New Giants GM Joe Schoen: I say ‘data innovation’ instead of ‘analytics,’ but I believe in it

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New Giants General Manager Joe Schoen is a believer in analytics, even if he doesn’t necessarily like the term.

Schoen said he thinks the term “analytics” is starting to carry some baggage, but the principles of analytics are sound, and that the Giants will attempt to be forward-thinking on that front.

“I think we use ‘data innovation’ here instead of ‘analytics’ since it is a hot button,” Schoen said. “But I believe in it. Any tool that can help us win games or give us a competitive advantage, we’re going to continue to push the envelope and find out what those are. To me, if it’s going to help us in the draft process with the evaluations or the free agency process with the evaluations or contract value and who do these players compare to, if it’s going to help us with our practice schedule to keep guys healthy, keep guys on the field, if guys are running too much or working too hard or there are signs you have to be open-minded to the information. It’s a piece of the puzzle. It’s not going to drive the entire process, but it’s another tool that we need to use in order to get whatever competitive advantage we can and make the best decisions we can for the New York Giants.

The Giants have not yet hired their next head coach, but Schoen indicated that he’d like it to be someone who has followed the analytics on fourth down aggressiveness.

“I think intelligence is important. I think being progressive in your approach to coaching, whether it’s with analytics, when to go, when not to go, when to punt. I think you’ve got be open to all that stuff,” Schoen said.

For a Giants franchise that has finished five straight seasons with a losing record, Schoen is looking for a fresh approach.

15 responses to “New Giants GM Joe Schoen: I say ‘data innovation’ instead of ‘analytics,’ but I believe in it

  1. “Believe” does not sound very scientific to me. I want to hear, data innovation has proven itself to be the best way of making decisions, as opposed to I believe in it. All we’re gonna get from this guy is when a decision works out it’s because of “data innovation”, I wanna decision doesn’t work out it will be called a “outlier”

  2. While ‘analytics’ or ‘data innovation’ use precise models to predict outcomes, I don’t think those predicted outcomes trump situational football. 4th and 2 inches – everyone should be able to make a first down and analytics can tell you what types of plays might be most successful for the data that is available for the defense you are playing. So if the outcome is to be a QB sneak, is the situation different if you are sneaking from your own 1 yard line vs. the opponents one yard line? The analytical model will tell you a 98% chance of success, but the situation determines the play call made.

  3. Doesn’t matter what you want to call it. If you can’t make sound FOOTBALL decisions in the game then it’s as useless as it is to have Brandon Staley as your head coach going for it on 4th down on his own 18.

  4. Let’s get his boy as our head coach already and get ready for the draft . Exciting times for Giant fans ahead.

  5. You need an elite QB, and a bunch of solid players. Every year there are solid players slipping into the 4th, 5th, and 6th rounds. You just have to find them. Make up whatever word you want, but the bottom line is you have to be a good evaluator. If you think you’re going to hire good evaluators and rely on them, I hope you have a naive owner.

  6. I would prefer that my General Manager geek out on football – I don’t want him geeking out on geek talk.

  7. Analytics are just statistics before and after the fact … Execution is the word for the day.

  8. the only thing analytics are good for is constipation;

    yet to see numbers make a block or tackle;

    you need players for that..good players;

    good football players;

    the Giants just don’t have more than two or three;

    don’t need numbers to see that;

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