Nate Hobbs pleads guilty to careless driving after DUI charge dropped

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Raiders cornerback Nate Hobbs was arrested for DUI on January 3 in Las Vegas, but prosecutors dropped that charge in court on Wednesday.

The Clark County District Attorney’s Office said that a blood test taken at the time of Hobbs’ arrest showed that the level of alcohol in his system was below the legal limit required for a DUI charge. As a result, they dropped that count and Hobbs wound up pleading guilty to a lesser charge of careless driving instead.

Hobbs was found asleep in his car while it was parked on a ramp in a parking structure. Ricardo Torres-Cortez of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports Hobbs was ordered to pay a $685 fine, complete 20 hours of community service, and attend a victim impact panel. Failure to fulfill those requirements would result in one month in jail.

Hobbs was also cited for reckless driving in a separate incident that saw police stop him for going 110 mph on a Nevada highway.

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  1. Good news. Guy was resposible. Parked. In a parking ramp. Going nowhere and without chance to hurt anyone. Why he got any ticket is still baffling.

    Either way…thanks for being responsible.

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