Patrick Mahomes glad Andy Reid gives players the freedom to improvise

Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders
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Much has been made of Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and quarterback Patrick Mahomes setting up the game-tying field goal in Sunday’s win over the Chiefs with a decision in the moment that wasn’t actually the play that had been called. Mahomes said Chiefs coach Andy Reid encourages players to do that.

“There’s a lot of that during the game,” Mahomes said. “Everybody has their input. I think that’s what makes us such a great team, a great offense, is we have communication throughout the game. Then we go out there and execute because Coach Reid gives us that freedom.”

Mahomes said the play calling isn’t always as on-the-fly as Mahomes screaming, “Do it Kelce!” at the line of scrimmage to tell Kelce to run a route he had said on the sideline he thought would be open. More often, it’s about the players looking at their tablets while the defense is on the field to see what was working and what wasn’t on the previous drive, and preparing for the next drive accordingly.

Of course, it’s easy for Reid to give the players freedom when he has players as good as Mahomes and Kelce he can count on to execute.

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  1. Reid was an offensive genius when he was coaching McNabb and Smith. Now he’s lucky to have a generational talents at QB, TE, and WR. Great coach lucky to have great players.

  2. Reid has evolved from a system / scheme first guy into someone who lets his players play.

    It’s commendable.

  3. I’ve been in awe of Reid since the pickle juice game to start off the 2000 season. It’s hard to see any weaknesses in what he brings as a head coach. It’s easy to see where he gives his team an advantage — and does so without being a Marine drill sergeant.

  4. Andy’s not giving them anything. You can’t give someone intelligence or the passion to outwork everyone else. Andy’s not on an ego trip. He’s going to give the guys as much as they can handle.

  5. See what a once in a generation type QB does to your career. Reid was thought of as a horrible game clock manager and choker. The dude is viewed differently now.

  6. Andy Reid was unemployed for about 3 hours and Clark Hunt called. Sometimes ownership is just as important as who’s calling the plays.

  7. Andy was a successful coach before Mahomes, Hill, and Kelce. None of which were considered “top” draft picks. Now they are all superstars. Doesn’t he desire some of the credit for what they became? That’s what coaching is all about. Getting the most out of the players you have.

  8. Bud Grant once said “The most important things a coach needs are a great quarterback, a faithful dog and a patient wife. And not necessarily in that order.”

  9. I had the good fortune of working for the Eagles while Andy Reid was the coach there. While my work (internal team video) was not directly related to him, he always went out of his way to make us feel like a part of the team, including taking us all out to dinner on the final day of training camp. He is an absolute class act all the way around, and is the type of coach that players are willing to go to battle for. I feel like that’s becoming more and more rare these days, but it’s an innate quality that he makes seem effortless.

  10. I think he gives Mahomes, Kelce and hill the freedom to improvise. 3 guys that are all elite in their role that have played together for a long time now. That’s super smart. When it was Smith, I don’t think that was what was happening. Have to understand the players on the team so that the plan is built around their capabilities. Reid is excellent. Another big point for Reid is that he knew enough to make changes and brought in someone else to lead the defense. Another great decision. The complaint I always had with Reid was his situational play calling and clock management, but now with Mahomes you just hand him the ball in those situations and say “do your thing”. They compliment each other perfectly.

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