George Paton: Aaron Rodgers “absolutely not” a factor in hiring Nathaniel Hackett

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The Broncos have been looking for an answer at the quarterback position for years, so it wasn’t a big surprise that hiring Nathaniel Hackett away from the Packers to be their head coach led some to remark that Hackett’s relationship with Aaron Rodgers could come in handy if Rodgers decides to move on before the 2022 season.

That prospect came up during a press conference to introduce Hackett in Denver on Friday. General Manager George Paton was asked whether the connection to Rodgers was a factor in the team’s decision to make Hackett their new head coach.

“Absolutely not,” Paton said.

Tampering rules limit anything Paton could say about interest in Rodgers and he probably wouldn’t be revealing anything of that nature if he did have thoughts about pursuing the reigning league MVP this offseason.

Friday didn’t bring much in the way of specifics about plans at the quarterback position. Hackett said it was something that they’d begin to “work through” now that he’s officially in the job. Drew Lock is the only Broncos quarterback under contract for next season.

33 responses to “George Paton: Aaron Rodgers “absolutely not” a factor in hiring Nathaniel Hackett

  1. It’s ok, his fingers were crossed. Seriously why else would this guy get hired?

  2. This Bronco fan likes Paton and would like to lend him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he didn’t actually verbalize his awareness of Aaron’s situation, but he’s a smart man that had to know what was going on.

  3. I’m not that Broncos beat writer or anything, but even I know that you cannot discuss players that are under contract with other teams. You would think Mike Klis, who actually IS the Broncos beat writer and asked that waste of a question, would know that.

  4. I believe this as much as I believed Jerry Jones telling Dallas sports talk radio he didn’t think ever think about firing Mike McCarthy.

  5. This is what I find frustrating about certain questions asked by journalists.

    He literally cannot answer this question any other way so what’s the point when all we’re going to do is deem him a liar at a later time?

  6. Paton learned the Spielman technique from his mentor.

    Spielman: “there is no intent to trade Percy Harvin”

    “Hello, … Seahawks? I just had a wonderful idea. What do you think of Percy Harvin?”

  7. Bridgewater and a first rounder to Green Bay for Rodgers and 53 + staff doses of COVID booster shots – you’re gonna need them.

  8. Regardless of Paton’s intent, there’s no way you go all in on a coach hoping to get a QB. Hackett has to be the guy. They had 2 interviews, the second being over 8 hrs. They had to talk about more than Rodgers. So now that Hackett won the job, lets use that draft capital and cap money to get Rodgers, Wilson, Watson or maybe a surprise. Just don’t play small.

  9. I don’t believe that for a second. They will be doing everything they can to land Rodgers, and they should.

    Even without Rodgers though, still a good hire.

  10. He obviously attended the Rick Spielman school f lying, but what else was he supposed to say since Rodgers is currently under contract with another team and any evidence to go get him would be considered tampering.

  11. I sure hope he’s telling the truth for Broncos fans. The Packers have Arods rights next year which means if he does want out, they control where he goes in a trade. If Rodgers wants another ring he’s best staying in Green Bay because of all the stud young QBs the AFC has. With that said I’d trade him to Pittsburgh and make sure TJ Watt is part of the deal. They’re not going to trade him to Denver now.

  12. Oh, well. It looks like we’ll have to hire another OC. That’ll be easy. After all, who wouldn’t want to work for us. We’re the best of the best of the best.

  13. In case you have forgotten the price for Aaron is three (3) first round picks and 3 starters….

  14. In case you have forgotten the price for Aaron is three (3) first round picks and 3 starters….


    Maybe back in 2011. After his early exits in last 3 playoffs and his great personality and the money he thinks he should be paid and he is going to be in his 40s with his new contract. The packers can keep him. Nobody will touch him…he’s toxic. Retire, he can’t keep up with the new QBs in the league.

  15. So far, our Vikings seem to have one of the few “opportunities” that candidates have turned down the chance to interview for.

  16. AR is under contract, so he said exactly what he had to say to avoid tampering charges. He can’t say anything else.

  17. If they land Rodgers with the move its a great hire. Otherwise you hired someone based on the performance of a QB who was a first-ballot HOFer when he got there. See also, Gase, Adam.
    Imagine if they have to settle for Garrappolo, Winston or Mariotta.

  18. I find it amazing that so many posters here have no idea of NFL rules. If Paton so much as says they would have an interest in Rodgers the Broncos could be fined big money or even draft picks. It’s what is called tampering by the league.
    He’s not being a liar, he’s being smart.

    And, for
    unknownpackerfan saying “We’re the best of the best of the best”.

    As a Packer fan I’ll just say this, “I guess that’s why we’re one and done, again”! Dream On!

  19. I’m only waiting for the local reports that Rodgers puts his GB home up for sale. I’m taking even money Rodgers goes to Denver along with a sign and trade D Adams. They need a left tackle too,… D Bakhtiari. Watch Cobb end up being waived and signs in Denver to be with Rodgers. He’s got a little something left in the tank.

  20. Denver has the compensation picks that would satisfy a 2 player trade.
    Rodgers and Adams. Denver also has $40 mil in cap space,…and that can be even larger with a few Denver player contracts getting renegotiated.

  21. Wrong, but not for the reasons most may expect: Hackett was hired precisely because of his successful offense – an offense made successful by a HOF QB. That makes Rodgers the reason for his hiring.

  22. Please please please DO NOT trade from Aaron Rodgers. A 39 year old MVP is not worth the price tag that will come with getting him. All you fans who want him I hope you realize it will cost Denver (2) #1 picks, Jerry Jeudy and possibly Noah Fant. GB is 50+ million over the cap so the will want young, good , cheap players and JJ and Fant check all those boxes since they are still on their rookie contract. Same goes for Adams, keep him in GB as well. GB will franchise tag him so to get him as well will cost 2 more #1 picks. Incase you people didn’t know that is what getting a tagged person starts at per NFL rules. Now your taking (4) #1 picks, JJ, Fant and more and for what a 39 year old QB with maybe 2 years left and no guarantee of a ring. Keep Lock, draft a QB or look at Wilson or Watson. The first call I would make would be to the Saints another team 40 million over the cap and see what it will cost to get Ryan Ramcyzk and sure up the RT spot and our O-Line. Keep the young talent and keep drafting QBs until you find the one.

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