Broncos finalizing deal to hire Nathaniel Hackett as head coach

NFL: DEC 25 Browns at Packers
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The Broncos are on the verge of hiring their next head coach: Packers offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett.

Hackett and the Broncos are finalizing a deal this morning after contract talks heated up on Wednesday night, according to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network.

The 42-year-old Hackett was a hot name in this year’s coaching cycle and was scheduled to have a second interview with the Jaguars today.

Hackett has spent the last three seasons as the Packers’ offensive coordinator and three seasons before that as the Jaguars’ offensive coordinator. He has also been the Bills’ offensive coordinator and the offensive coordinator at Syracuse.

The Packers have had a great offense during Hackett’s tenure with the team, but how much of that was Hackett, how much was head coach Matt LaFleur, and how much was quarterback Aaron Rodgers is an open question. The biggest question now is who the quarterback running Hackett’s offense in Denver will be.

76 responses to “Broncos finalizing deal to hire Nathaniel Hackett as head coach

  1. We threw a parade when this guy left Buffalo. He’s OC for Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Jones and Davante Adams… and they just got eliminated with a 10 pt playoff performance. Am I missing something or does the Broncos ownership love trolling their fans?

  2. Unless he’s bringing Rodgers with him, he’s going to have a tough time getting the qb situation in Denver back on track.

  3. Nathanial Hackett will be Broncos head coach….Aaron Rodgers the QB & DeVante Adams the # 1 wide receiver.

  4. Good luck, Broncos fans. You’re also probably going to get Doug Marrone as AHC. And unless Mahomes and Herbert both leave the division, he’ll be your interim head coach sometime in 2024. I have seen your future ….

  5. Maybe just the 1st step to lure Rodgers to Denver? Not sure Rodgers is going anywhere but if so, this may have been in the plan from the get go.

  6. The Broncos were always the most obvious destination for an Aaron Rodgers trade.

    This hire just makes that even more obvious.

  7. Hackett to Denver — maybe he knows something we don’t know — like it’s a package deal.

  8. Unless Rodgers is following him there, this is yuck city. Didn’t they see the KC game?

  9. A prelude to a trade. If he hires Luke Getsy as OC it will hard not to connect the dots.

  10. Denver setting the table for Rodgers and Adams to become Broncos. Will definitely bolster their playoff chances in 2022, as well as the sale price of the team.

  11. This Bronco fan likes this deal, Rodgers or not, and regardless of his days before GB. He was in his thirties then and still learning. Since then that team has been on fire.

    Further I’ve become a big fan of George Paton, who is very familiar with Hackett.

    Good job Broncs, no matter the haters.

  12. This smells like a move to lure Rodgers to Denver. I don’t know much about their relationship, but if Rodgers likes working with Hackett, this may be a nice carrot to dangle in front of him.

  13. Pro Football Talk – January 6, 2025

    After 3 disappointing seasons, where the team failed to make the playoffs or have a winning record, the Denver Broncos have parted ways with Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett. They are now looking at the offensive coordinators who happen to coach one of the top 5 QBs in the league to replace him.

  14. Mr. Adam Gase 2.0 has arrived. Sure he looks stellar with a HOF QB. Just like Manning made Gase looked competent. This guy wasn’t exactly burning it up with the Jags.

  15. Don’t expect the same results he had working with a first ballot HOF QB. Hey, wait a minute. Maybe the Broncos are going to trade for Rodgers. Then it would make a lot more sense. I mean, Elway hasn’t had the least bit of success since he’s been running the team except the years when he had another first ballot HOF QB named Peyton Manning.

  16. The keyboard warriors are out in force early today, no? The Broncos have a solid roster outside of QB, $50M in cap space, and 11 draft picks coming this year. Think they might be able to put a QB deal together?

  17. If you can’t see that Aaron Rodgers and Nathaniel Hackett already knew they were both headed to Denver next, your heads been in the sand.

  18. zombiealdavis says:
    January 27, 2022 at 7:03 am
    Unless he’s bringing Rodgers with him, he’s going to have a tough time getting the qb situation in Denver back on track.

    160 14 Rate This

    That could be exactly what this is all about. Getting Rodgers to Denver.

  19. Sounds like a prelude to the Broncos making a play for Aaron Rodgers — and possibly Davante Adams?

  20. Yes, because the success in Green Bay was him and not Rodgers Seriously, what are these teams thinking?

  21. As soon as the deal is finalized Aaron Rodgers phone will be ringing off the hook,Denver calling from tel number $$$$$$$$.making an offer even he cant refuse.

  22. The Shanahan scheme has been fantastic in Green Bay.

    If I recall correctly, it looked pretty good in Denver too…….

  23. How did Hackett do with Jordan Love as the quarterback. this is his future in Denver if they cant get a qb.

  24. So in Denver you can face Mahomes twice a year never mind the up and coming Herbert. Or in Green Bay you can toy with the Vikes, Lions and Bears. Uh-huh.

  25. We threw a parade in Jacksonville, too, when he left here. We’ll send the floats to Denver so you’ll be ready.

  26. Goodbye Aaron. I called that before the year began. If Hackett goes to Denver, AR goes with him.

  27. The coaching pipeline for sons is alive and well!
    Kubiak, Zimmer, McVay, Hackett, Shula….
    If your dad was successful, you’ve got a leg up!

  28. Rogers isn’t coming to Denver. He’s played his whole career in the NFC north which is a QB graveyard. He doesn’t want to have to Compete with Mahomes, Herbert, and even Carr twice a year.

  29. Rodgers ain’t coming to the AFC. He wants no part of having to go thru some combination of Mahomes, Jackson, Allen, Burrow & Herbert to get to the SB.

  30. Just tell me where the Broncos are in the draft order. Give them all to the Packers for AR, then you too can go to the playoffs for a game or two.

  31. As a Broncos fan, I don’t support this hire. The last three head coaches including this one had zero head coach experience. In that same time span, the Broncos have had losing seasons.

  32. Good for Hackett. I’m sure we can score 10 pts in the playoffs with or without him…

  33. heynow16 says:
    January 27, 2022 at 7:14 am
    I rather hire Buddy Hackett

    I love a reference to Buddy Hackett. I love more the fact that so many reading this don’t have a clue who Buddy Hackett is.

  34. Why does everyone assume Rodgers has some strong friendship/trust/loyalty to Hackett? He’s only been in GB for 3 years. Teams with elite QB’s do well. Team’s that do well get their coaching staff promoted. Teams that hire from Belichick’s coaching staff fail.

  35. If this guy is so hot, how come his teams always come out flat in playoff games? He is in the same boat as LeFleur IMO, we dont know if either is any good until they have to produce without a hOF QB at the helm. Good luck with that Denver.

  36. bwdjr says:
    January 27, 2022 at 8:16 am
    Bill Belichick got ran our of Cleveland. You just never know.


    Incorrect. Check your math.

  37. Remember all, with an offense stuck in biblical times and a defense missing an average of 6 starters for half the season, they made life miserable for many offenses. Hackett’s best quality is that he has a full understanding of both sides of the ball. Does it make Rogers chances of coming to Denver better, yes. But GM Paton won’t overpay. It’s going to be interesting regarding the QB position. But at least the offense won’t be painful and laughable at the same time.

  38. If Rodgers is traded, Adams will be as well after getting franchise tagged.

    Its not likely Denver would be able to trade for both of them.

    Fun scenario for your Madden team I guess..

  39. razzlejag says:
    January 27, 2022 at 9:21 am
    We threw a parade in Jacksonville, too, when he left here. We’ll send the floats to Denver so you’ll be ready.
    He was able to get your pathetic excuse for a team to the AFC Championship and was mere minutes away from a Super Bowl birth with Blake freaking Bortles, forgive Bronco Nation if they take your statement with a grain of salt. SOLID hire by the Broncos, despite what the armchair QB’s in this forum are saying.

  40. Love how the trolls come out. Doesn’t matter who Denver hired the trolls were going to come out. Personally I would have preferred O’Connell or Kellen Moore but this is better then Dan Quinn by far. As far as Rogers is concerned Personally I don’t like it because it’s a very short term answer that will cost picks and probably Jeudy since he’s young on a rookie contract and we just resigned Sutton and Patrick. Look at Wilson since he’s younger or if he’s allowed to play again maybe Watson. They also need to look at the Saints because them and the Packers are so far over the cap they need to cut or trade players. Lock up the O-Line and get Ryan Ramcyzk at RT as well. Love gow all these teams who finally have a franchise QB rip other teams. Most teams don’t have a true franchise QB and it probably took your team years as well. KC you sucked for years until Mahomes, Chargers you sucked with Rivers and LaDainian and couldn’t win and still haven’t. Raiders you’ve sucked and haven’t won since Plunkett.

  41. Folks I really don’t get the delusional “Rodgers to Denver talk”.

    He’s under contract to GB who proved last year not only do they hold all the cards but are willing to stand pat and dare Rodgers to retire\hold out.

    He owns not only the Bears but the entire NFC north so why would he want face 3 QBs twice a year who are all better than what he faces now?

    And oh yeah, Denver is a rebuild and a bottom feeder in that division. Where as in GB he has at a team with least 2 more years as a legitimate contender for a SB.

    So the attraction for GB and Rodgers to send him to Denver is?

  42. I think some people recognize that NFL HC is a really tough position. There’s a steep learning curve – and young head coaches who’ve had success have generally gone to strong organizations. The Broncos are up and down, and have been unable to find a franchise QB since renting Manning for a few seasons.

    If this is going to be the usual “two years and he’s out” cycle that keeps mediocre or bad teams mired in their current situation, then they really shouldn’t be hiring an inexperienced HC if they’re not willing to allow him to learn and grow over a period of time longer than 2-3 years.

  43. Hes definitely going to try to bring Rodgers. Im sure that played a big role in him getting the job. Denver wasnt doing the Teddy/Lock thing again, this makes it easier to land Rodgers.

  44. Sorry Broncos fans, you’ll be looking for another head coach this time next season. Hackett is in way over his head.

  45. Hackett has been the cultural energy and schematic force behind some of the biggest turnarounds in the sport. A desolate Syracuse football program became a record-setting Big East contender behind an unheralded quarterback who became an NFL draft pick. The Bills went from perpetual loser to 9–7, nudge-the-Patriots contention with Kyle Orton and EJ Manuel under center. Blake Bortles went from wayward Frisbee–throwing project to AFC title game participant, with his best numbers across the board coming under Hackett.

  46. I like the hire. Hackett was the OC when the Jacksonville Jaguars went to the AFC Championship with Blake Bortles. Read the previous sentence again and think about what a dumpster fire both the Jags and Bortles have been since 2017. Hackett did that by closely observing Bortles weaknesses and calling plays that didn’t put him in bad situations. That awareness has been missing in Denver since Kubiak left and will definitely improve the terrible offense Broncos fans have had to endure the last 5 years.

  47. I’d be surprised if this is a prelude to a Rodgers trade — have a hard time seeing Aaron leave GB to compete on the field and for media attention against those American conference QBs.

  48. Rodgers has another year left on his contract, Packers can control where he goes and it would be a hefty price.

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