching the Packers beat up on you for 12 years. But if anyone has earned themself the right to play in the Super Bowl, it’s you. Please beat the 49ers and stamp your ticket to the big game!

  9. Amazing what can happen with a good supporting cast, and good coaching. Always cheered for him unless he was playing against the Vikings, but glad he gets real chance with the Rams.

  10. Growing and maturing – personally or professionally – involves learning from past experiences. Learning from them and not dwelling on them is the important part.

  11. Because you are now on a team that is completely sold out to win this year and will fall apart soon after due to lack of draft picks and cap space. This is your chance, now or never.

  12. I haven’t really thought about it either, but I can answer that. Stafford is just being diplomatic.

    Most people only ever saw the guy play once a year in a bad Thanksgiving game. I don’t remember games like some people but I think it was against the Cowboys that he faked a spike and called his own number to sneak for the win. On better teams, we would be thinking of him alongside Philip Rivers as a gutsy competitor.

  13. Why should he? He wanted out. He wasn’t the problem in Detroit. The lack of a good offensive line the lack of a good running game and the lack of a good defense are why the lions never did anything with Stafford there

  14. They probably couldn’t win in the playoffs because they couldn’t GET into the playoffs. Either way though, happy for stafford.

  15. Stafford is the Jedi master of the”Y’know, I’m just happy to be here and hope I can help the ballclub. I just want to give it my best shot and good Lord willing, things’ll work out” interview.

  16. Why Stafford went 0-3 & did not win a playoff game, while throwing 4 TD’s and 3 Int’s in those games with Detroit? ……….
    It’s the same reason why Tom Brady won 2 Super Bowl rings in 2001 & 2019 while going 6-0 in those playoff games while he threw 3 TD’s and 4 Int’s .
    It’s a team sport and what Stafford needed to do to win with the team he had did not resemble what Tom Brady needed to do to win with the team he had .

  17. “WELL, coaches suck, gm sucks, owner sucks, TEAM sucks”… (I mean, we know he THOUGHT that)

  18. He had two good playoff games as a Lion (vs Saints and Cowboys). Both featured questionable officiating (dirty spot on a key down and 3(!) offensive pass interferences on the same WR in Saints game; the epic pick-up of a flag vs. the Cowboys for pass interference on key 4th down at the end). Both were on the road.

    It’s kind of a viscous circle – refs don’t respect you until you start winning games, etc.

    Otherwise Stafford was crippled by poor rosters (insane streak of games without a 100 yard rusher!!!) and/poor coaching (Matt Patricia).

    Lions fans always knew Stafford was the real deal, hence our lamentations each year when the organization squandered his talent.

  19. Yes, but how does his wife feel about it? She’s given her opinion on everything else, why not this?

  20. Kind of like talking about your ex-wife. Don’t. There’s no real answer to that question that won’t seem vindictive. The Lions are a disfunction organization that Stafford stayed way too long with. Sometimes it’s best to just walk way quietly and go on with your career and with your life. Stafford always was a class act.

  21. Easy. Play action. With Detroit, he was almost always in the gun. How many 3 and outs did Stafford have in the 1Q? Someone should look into that. The longer Stafford stayed with the team, the more he could dictate the style of play he wanted and he preferred the gun. Stafford stares down his primary receiver, hence picks. In LA, he is forced by the Rams’ style of play to be under center and he is very effective because he has the arm talent and knows where he is going with the ball. Matt does not go through his progressions like Rodgers or Brady or Burrows for that matter. Burrows’ in Superbowl in 2d season. He has an elite back and receiver. Staffard had good backs over the years and the best receiver IMHO of all-time – Megatron. To say absolve Stafford of any responsibility for the dysfunction in Detroit is silly. I love the guy and happy for him, but he is as responsible for any for the Lions’ record during his tenure.

  22. People can argue all they want, only ONE constant in 60+ years of being the worst sports franchise in the world and that word is “Ford”.

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