New Giants G.M. Joe Schoen: “I think you can compete today and still build for tomorrow”

New York Giants v Miami Dolphins
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New Giants General Manager Joe Schoen believes he can field a competitive roster in Year One.

Schoen said he doesn’t think the Giants need to tear the team down to build them back up, but can instead have a competitive team in 2022 while also having an eye on succeeding in the years ahead.

“I’m not a big tear-it-up-rebuild guy. I think you can build a roster where you can compete today and build for tomorrow,” Schoen said.

Frankly, the Giants have already largely been torn down under former General Manager Dave Gettleman. Just about the only thing Gettleman did well was leave the Giants with an extra first-round draft pick, which they got by trading with the Bears last year. Schoen needs to hit on those two first-round picks, both to improve in 2022 and to build for the future.

8 responses to “New Giants G.M. Joe Schoen: “I think you can compete today and still build for tomorrow”

  1. Eh, OK. Listen, just do what you can to build an O-line and get one defensive stud. It’s not that hard.

  2. Beg to differ that leaving an extra first round pick was something Gettleman did well since he got it by trading down and passing on the next 2 players picked, Slater and Parsons. So actually, he did nothing well.

  3. Their D-line was once looking promising needs to be gutted. They have to decide what to do with their O-line draft picks as well. I am not sure that is the rosy story I would sell behind closed doors. Turnarounds can happen quickly if you draft well. If you don’t draft well you will always struggle.

  4. By definition a bad team can’t compete.

    Draft better. Simple as that.

    When the team is some what improved then think about some free agents.

  5. Gettleman is the only former GM I know who destroyed two teams BACK to BACK and was allowed to retire.

  6. When things aren’t going good you have to make those changes . As long as we see improvements there won’t be an issue.

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