Deebo Samuel: I don’t watch film of other receivers, no other receiver does what I do

NFC Championship - Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers
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Some NFL players like to watch film of other players who play their position, trying to pick up tips for how they can improve. San Francisco wide receiver Deebo Samuel does not.

That’s because no one else in the NFL plays quite the same position as Samuel does: Although Samuel is a wide receiver, he’s also a running back, and Samuel says his role in the 49ers’ offense is so unique that watching tape of any other player in the NFL wouldn’t really apply to what Samuel himself does.

“There’s not another receiver in the league that plays like me and do the things that I do. I don’t see the need to watch anyone that don’t do the things that I do,” Samuel said, via Jennifer Lee Chan of

Samuel really is unique. He had 1,405 receiving yards and 365 rushing yards during the regular season. No player in NFL history had ever topped 1,400 receiving yards and 300 rushing yards in a season before. He’s doing things that other NFL players don’t do.

40 responses to “Deebo Samuel: I don’t watch film of other receivers, no other receiver does what I do

  1. It can be argued Cordarralle Patterson does more. Don’t get full of yourself Deebo.

  2. He’s so good he can’t learn anything from anyone else? Better deflate that head a little.

  3. Another example of HOW you report something that can lead to comments based on it. He was merely saying it wouldn’t be productive given his role.

  4. Such a humble statement. If they win next week, Deebo is guaranteed to start talking about himself in the third person. 🙄

  5. 1088 yards receiving and 269 rushing, you have 1 good not great year and you think your the best. Way to stay humble.

  6. Deebo should watch film of San Francisco’s own Jerry Rice…learn how to be a true professional and hall of fame wide receiver.

  7. Deebo is a WR, but most of the plays taht he gets involved in are more like what we see from running backs that are used a lot tin the passing game.

    So I can see why he said taht he doesn’t watch film of other receivers. I bet he watches film of pass-catching running backs.

  8. You guys need to stop getting offended. Another poster above said it. What he may be saying is just facts rather acting like a diva. Comes across different on print that live. I have not heard a single report of him acting like a diva. He does things differently than Kupp or Adams. He’s more a YAC guy that bullies his way.
    Also stop with comparing him with Patterson. It’s laughable.
    Almost everyone acknowledges that he’s a unique weapon.

  9. This would be like Eric Clapton or Eddie Van Halen saying, nah I never listened to anyone else coming up. Those cats IMMERSED themselves in studying the work of the masters that went before them. Deebo is really damn good — arguably a top 5 player in the league on offense at any position — but this is the mindset that separates the really goid from the all time greats. He’s young though, there’s still time to mature.

  10. “It can be argued Cordarralle Patterson does more”

    You can’t be serious. Which season has Patterson put up 1700 all purpose yards like Samuel? Which season has he even put up a thousand yards receiving?

    Deebo’s rookie season even eclipses Patterson career year in receiving yards.

  11. The Rams will soundly beat the Niners and end this foolishness. We won’t have to continue to have stories about Niners players put themselves in the HOF, talking about their greatness. We won’t have to hear it next year because Trent Dilfer…I mean Jimmy G won’t be on the team anymore and they will have to play the bust Lance.

  12. Jack of all trades master of none… I’m sure he doesn’t fit through most doors with that big of a head

  13. Whatever he’s doing or not doing, just continue to do it or not do it. It’s working. Some guys come along that are unique. But I don’t get too carried away when a guy makes a comment like that. He’s not really saying exactly what he’s thinking. He’s just talking. I’d have to actually sit down and have a conversation with him before I start putting labels on him. The kid is a football player. If he gets his hands on the ball, you don’t want to miss it. He’s Mr. Excitement. That was Rickey Henderson. That’s who I compare Deebo to. He was also unique. Game changers.

  14. He’s modest too!

    Funny, the more I read pft and get to know football players, the more I don’t like them. So much ego and testosterone. So little intelligence.

  15. Funny how everyone here is quick to assume his intent in making this statement. He is simply saying he plays different than other players so why watch them? He didn’t say he was better

  16. Oh calm down. Watch what he said live. Nothing he said was arrogant. He was answering a question and stating he can’t really watch film of other receivers because he plays such a unique role. Bunch of prima donnas in the comments.

  17. LOL…all you Nicer fans saying calm down, he’s not beings arrogant…
    News flash, he IS being arrogant.

    He said he can’t learn anything from ANY wide receiver because he’s special.
    Yet, at times he plays wide receiver, but he can’t learn from from studying that position because he’s special.


  18. Last week heard all about the Great Tom Brady, this week, Bilbo Samuels puts himself in the same lofty position. He’ll watch the game from home too.

  19. I’m sure Cooper Kupp is studying Deebo and all other WRs/TEs to see anything that can help him improve his game.
    Deebo has skill, but the NFL has a tendency to figure things out.
    The true greats all have to have one common trait – work harder than others.

  20. What is he talking about? New England had Cordarelle Patterson taking snaps as a running back three years ago and he just led the Falcons in rushing and receiving this season.

  21. Another carefully curated hit piece on a player that actually is quite humble and has an incredible work ethic.

  22. Arrogance is a killer, your not Randy Moss, Jerry Rice, or even in that class! Your mouth is writing checks your career wont cash. T.O 2.0

  23. Would respect 49ers fans here more if they at least tried some objectivity. All the best study other player – just read old Jerry Rice quotes or modern day Davante Adam’s quotes, both of which talk about studying others to improve. Debo’s hubris demonstrates he’s not doing all he can to improve, which is a shame.

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