Sean Payton: Two teams have reached out, but I’m not looking at that path


When Sean Payton announced that he was stepping down as the Saints’ head coach earlier this week, he said he did not plan on coaching during the 2022 season.

During a Thursday appearance on The Dan Patrick Show, Payton said that his comments didn’t stop some teams from working to find out how committed he was to that plan. He said that two teams have reached out through back channels to see if he would be interested in coming to coach for them, but he reiterated that he’s not looking to coach and said he’s interested in calls he’s gotten about moving into broadcasting.

“I’m not looking at that path right now,” Payton said, via Luke Johnson of “I don’t think i’m finished coaching. But I was excited to get two or three calls from people in the television industry.”

The Cowboys have been linked with Payton, including the 2019 run at him that Mike Florio revealed this week, but Payton didn’t name the teams that made the backchannel requests.

Payton is still under contract to the Saints, so any inquiries from another team would have to go through them or they would constitute tampering under NFL rules. It doesn’t appear anyone has gone that route and that makes it all the likelier that Payton’s contributions to the coming NFL season will be as an analyst.

23 responses to “Sean Payton: Two teams have reached out, but I’m not looking at that path

  1. Cowboys AND THE BEARS. He’s from Naperville and they’ve coveted him for a long time. But he’s to smart to get sucked into McCaskey hell.
    On the other hand, he’s maintained a home in a Dallas burb since he was an assistant there. If the Cowboys stumble again, McCarthy will be handed his hat an Payton will be enthroned by Jerruh.

  2. Jerruh will have him come to the house for an overnighter like he did with McCarthy. Payton will be under contract to coach the Cowboys by Monday morning.

  3. Hey if Mc can win Jerry can fire him at any time, even mid season. Mc wins he stays, if not it could be sean time

  4. Jerruh called and asked. Sean said know. Stephen called and said, “said ya know my dad thinks you’d be a great fit down here.” That counts as two right?

  5. The first one that called was Jerry Jones. The second was a man with a suspiciously Texas sounding accent that went by the name of Terry Lhones.

  6. I firmly believe if the Cowboys don’t make the NFC championship game next season he’ll be the coach of the team in 2023.

  7. Dallas knows the plan.. they didn’t need to call. He retires for a year, does some broadcasting and then next year you fire Mike and bring Sean out of retirement. It was probably the Giants (cause they want to get him before Dallas) and Denver.

  8. Not everyone can transition into making good TV, Brees in the studio was decent, in the booth…not so much.

  9. I don’t think he’ll come back after he gets a taste of retirement. Every year his name will come up just like Bill Cowhers ,but he won’t return to the NFL craziness.

  10. Let’s see, in New Orleans, Sean had the best of everything. A non meddling owner who let him run the Saints his way, a GM who allowed him to get the players he needed and a good team , and the 3rd highest salary among NFL coaches. Does anyone on this website think he will have that kind of freedom working for Jerrah, who is both owner and GM? Asl Jimmy Johnson his former Head Coach and roommate at Arkansas, who won 2 Super Bowls and quit.

  11. I don’t think the Saints will let him coach unless they’re given a kings ransom in compensation.

  12. If you are the owner or GM of 25 of the 32 teams, it would be football malpractice if Sean Payton is available and you don’t at least call him/his agent to see if he’ll at least listen to what you have to say.

  13. The salary cap has nothing to do with is leaving. EVERY YEAR fans who hate the Saints say “oooo, the Saints are in cap hell, they won’t be able to anything” and EVERY YEAR our GM Mickey Loomis fixes things with no problem. We are in LESS cap debt this year than were were last year be 10’s of millions of dollars! And, the cap goes up every year!

    Please, educate yourself. Our GM is a master of managing the salary cap. Sure, we always have debt, and he always has to restructure and fix it, but he always gets it done.

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