Report: Mike McCarthy receives assurance he will return for 2022

NFL: JAN 16 NFC Wild Card - 49ers at Cowboys
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Mike McCarthy has received assurance from the Cowboys that he will remain the head coach in 2022, Jori Epstein of USA Today reports.

That means Sean Payton won’t be the Cowboys’ head coach in 2022. It also means McCarthy will go into 2022 on the hottest of hot seats in the NFL with Payton potentially available in a trade for 2023.

According to Epstein, McCarthy initially received word he would return immediately after the 23-17 upset loss to the 49ers in the wild-card round. He received another vote of confidence this week after Payton stepped away from the Saints.

Payton and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones have a close relationship dating to Payton’s three seasons as an assistant on Bill Parcells’ staff, and Payton has maintained a home in Dallas-Fort Worth. The Cowboys nearly hired Payton before the start of the 2019 season.

McCarthy, meanwhile, has come under fire in the wake of the early playoff exit, with Jones publicly expressing his displeasure with the upset loss.

Thus, many have connected the dots between Payton’s departure from the Saints and the Cowboys’ failure to return to the NFC Championship Game since 1995. Payton said in a Thursday appearance on The Dan Patrick Show that two teams had reached out through back channels to gauge his interest in coaching this season, but he said he wasn’t “looking at that path right now.”

It thus appears that any reunion with Payton and the Cowboys won’t come until 2023 at the earliest.

40 responses to “Report: Mike McCarthy receives assurance he will return for 2022

  1. We can always count on Jerry to continue the trend of weak, ineffective, yes men coaches.
    Twenty-six years and counting of irrelevance.
    That is all

  2. Good for Mike. Guy had one of the best years for the franchise in a very long time.

    So yeah…lets ax the guy. Some weird thinking fans out there.

  3. “Cowboys fans receive assurance of another year of no postseason success.”

  4. At least they will have Dan Quinn to takeover in week 4 when the Cowboys will have already accumulated 100 penalties.

  5. Yeah, Sean stays out a year, Dallas gets to decide next year if they want to pursue him. Gives a buffer time to devalue trade compensation for saints

  6. thesultanoftwat says:
    January 27, 2022 at 4:46 pm
    Great news! For an Eagles fan.

    Dallas hung almost 100 points on the Eagles this year….. May want to rethink your approach on this one lol

  7. skinsprinting says:
    January 27, 2022 at 4:53 pm
    Great news for NFC east teams !!

    McCarthy went 6-0 against the NFC East this season. Other NFC teams have room to talk but you don’t.

  8. Gonna be a weird year for MM in Dallas with the ghost of Payton floating over his head all year.

  9. Not sure Sean is an upgrade anyways. Both seem to have similar records and titles.

    Get Harbaugh from Michigan

  10. So tell me again how the mighty Packers have fared since he left, Oh yeah still stubbing their toe yet no McCarthy to blame it on, on a different note I’m very pleased Quinn is coming back

  11. I don’t want McCarthy as a head coach but I really don’t see Sean Payton as an upgrade.

  12. Great news for Eagles? Didn’t we smoke yall with McCarthy ? Seriously what’s in the air in Philly…

  13. Definitely the coach to begin the season. Until they go 3-7 and fire him at their bye week.

  14. All these high and mighty NFC East fans chirping.
    The cowboys went 6-0 against the Eas(y)t. What does that say about you ?

  15. Mrs. McCarthy is a Green Bay native, and they maintain their retirement home here. He’s just making as much as he can off Mr. Jones until they can re-settle back in the north land.

  16. Be careful what you wish for. Sean Payton coached the Super Bowl about 15 years ago. He and McCarthy have similar records, so Payton might not fare any better coaching Dallas

  17. McCarthy will be gone in a year. The only thing keeping him is his contract
    which was a mistake. Kellen Moore runs the offense and Quinn runs the defense.
    McCarthy is just a figurehead with not much credibility with Prescott and the defensive
    leaders. His hiring was a mistake that the Jones family wishes it could take back. I don’t
    blame them, McCarthy claimed to take his off-season to rectify his mistakes and change.
    From his first two years it appears that he is still the same coach the Packers moved on from for
    valid reasons.

  18. Cowboys fans remain delusional. 3 total playoff wins since 1996! And good thing they put up a bunch of points that last week against the Eagles practice squad. That really set them up well for the playoffs…hahaha. One and done yet again. Bunch of losers.

  19. He was close to being fired.

    That is obvious.

    I wonder how far he has to take the Cowboys to keep his job?

    If loses in the NFC Championship game, is that enough to keep it?

    He was a good HC when they won that SB, he did a good job, but he is not good now.

    Having Rodgers in his prime will make a lot of coaches look good, to be fair.

  20. neverdieeasy says:
    Definitely the coach to begin the season. Until they go 3-7 and fire him at their bye week.

    I’m no fan of the Cowboys, and I doubt Mike McCarthy will be in Dallas beyond 2022. But barring significant injuries to key players that team has enough individual talent and plays in too soft a division to start 3-7, or anything close to it.

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