Kyle Shanahan: Jimmy Garoppolo is one of the main reasons we’re here

Event Name: NFC Wild Card Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys
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The theme of the NFL’s postseason advertising campaign is “I Got Your Back.” The commercials ask, “Who’s got your back?” before the answer is chanted by fans of the teams in the postseason.

Jimmy Garoppolo doesn’t have to ask the question.

Some of his teammates, including Nick Bosa, Jaquiski Tartt, George Kittle and Deebo Samuel, have made public shows of support for their quarterback.

“They probably feel a need to stick up for him,” coach Kyle Shanahan said Thursday, via Cam Inman of The Mercury News. “Social media probably hasn’t been that great. I’m glad they’re sticking up for him, because what they say is the truth.

“Jimmy is one of the main reasons we’re here. He’s done an unbelievable job and people don’t give him enough credit. We win as a team, and that’s why he doesn’t always have the same stats as the MVP candidates.”

Garoppolo has received criticism despite the 49ers’ playoff success in his career. The 49ers are 4-1 in two playoff appearances the past three seasons, but Garoppolo is only 64-of-102 for 730 yards with two touchdowns and five interceptions.

In victories over Dallas and Green Bay the past two weeks, Garoppolo has only 303 yards passing with no touchdowns and two interceptions.

“Jimmy’s a very good quarterback and he doesn’t worry about any of that stuff,” Shanahan said. “He doesn’t worry about social media. That’s why he’s a little similar to me and doesn’t have much an idea about that stuff and he never really changes, and that’s what people respect the most about of him.”

Still, the 49ers are expected to hand the job to Trey Lance, the third overall choice in 2021, and trade Garoppolo in the offseason. It’s like the Chiefs’ plan for Patrick Mahomes when they drafted him 10th overall in 2017 and moved on from Alex Smith the following season by trading Smith to Washington.

19 responses to “Kyle Shanahan: Jimmy Garoppolo is one of the main reasons we’re here

  1. How funny is it these Einsteins in SF traded up for Trey Lance, destroying their future, as JimmyG leads them into a conf title game for the 2nd time in 3 years?

    And, the reason they don’t already have a ring is because of Shanahan stopping running the ball with each RB averaging 6YPC against that swiss cheese KC D?

    The irony.

  2. Jimmy G is in the conference championship game while “elite” QBs like Allen, Rodgers are at home making vacation plans. So much for the NFL being a QB driven league, it’s more like special player not necessarily QB driven league e.g. Deebo Samuel.

  3. Written quotes can be deceiving because there’s no way Shanahan answered the question with a straight face.

  4. He hasn’t played his best for probably the last month but critics are also conveniently ignoring the significant injury to his throwing hand. His statistical decline literally can be traced back to when he sustained that injury. Before that he was playing quite well. Pretty sure alot of Quarterbacks would be doing much worse given that circumstance.

  5. 49ers cannot seriously replace Jimmy if he wins it all. Especially with an anomaly in Trey Lance. Steelers, Eagles, Browns, Dolphins, and Colts would have an easy way out if the 49ers go through with their plan.

  6. In the same way that Trent Dilfer was one of the main reasons the Ravens were “there” in 2000 while winning the Super Bowl… his last year with the team.

  7. It’s a shame Tampa didn’t progress. If Jimmy beat TB12 in a NFC showdown, he might actually have gotten out of his shadow. With TB retiring soon, Jimmy will never have that chance to prove himself. Even if SF wins the Super Bowl, it will be because of Deebo and Kittle, not Jimmy.

  8. Jimmy is in his 2nd NFC Championship game in 3 years. It is a team sport so how about trusting the coach/gm who assembled the team to make the right decision. There are few coaches in the league that I would have have as a HC.

  9. Jimmy Hair is always going to be a 50/50 Qb. He has a winning record and nothing to show for it. When it matters, he collapses.

  10. Feels great baby. Seriously though – the Niners advanced this far because they have a strong roster and just as importantly they have ZERO diva’s. They genuinely like each other and hang together with a deep bond of trust. That means something in a me-first world.

    Jimmy had a huge hand in building that chemistry this year by not making it dramatic and not making it about him. Everyone in the media called them foolish but they knew what they were doing. Hate if you want but the season couldn’t;t have worked out any better than it did for the entire organization.

    You know they’re gonna beat the Rams Sunday. Ownage is ownage

  11. divas aside—both teams have them, starting with the coaches—this game will be decided by which quarterback throws one less pick or gives up one less fumble;

    cannot say any of the so-called ‘elite’ quarterbacks no longer playing are actually elite any longer, or in the case of Buffalo, is elite yet;

    apparently defence and running games still win championships the beaten teams all lack, in addition to a weak pass rush;

    how refreshing;

  12. The problem is, we’ve seen Lance play. He’s not very good. An entire season of learning next year will probably be a .500 campaign for him. Jimmy G knows how to manage Shanahan’s offense so that gives him the advantage for now. However Lance needs a second year to sit and learn, and hopefully listen.

  13. Some truth from an OLD 49er fan…

    I agree with nocomment regarding “a .500 campaign” if Trey is the starter next season.

    The “Great” Aaron Rodgers sat for 3 seasons behind Brett Favre. So, unless T-Lance is another Mahomes or Allen (he might be that special…IDK) Lance can use the time learning from JG and Kyle can build him into a true backup in case Jimmy is hurt and can’t play.

    JG reads defenses pre-snap, changes plays, cues proper blocking schemes and post-snap cycles through his receivers (1, ,2, 3, checkdown) then uses that quick release to his team’s benefit, more often than not.

    Trey has a big arm and wheels for days but can only do some of those crucial things right now. Being the starter is massive pressure and mental load. JG is calm and doesn’t get rattled anymore when he throws a pick. He knows the game is long and can change in an instant… that’s experience from sitting behind Brady and leading the 49ers to the playoffs 2 of 3 seasons.

    Does anyone recall Joe Montana/Joe COOL threw 3 INT’s in the 1981 NFC Championship game and then calmly led the team on an 89-yard drive ending with “The Catch”?

    Yeah… that’s what I thought.

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