New General Managers should get to hire the coaches they want

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Three General Managers have been hired. No head coaches have been hired. For the three new General Mangers who will be hiring coaches, the proper approach is simple and clear.

Let the General Manager make the hire.

For any team with a traditional G.M. and a head coach (some don’t have a traditional G.M., all have a head coach), it’s the most important relationship other than head coach and quarterback. (In some cities, it’s even more important.) The coach needs to be the person the G.M. wants. The person with whom the G.M. will be comfortable. The person the G.M. will trust — and who will trust the G.M.

They have to work together, in good times and bad. Bad times are guaranteed, eventually. When adversity happens, they need to come together, not run for cover.

Dysfunctional teams create the internal impression that there’s potential benefit to the G.M. from blaming the coach, and vice-versa. The teams that get it know that, if the team fails, both (not one) will be told to get lost.

Every G.M. arrives at the position after years of scouting both players and coaches. Every G.M. has a list of coaches with whom the G.M. would have the proper level of trust, admiration, respect, and friendship. It’s a three-legged race. They either win together or face plant together.

So Giants, Bears, Vikings, let your new General Managers hire the coaches they want. They’re willing to stake their careers on it. Let them.

And if you’re not willing to let them, why did you hire them?

22 responses to “New General Managers should get to hire the coaches they want

  1. Your opinion

    that your entitled to

    But I think there are owners who will vehemently disagree with you.

  2. So you pay a guy 3 million to hire a guy that makes 10 million to coach a guy that makes 30 million? That model is totally broken. The Patriots model is much more sustainable. Hire a GM or (GM/Coach if possible), that is 100% responsible for everything and pay them like a fortune 500 CEO and the success or failure of the organization should be squarely on their shoulders. Hiring, recruiting, player performance, everything. They run the business.

  3. This is why the Bears have never won anything and will never win anything as long as the McCaskeys run that show.

    The McCaskeys want control and to be able to micro manage the team, hence the hires with very little experience.

  4. Yes they should. And when they want to fire them three years after hiring them, they should be forced to be fired as well because they screwed up probably the most important decision that they had

  5. I just wish the new Giants head coach get’s to select his own QB. I didn’t like the statement of the new Giants GM stating that Daniel Jones will be the QB. I just respect the franchise from my childhood, not a big Giants fan, but I like to see them competitive.

  6. wow I can’t believe you thought of this. I fully believe the teams never even thought about this concept. Maybe you should let all these teams know personally that they don’t know what they are doing..

  7. As long as Phillips the Incompetent is involved the Bears will never be a winning team.

  8. Team work makes the dream work! If your GM and your HC don’t have a shared vision, you are almost guaranteed failure.

  9. “New General Managers should get to hire the coaches they want”

    Have you met the Chicago Bears?

  10. Coaches are leaders and seen by the fans, NFL GMs are glorified accountants hiding behind a desk

  11. Bears brass to newly hired Ryan Poles:” You are 100% hiring your own head coach, but here are the 3 we recommend “…

  12. If it’s important to a new GM to hire “his guy” to be the coach and he/she doesn’t relay the importance or negotiate it then you might have hired the wrongs person for the job.

  13. GM/Coach is tough to do. Too much on the plate and it is certainly not for all as seen by failures (Holmgren, Sherman, many others). You pay a coach to coach but the decision to hire said coach should fall to the GM.

  14. While there needs to be harmony between the two and they need to share the same basic philosophy, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a personnel guy is best placed or “deserves” to make the coach decisions. Sometimes maybe yes, sometimes not.

  15. Count me as unimpressed by the recent GM hires by the Giants and Vikings. If the team can’t hire the right GM, don’t count on the GM getting the coaching hire right.

  16. Kinda feel like the owner of the team should get to decide who works for them if they want. Doesn’t mean they will make the right decision but a GM doesn’t necessarily make the right decisions either

  17. The coach can hire the GM if he has total control…. However if he does hire a GM/personnel guy the coach should listen to him unlike Belichick did when drafting N’keel Harry.

  18. For me it was always somewhat twisted, that the coach has a philosophy and vision, he knows what kind of players he needs to fulfill that, still the coach is reporting into the GM who decides who to draft. At the end of the day the most important thing is to have success on the field, which is the coach’s competence.

    (See: a few draft picks against their HC’s will: RGIII, Jamarcus Russell, Trey Lance, and I’m sure there are more)

  19. Re the Giants, Mara keeps saying “The GM (Schoen) will have full control and authority”.

    Schoen to the NY Press yesterday “The hiring of the coach will be a collaborative decision”. Again, Mara lies through his teeth. He is by far one of the worst owners.

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