Troy Aikman prepares for what could be his last game at Fox

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After two decades at Fox, Troy Aikman could be moving on. Soon.

Aikman concedes to Clarence E. Hill, Jr. of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that Sunday’s 49ers-Rams NFC Championship could be Aikman’s last with Fox.

“It could be, yeah,” Aikman said. “I don’t anticipate that but it could be.”

Aikman reportedly has been targeted by Amazon for Thursday Night Football. He could end up working for both networks.

A major factor in any discussions involving Aikman will be money. With Tony Romo inching toward $20 million per year and Aikman currently (reportedly) in the range of $7.5 million annually, it’s time for the rising Romo tide to lift other boats, as it inevitably will — no matter how crazy anyone else may think Romo’s compensation page is. It is what it is, and the influx of gambling money is only going to keep it moving farther and farther north.

“Those conversations are happening now,” Aikman told Hill regarding his potential suitors. “And I’m really being as honest as I can be about it. I really don’t know what it’s gonna look like when it’s all said and done and it does get settled. As to whether I’ll be working for Fox and Amazon, whether I’ll just be working for Fox or whether I’ll just be working for Amazon. I really don’t know what might happen.”

Neither is also an option, in theory. But that’s highly unlikely.

That said, Aikman said in late 2019 that he has entertained making the Millen-Lynch move from broadcast booth to G.M. gig with an NFL team. There has never been any serious chatter from a team’s perspective about that happening.

If Aikman ultimately has to choose between Fox and Amazon, he could be inclined to explore a new beginning. In 2019, he got a talking-to after taking Twitter shots at resident Fox colleague Doug Gottlieb, who described Andrew Luck’s decision to retire over rehabbing an injury as “the most millennial thing.”

In 2016, Aikman publicly complained about the network’s decision to hire Skip Bayless.

“Clearly, [then-Fox Sports president of national networks] Jamie Horowitz and I have a difference of opinion when it comes to building a successful organization. I believe success is achieved by acquiring and developing talented, respected and credible individuals, none of which applies to Skip Bayless.”

So maybe, if Amazon is ready to stuff enough cash into Aikman’s pockets, he’ll finally tell folks like Bayless and Gottlieb to go Fox themselves, and change networks.

43 responses to “Troy Aikman prepares for what could be his last game at Fox

  1. So tired of listening to Aikman. He was initially good but now I can predict what he’ll say before he even speaks. Time to move on.

  2. “influx of gambling money is only going to keep it moving farther and farther north”

    Legalized gambling has been around for 3 years. THREE YEARS. Where is the evidence that it has ANY effect on NFL revenue or viewership? It hasn’t, but that won’t deter you guys from invoking “gambling money” as some bogeyman effect.

  3. I dont watch Aikman as much as I see Romo….but it isnt close….Romo is a hack that doesnt do his ‘homework’.

  4. So, Romo’s play predictions on the fly are worth 12.5 million more? Step up your game, Troy.

  5. Im a Packer fan who actually loves the likes of Buck, Aikman, & Collinsworth.

    I remember the days having to listen to guys like Matt Millen and Brian Billick. Those were awful.

    It wont be the same on Sundays without Troy in the top slot. Its been a joy.

  6. Very long winded during games, its amazing Buck defers to him so much but he can be annoying as well. They have been the lead team for way too long.

  7. All the commentators on here complaining about Aikman would probably just complain about any announcer so take it all with a grain of salt.

  8. I like the combination of Aikman and Joe Buck. Aikman is knowledgeable and has great observations. I prefer Aikman over Romo. Where Aikman goes won’t affect my choice of which game to watch, but it will impact my decision to leave the volume turned up.

    None of these guys are John Madden. Madden added a level of entertainment to watching football that no one has been able to duplicate.

  9. I like Troy’s honest and direct comments during a game. Not afraid to actually say something negative but does it respectfully. “The O-Line is the weak point and to date the second round pick at right tackle has not performed as well as expected”. I may not be familiar with the team in question, but now i will watch the right tackle position closely to see what happens. My experience is he is usually right.

  10. I like Aikman as a lead announcer. For those complaining about him and want him gone, be careful for what you wish for. Most likely, his replacement would be worse.

  11. I don’t think you can stuff any more money in Aikman’s pockets … and his decision may not be motivated by cash.

  12. Next to a thermos, sometimes it keeps things cold and sometimes hot, how does it know. The mute button is the best thing ever invented.

  13. Romo gives viewers a taste of what the great John Madden did. Just no Booms and Bams.
    He’s analyzing plays,.. why they worked,… or why they didn’t.
    Not to mention Romo is quick to point out offensive formations and calls the play before they snap the ball. I like what Romo offers the viewers.
    I like Troy Aikman too,… but that’s more of a football conversation between him and Joe Buck in the traditional manner.

  14. I can usually listen to Romo and learn something about football. Aikman and Buck are an automatic mute and have been for years. They can’t leave soon-enough.

  15. If you can get $7M a year to be home all week, prep for one game, spend a weekend out of town then repeat for 18-20 weeks a year, why the hell would you consider going to a GM position for half the pay and 80 hour work weeks knowing you’ll just get fired eventually anyway?

  16. I don’t mind Aikman, or Buck. Heck they’re better than the Raiders announcers I’ve been forced to suffer through listening to those clowns.

  17. Enough with putting former Dallas Cowboys on NFL coverage. Aikman is not Jason Witten or Emmitt Smith level awful, but surely they can can find better. However, I do applaud him for his take on Gottlieb though. Doug Gottlieb should not be criticizing anyone, given his past record.

  18. How does legalized gambling affect how much a TV network can pay an analyst? The TV networks don’t get a cut (I can understand if viewership of games increases due to gambling, but has there been any indication that has happened already)?

  19. I have never once been impressed with Aikman’s “analysis”. He’s great at talking repeatedly about one team while ignoring the other. His “that was a great no-call” is one of the lamest comments I’ve ever heard. Something is either a foul or it isn’t. His OPINIONS far outweight his facts. If Aikman is never again heard on an NFL game, I’ll be delighted.

  20. Thanks GOD!

    His repetitious negative positive and positive negative pattern of every single comment that he makes is nothing more than Consistent wishy washy drivel.
    Something that won’t be missed at all.

  21. Romo can outright RUIN a broadcast. He never shuts up lets the game come to him. All he does is cringe and wince when it looks like a team isn’t going to run a certain play that he thinks they should, and more often than people will admit, he’s wrong. For the most part I don’t let commentating good or bad affect how I enjoy a game, but this guy is overrated and over payed.

  22. Romo is the best color announcer, followed by Aikman. Chris ‘Aw shucks’ Collinsworth is very stale and is a distant 3rd.

  23. Aikman contradicts himself when he describes credible, well thought of people/organizations and in the next breath discusses a switch to Amazon.

  24. Aikman > Romo as a player and as an analyst. Aikman won 3 Super Bowls and was clutch in big games. I respect and want to hear his opinion. Romo on the other hand couldn’t handle the pressure in big games and often hurt his team. I really have a hard time listening to Romo, just doesn’t cut it for me.

  25. Aikman > Romo as a player and as an analyst. Aikman won 3 Super Bowls and was clutch in big games. I respect and want to hear his opinion. Romo on the other hand couldn’t handle the pressure in big games and often hurt his team.

    Romo (93.0) finished with a higher post-season passer rating than Tom Brady (90.4)

  26. Aikman is just fine — he doesn’t make the broadcast about him and sticks to the game. That’s what I want in an announcer, as I get my entertainment from the game itself. Announcers should largely be background noise, and Aikman has that mastered.

  27. Aikman and Buck are very good and I’m lost why they get so much crap, although I will say SNF is kind of in a league of its own.

  28. There was no chatter from anyone inside the 49ers org before Lynch was hired there so the fact that the same is true in this case doesn’t mean it can’t or won’t happen.

  29. Troy Aikman’s go-to move from Day 1 to now is to rephrase Joe Buck’s call,and then go into a mundane yammer. All of it in a dull monotone, all of it dreary,tedious, and mighty uninteresting.

  30. WHy do networks think viewers actually like Buck and Aikman? They get good ratings because they get the best damn games!

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