Next up for Broncos: A “for sale” sign

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Now that the Broncos have their new coach, they can start thinking about their next quarterback. Through it all, they’ll be thinking about their next owner.

It’s widely expected that, not long after the formal introduction of Nathaniel Hackett as the new coach of the Broncos, the team will announce that the franchise is for sale.

While the organization would express confidence (as it must) that new ownership won’t result in any major changes, that ultimately depends on the identity of the new owner. Whereas one owner possibly would opt to let the team continue on its current course, another owner may decide to fire everyone and start over, sooner or later.

That factor won’t matter much, when it’s time to make offers. Money talks, loudly. And while at least 24 total owners must approve any sale, the other owners won’t be basing their decisions on whether the new owner will be making major changes to the team.

The goal for the current organization will be to create an environment that allows the new owner to nod and smile and say, “Keep up the good work.” That becomes a lot easier if, for example, they lure Aaron Rodgers to town to play quarterback for the next three or four years.

5 responses to “Next up for Broncos: A “for sale” sign

  1. Please take Rodgers. He’s a ten-year postseason loser and has become a locker room cancer. Get as much as you can for him and get rid of him.

  2. empire49 says:
    January 27, 2022 at 1:01 pm
    But Aaron Rodgers doesn’t want to be part of a rebuild, right?

    Denver is hardly a rebuild- except for the QB position. So a moot point.

  3. Peyton Manning was a “postseason loser” as well, but I think things worked out pretty well for him in Denver. The Broncos are NOT rebuilding. They have all the tools (and cap space) to be incredibly competitive with a competent QB next season. The most obvious deterrent is playing in the AFC West against Mahomes or Herbert four times a year.

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