Report: Adrian Wilson in, Trent Baalke out as Jaguars G.M.

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Well, this is interesting.

Long-time Cardinals reporter Mike Jurecki reports that Cardinals executive Adrian Wilson will become the next General Manager of the Jaguars. This necessarily means that current G.M. Trent Baalke won’t be.

Jurecki adds that Byron Leftwich will become the head coach of the Jaguars.

A league source tells PFT that Leftwich basically gave the Jaguars an ultimatum: It’s me or Trent.

It’s a stunning move, but it underscores the concerns many had about owner Shad Khan’s decision to keep Baalke around. As one league source explains it to PFT, multiple candidates refused to even interview for the Jacksonville job if Baalke was going to remain in place as the General Manager.

If this ultimately happens, it at least shows that Khan has the flexibility to admit a mistake and pivot away from it. Still, the far better approach is to not make mistakes.

Dysfunctional teams indeed do dysfunctional things. Whether recognizing that a dysfunctional thing was done and undoing it constitutes proof that the broader dysfunction is disappearing remains to be seen.

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  1. What an unexpected development. Id imagine Leftwich wasnt the only candidate to have concerns over Baalke. Crazy that it took a Leftwich ultimatum for Khan to do the smart thing.

  2. I called this one, not unexpected at all. Anyone with options would not go to Jacksonville if Baalke is on th epayroll.

  3. Jim Harbaugh was wildly successful in San Francisco. And then he was let go amid rumors that he and Trent Baalke could not get along. And then Baalke’s 49ers sucked for a long while.

    That’s all I need to know about Baalke.

  4. Leftwich flexing from the get go. Looks like he is the right man to coach the Jags. Good on him.

  5. The moment the prospective HC tells the owner what to do before getting the job is the day that candidate should be told “go pound sand, clown”. Regardless of the merits of the one who was threatened to lose his job, it is a disgusting note that makes me loathe Bwitch even more. He will fall flat on his face.

  6. Any time Trent Baalke is subtracted, it’s an addition. After the damage he inflicted in San Francisco and Jacksonville, will he ever again be able to schmooze a gullible owner to hire him?

  7. Baalke was the one who destroyed the Niners as their GM. His history of draft picks and signing FA’s was less than acceptable.
    I was shocked when Khan hired him.

  8. Same thing happened with the 49ers, free agent players and coaches avoided them like the plague until the owners fired Baalke. The current 49er team in the hunt for the NFC title would never have happened under Baalke.

  9. Interesting to Hire someone and start that relationship by accepting an ultimatum from them.

  10. The moment the prospective HC tells the owner what to do before getting the job is the day that candidate should be told “go pound sand, clown”. Regardless of the merits of the one who was threatened to lose his job, it is a disgusting note that makes me loathe Bwitch even more. He will fall flat on his face.
    Wow, that’s a big ole pile of crazy right there.

  11. Baalke fired Harbaugh for Tomsula and Chip Kelly.
    When Baalke was fired, the 9ers started a vast improvement.
    No surprise here that Baalke sucks.

  12. “will he ever again be able to schmooze a gullible owner to hire him?”

    Snyder is a moron, so that would be a great fit.

  13. Just because someone bad was let go doesn’t mean the person replacing him is good. History shows to be extremely wary of anyone whose supposed success has come largely because of being around the greatest QB in league history.

  14. sounds like Leftwich, once a Cardinal coach, is going to be a HC that may have picked his GM, as it should be!

  15. Seems promising. New GM, Leftwich as HC, maybe they could swing Fangio as DC, and a solid draft to support Lawrence – how much better would next season look?

  16. This is great news! Maybe Mr. Khan is finally gonna do something right? We can only hope for the future now.

  17. supercharger says:
    January 27, 2022 at 11:41 am
    What does Schefter have to say about it?

    Whatever Trent Baalke tells him to say

  18. The first comment is exactly what I wanted to ask. The only difference is I would have added “inquiring minds want to know”.

  19. For those keeping score at home, this is the team that paid Nick Foles a gazillion dollars when no one else was even talking to him and then last year they “outbid themselves” as the only pursuer of Meyer. And now they’re giving the keys to the franchise to a guy with no head coaching experience and doing anything and everything he wants to convince him to sign. And, of course, no one else seems to be seriously pursuing him. And just for the record, doesn’t the GM usually hire the coach, not the other way around?

  20. It’s still questionable about how good Leftwich actually will be as a head coach, but if he forced this change to happen, he’s already dramatically improved his team.

  21. I’ve never been a Jags fan but I do like the idea of teams bringing back their own. Hopefully Leftwich is the pick and he does well enough to stay a while.

  22. Byron Leftwich is a born leader and a smart guy. Look at his history from Marshall to now. This is a great hire for them.

  23. Leftwich is already the Jag fans favorite coach since Coughlin, and he hasn’t even been hired yet.

  24. Can someone please inform me of what Baalke has done for this animosity? Many GMs have sucked in the past, but this is the first time that I have seen HC candidates actively avoid the interview due to the GM. Gettleman drafted worse in my opinion, but people still interviewed after the last HC was fired.

  25. PLEASE someone hire Jonathan Gannon as a Head Coach so the Birds can get Fangio as DC.

  26. As a fan of the Rams I have always had a lot of respect for Adrian Wilson. He was a great player that always played hard and gave my Rams a really hard time. I don’t think I’ll ever forget Bradford’s first regular season game where Wilson sacked him and picked him off twice. I think he blocked a field goal also in that game. Always seemed like a great guy and now that he’s out of the division I wish him all the best.

  27. Not sure why no one has asked but:

    Is that a record for a team to change GMs?
    I never heard of a GM fired in the same post as the next one hired…

  28. I think out Pilgrim is learning ! -quote from Silence of the Lambs. Good job Mr Kahn

  29. Trent can always impress an owner with no football experience but lots of money to spend. He was able to convince York Jr, (post Eddie D) to fire Harbaugh with reasons of ” winning is not enough, we have to win with class”. Then hired a line coach to be the head coach and coaching staff with dubious coaching credential. But all subservient to Trent.

  30. “Mommy, why didn’t we buy that car – it seemed like a really good deal?”

    “Unfortunately, Trent Baalke was the salesman, son.”

  31. This defines Shad Khan in a nutshell for me…. his son Tony wanted to start a wrestling promotion… Shad thought it was a “hobby” and let him do it more or less as a joke. AEW is now the second biggest wrestling promotion on earth and routinely beats WWE in both attendance and ratings. Shad Khan has no ability to think outside of a box and it’s why the Jaguars are run on a roller coaster.

  32. If Byron truly made this ultimatum, good for him. Jags fans will probably carry him to and from the stadium for the first year solely for this. Baalke should be exiled to the USFL to serve with Jeff Fisher for all eternity. Trevor just might have a chance to reach his potential now.

  33. Jags better hurry and make a hire or else the music is going to stop and they’ll have no one to dance with.

  34. There is only two Gm’s that I know of who screwed up two teams, one is Gettlemen (NYG and Panthers) and now Baalke (49ER’s and Jags) both should never ever be hired by anyone for a GM again.

  35. Bravo Byron Leftwich! Smart and looks like Trevor Lawrence could come into his potential. There is hope for Jacksonville and Khan yet.

  36. Leftwich really wanted to come home to Jax, but did not want to arrive at a dysfunctional situation. Now the way is clear and it is on him. I hope he does well. At this point, it is most all up from here.

  37. They draft Trevor Lawrence but do nothing to improve the o-line despite having tons of cap space? That should have been enough to get Baalke canned right there.

  38. Wow, a team is actually getting rid of someone who did not do a good job.Of course they had to be pushed into doing it.

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