Report: Jaguars trying to finalize deal to make Byron Leftwich head coach

NFC Divisional Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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It looks like one of the nine head coach vacancies is about to be filled.

According to Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, the Jaguars are trying to finalize a deal with Buccaneers offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich to become the team’s new head coach.

Leftwich had a second interview with the Jaguars on Tuesday after the Bucs were eliminated from the postseason by the Rams on Sunday.

Should the two sides land the plane, it would represent a homecoming of sorts for Leftwich. Jacksonville selected Leftwich with the No. 7 overall pick back in 2003. He started 44 games in four years for the franchise, compiling a 24-20 record while throwing for 9,042 yards with 51 touchdowns and 36 interceptions.

Leftwich’s No. 1 charge will be to develop 2021 first overall pick, quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

According to Stroud, current Buccaneers receivers coach Kevin Garver could follow Leftwich to Jacksonville as a potential offensive coordinator.

Tampa Bay head coach Bruce Arians said he would consider taking back play-calling duties should Leftwich get a head coaching job. It increasingly looks like that will be the case.

45 responses to “Report: Jaguars trying to finalize deal to make Byron Leftwich head coach

  1. I think this is a good hire, always thought Leftwhich was a smart guy and cool under pressure even in his playing days. QB friendly, which is what they need in Jaksonville to develop Lawrence. This turnaround could happen faster than people think, that division is soft.

  2. The beginning of the official END in Tampa Bay… to go is Tom, Gronk,defensive coordinator,& the guy who shots the cannon off on the pirate ship.

  3. I think this has been a foregone conclusion from the start. A lot of fans have wondered why the Vikings didn’t interview Leftwich and it’s probably because they knew he was going to Jacksonville.

  4. Love Leftwich and I’m excited to see him get his shot, but I was hoping he could’ve got on with one of the other teams looking. Jacksonville is a heavy lift.

  5. If coaches like Arians actually care about their assistant coaches and making progress generally, they will step aside as HC with a deal in place that their teams promote from within instead of encouraging one of the NFL’s franchises with bad ownership and/or other problems to hire them – which just sets them up to fail. Arians and even Reid have both had long and incredibly successful careers, isn’t it time to see what these assistants could do with a level playing field?

  6. That’s a poor decision for Leftwich. He could probably exceed but only if you had a competent front office. The owner is a clown and the GM is a buffoon. Imagine being a coach and having Barney Fife in charge of you.

  7. Congratulations to Byron Leftwich. Now the focus turns to Eric Bienemy. Hoping he lands a job so we can stop hearing about what a good candidate he is.

  8. Leftwich would be a solid hire for Trevor, now who will follow him to be the DC? Perhaps convince Jim Schwartz to be the DC from the Titans

  9. Unless he is bringing Brady with him, next couple of years for the Jags fans will continue to be much of the same!

  10. 24-20 record while throwing for 9,042 yards with 51 touchdowns and 36 interceptions.

    Doesn’t that make him pretty much the greatest Qb in Jags history other than Mark Brunell?

    I would say that makes it more that a “homecoming of sorts”

  11. Mustached Shad Khan list of coaching hires- Mike Mularkey, Gus Bradley, Doug Marrone, Urbs, & now Byron “Chipwich” Leftwich. Very impressive list.

  12. The combo of Trent Baalke, Khan, and a first-year HC debuting on the team that originally drafted him sounds like a recipe for disaster. I sincerely hope Leftwich succeeds but the deck looks stacked against him.

  13. And Tampa Bay starts it’s decent into one of NFL’s weaker franchises. Brady gone, Leftwich gone, other coaches defect with him and Arians, the weak coach he is, left to guide the team…GOOD LUCK!

  14. I don’t know whether to offer Leftwich congratulations or condolences. I’m sure the money’s good but that franchise is a trainwreck.

  15. Man I really hope he can turn things around.Good luck and best wishes to
    A very deserving coach. There are a lot of fans from other teams that wish you were on there team.

  16. I can’t see this. What’s he accomplished, really? OC for the best QB of all time who basically did whatever he wanted? Big deal. HC is vastly different from a marginalized OC position.

  17. He is probably the best bet to save Trevor Lawrence’s career up Baalke is going to sabotage any chance the team has. If they don’t immediately win Baalke will make sure Leftwich takes all the blame and if he does succeed it’ll make Baalke jealous and he’ll still try to undermine him just like how it went in San Fran.

  18. Leftwich is a very good OC. High character guy. Not super experienced though; only 5 years as a coach and only 3 as an OC. Probably should stay an OC a bit longer. Jags will be a heavy lift. I wish him success.

  19. I typically question decisions where “who you know” is involved. Leftwich played for the Jaguars. So, how much of that played in the decision? Hopefully, very little. What does that have to do picking the best coach for the job? Sure, there is familiarity for Leftwich and management, but how much does that really matter? It’s like when NFL teams pick local college players. Maybe they have more tape, but proximity to your stadium should have very little impact when picking elite athletes.

  20. They should just move to London and be done with it. I love the hire but they have plenty of other issues to work on. Good luck young man.

  21. Poor Byron goes to be Head Coach at one of the worst organizations. He’ll give it his best shot but probably will fail there because he has garbage all around him. They’re not going to give him the tools to succeed.

  22. jonathankrobinson424 says:
    The beginning of the official END in Tampa Bay… to go is Tom, Gronk,defensive coordinator,& the guy who shots the cannon off on the pirate ship.

    I think you’re overstating the issue just a little.
    Most of the guys you listed are easily replaced, especially Brady and Gronk. Now, the cannon guy, that’s a different story. Losing him will definitely set the franchise back.

  23. This fanbase was awful to him when he was a player there. When he was drafted he came in saying and doing all the right things and he was mocked for the way he talks and called some pretty derogatory names. Only Leftwhich would come back with a smile to do it again. He is better than they deserve.

  24. WOW! how do u get an inexperienced guy whom no other team is clamoring for AND potentially bring along a guy nobody has ever heard of as OC for the single best young commodity (TLawrence) in all of the NFL. beyond head scratch. TLawrence not being given best chance to succeed.
    where is investigation on Josh McDaniels?? or why not hire BOTH JShoen & BDaboll ex Bills for GM/ HC when rumors are strong that Jax likely fires their GM by latest a week after the draft. HORRIBLE HIRE given TLawrence asset

  25. Leftwich is a good candidate but its going to be a short honeymoon with Baalke there. Hes known to strike first to save his own hide. I think by mid season of year two IF progress is slower than expected the internal leaks and such will start surfacing placing the blame on Leftwich.

  26. this could be a solid hire.

    problem is when management sucks, it doesn’t matter how talented of a coach you are.

    yeah, he could be a pain, but look at what happened in SF with Harbaugh and Baalke? York chose Baalke over Harbaugh and the team stunk for two seasons before York realized the error of his ways, hired Lynch and Shannahan and got out of the way.

    too many people simply don’t understand the importance of a strong front office.

  27. The Jaguars will never succeed until the Khans are out of the picture, which could literally be never. That poor abused fanbase deserves better and they should find a way to fire the owner.

  28. Congrats for Leftwich but he deserves better. He was one of the good dudes and very respected as a player and coach.

  29. All good points about Baalke being terrible. His strategy of drafting oft-injured players did not work out for the 49ers at all and he whiffed a lot otherwise. Hopefully if Leftwhich takes the job he has some power to get out from under Baalke/get Baalke fired if the front office lays a bunch of eggs in terms of aquiring players

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