Two fans are accused of using fake vaccination cards to attend Bills’ playoff game

Los Angeles Rams v Buffalo Bills
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Here’s another reason why Antonio Brown would be wise to keep his head low and his mouth closed.

Brown, who was suspended three game by the NFL for procuring and using a fake vaccination card, still could be prosecuted for the infraction. And it’s something that could indeed happen.

Via, a husband and wife from West Seneca, New York face felony charges for using a face vaccination card to enter the Bills playoff game on January 15.

Michael Naab, 34, and Amber Naab, 37, have beed charged with one count of criminal possession of a forged instrument in the second degree. These are state charges, fueled by a New York law passed in December.

“This legislation makes it clear that presenting a fake vaccine card, with the intent to defraud another person or entity, is a crime,” Eric County district attorney John J. Fynn said. “I am committed to keeping the residents of Erie County safe, which includes upholding laws related to public health. These two defendants are accused of using a fake vaccine card to intentionally violate the rules at the stadium, potentially putting the health of other fans at risk. As I have stated before, if you present a fake vaccine card, you will be prosecuted.”

The Naabs face up to seven years in prison, if convicted.

21 responses to “Two fans are accused of using fake vaccination cards to attend Bills’ playoff game

  1. Only two caught? Lol. You can get them over the internet easily. I’m fully vaccinated but realistically expected the number of fakes to be in the hundreds.

  2. By not prosecuting Antonio Brown for Federal Violation, that was well known, others think they can get away with it.

  3. 7 years? This is stupid and potentially risking the health of others, but that seems like a bit much. Go after the people making the fake cards available. Just fine these morons and use the money for something useful.

  4. The funny part of this story is the Bills caught them because they were bragging on social media about using fake vaccination cards to attend Bills games. LOL.

  5. I’m all for requiring vaccinations, masks, etc. But jail time would be stupid. We’ve already got too many people in this country locked up for low-level nonsense. Just fine them and move on.

  6. I went to the Buffalo vs. Carolina game, and many people in line were bragging about how they took screenshots of vaccinated friends’ vaccine passports to show Buffalo security. There was no scanning of bar codes. Just a simple eyeball look at a New York vaccine passport. I bet hundreds got in the stadium the same exact way.

  7. Two fans… you could have said ALL THE BILLS FANS & we would have known what you meant….

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