Brian Flores completes in-person interview with Giants

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
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The Giants are moving closer to hiring a new head coach. They completed an interview with former Dolphins head coach Brian Flores on Thursday, leaving Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier as the only remaining interview.

Frazier is scheduled to interview with the team at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center on Friday.

Flores, 40, met with team president John Mara, chairman Steve Tisch, senior vice president of player personnel Chris Mara and Joe Schoen, who was formally introduced Wednesday as the Giants’ new General Manager. He also met with other members of the front office and toured the team’s facility.

Flores is the sixth candidate to interview with the Giants’ front office, joining Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, Bengals defensive coordinator Lou Anarumo, Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, Giants defensive coordinator Patrick Graham and Frazier. Daboll had his second interview at team headquarters Tuesday, so it appears the Giants’ finalists are Daboll, Frazier and Flores.

Flores is a Brooklyn native.

14 responses to “Brian Flores completes in-person interview with Giants

  1. If a weak offensive line is his kryptonite then the Giants should be concerned given the current state of their OL.

  2. How can it possibly not be Flores? He did an amazing job with the fins and just think what he could do with an owner who does not want to lose and without Tua.

    He could actually make the NFC Least relevant again

  3. Brian Flores built up a very stout and respectable Defense in his 3 seasons and was well liked by the players. He could turn the defense around with 1-2 drafts. If Daniel Jones can stop being a turnover machine then he can be effective.

  4. Once Flores proclaimed he would require nothing short of total control over all personnel decisions,the interview came to a screeching end.

  5. jojomogir says:
    January 27, 2022 at 5:11 pm
    If a weak offensive line is his kryptonite then the Giants should be concerned given the current state of their OL.

    If the Giants had a decent offensive line Joe Judge would still be the coach. It’s up to the new GM to get the necessary pieces.

  6. So in Miami, Flores didn’t get along with his owner, his GM, other coaches or the players, but I’m sure all that will change in NY.

  7. Yeah sure, and Adam Gase was a hidden gem the Dolphins wasted too.

    Fins had to fire Flores, the guy couldn’t get any legit coordinators to work for him and he alienated his players. His record with Tua playing was far better than his record without Tua, so if anything he should’ve been kissing his behind, not throwing it under a bus. Throw in a losing record, a putrid record against teans with winning records, and not even a wild card appearance, and the decision was easy.

  8. Miami Dolphins 3 years with Flores = 24-25
    Miami Dolphins 3 years before Flores = 23-25

    He did an incredible job turning the Dolphins around

  9. Everyone talks about how great of a defense he built in Miami, but they gave up a whopping 251 points in their 8 losses…. thats just over 31 points a game. The rest of the NFC East will love him!

  10. Flores has shown no ability to implement or install a sustainable offensive philosophy.

    But his defensive acumen can get ya a TOP 10 defense, occasionally.

    His record, game management and personnel development on offense, is severely lacking.

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