Mickey Loomis on new coach: More important to get it right than do it quick

New Orleans Saints v Tennessee Titans
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Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis met with the media on Friday for the first time since Sean Payton stepped down as the team’s head coach and the search for his successor was the main topic of conversation.

Loomis called this search process “completely different” than the 2006 one that ended with Payton being hired and that’s largely because of how successful the team was over Payton’s 16 years in the team. Loomis said that he feels Payton left the team in much better shape than he found it and that the organization isn’t looking for “wholesale change” with the hiring of a new coach.

The search for that coach got off to a later start than those of other teams, but Loomis said he isn’t feeling pressured to speed the process up as a result.

“I wouldn’t say that I have some drop dead date,” Loomis said. “Obviously, you want to move the process around as quickly as possible and yet it’s more important to get it right than it is to do it quick. We’re going to be diligent about that.”

Loomis called defensive coordinator Dennis Allen “an excellent candidate” while noting that there are others outside the organization who fit the same description. He said the team will keep interviewing until they find “someone that we’re in love with” and make that person the next head coach in New Orleans.

9 responses to “Mickey Loomis on new coach: More important to get it right than do it quick

  1. this is a “must be done right quickly” scenario. don’t want your guy getting picked up by someone else while you deliberate.
    i think the chiefs EB would fit fairly well in that dome.

  2. You aren’t going to get a coach with options with that roster and that cap situation. It’s why you last coach left even though he’s the one that helped create it.

    You might as well go with a David Culley type unless you think your future QB is in this draft. I can’t believe you will still be paying Drew Brees 2 years after he’s retired.

    As a matter of fact David Culley himself is available.

  3. Interview Lombardi!! Guy has extensive history with organization during their most successful years and had the chargers offense among the top of the league this past season. He interviewed with Houston already.. Get in touch Mickey.

  4. The Saints lucked out with Payton and then with Brees. What are the odds of either one happening again, much less both? Being 70 million over the cap isn’t going to help. Who would want to wade into that mess?

  5. It’s wild how many people post on here thinking the saints have a nightmare cap situation. It was worse coming into this year, and they went 9-8 and almost made the playoffs, while setting a record for the number of different starters. They can shed $80M without even cutting anyone. Those who know, know, and the fools should pipe down.

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