Ticket resale trends suggest more 49ers fans than Rams fans will attend NFC Championship Game

Rams vs San Francisco 49ers in Inglewood, CA.
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The 49ers may once again have a loud road crowd on Sunday in Los Angeles.

After 49ers fans got so loud inside SoFi Stadium during the regular-season finale that the Rams had to use silent counts at home, the Rams have pleaded with their fans not to sell their tickets to 49ers fans. But analyses of the ticket resale markets suggest that the 49ers will have more fans attending the NFC Championship Game than the Rams have on Sunday.

The Los Angeles Times reports that ticket resale site Vivid Seats is estimating that 65 percent of fans in attendance will be 49ers fans. Vivid Seats estimated the crowd at 60 percent 49ers fans for the regular season game. Meanwhile, the secondary ticket site TickPick said the Rams’ attempt to curtail sales to customers outside of Los Angeles is an ineffective tactic that sometimes backfires and motivates fans of the road team to get more aggressive about buying tickets on resale sites.

With four days to go before the game, plenty of tickets will still be resold. But right now, there’s every reason to think the 49ers will again have a very large contingent of fans in Los Angeles.

26 responses to “Ticket resale trends suggest more 49ers fans than Rams fans will attend NFC Championship Game

  1. Sad that a team as exciting as the rams with a stud defense can’t pull a real fan base. Was the same problem when they were in St. Louis.

  2. consequence of bailing LA for Missouri, and trying to plead for your old/new fanbase to be loyal unlike you, the Rams organizatuon.

  3. No surprise. It’s Super Bowl or bust for the Lambs with the assets they devoted. They’ve lost 6 straight to the 49ers, who come into this game confident, loose and battle tested. Dangerous combination.

  4. Rams/Chargers/Raiders may never have a homefield advantage with those new stadiums. I may take the LA teams a decade and as big of a booze-hound as most of us are Vegas may never have one.

  5. This is an embarrassment for the team and the city. Nearly everyone outside of the NFL media machine said moving two teams to LA was a bad idea, especially when multiple teams have failed there in the past.

  6. LA mostly cares about the Lakers, the Dodgers and USC football. Until the Rams win a championship, they will be an afterthought.

  7. It may very well be that most of the tickets being resold are being purchased by 49er fans… but, don’t Rams fans who aren’t season ticket holders buy tickets 2nd hand as well? Its been a few years since I have been to an NFL game, but, I don’t remember having to report what team I was gonna cheer for when I have bought tickets off of Stubhub and Seat Geek.

  8. LA will NEVER embrace an NFL team to be their team. There are too many transplants that root for other teams, as well as better things to do than go to a overpriced football game.

  9. Sad really. Most NFL cities can only dream of having a team as talented as the Rams and the city of LA couldnt care less. The Chargers have even less support than the Rams do.

  10. Whenever SF and LA meet for baseball there are numerous fights in the stands. There may be a rumble this weekend since its the same people but in a huge stadium

  11. Kronke and Spanos are nothing more than rich dweebs who want so desperately to be cool, and they are both so powerfully uncool. I love it when stuff like this happens to them.

  12. I expect a 49er gold rush of fans. Rams won’t have home field advantage and they know it

  13. I often wonder how many people out there hold season tickets to a team strictly as an investment, who never attend any of the games.

  14. When a stadium seat license costs 100K then you add in the tix prices, what do you expect? they are trying to recoup some of that huge cost back. They can sell a ticket for 2-3K and watch it at home on the big screen.

  15. Bro the Rams are in big trouble if 9ers fans outnumber Rams fans again. A team that just played in brutal weather coming to warm LA in a comfy dome ? Beat you 6 times in a row so confident, blew you out and came from a big deficit, battle tested and loose, this being their 4th game in a row on the road but would feel like a home game ? And crazy thing is 49ers are a better road team than a home team.

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